The Art of Life With Johanna Lyman

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This week speaking to Johanna Lyman a transformational coach and healer based in California, the conversation focused in on what it means to create balance.
A lot of my work with energy and the chakra  system is all about gaining balance. Some of us are incredibly physical and so the practical day to day running of our lives comes naturally, money, bills, work, food all give us a comforting sense of normality. But if we get too narrow on this part of our lives we forget that there's a whole universe within us that still needs to be explored.
Others of us are so caught up in the vastness of this said universe and the excitement of where our exploration of it takes us, leads us and what it shows us about ourselves and others, that we forget we have a body and there are practical functions to living in the world that must be tended to.
In everything there must be balance, which is an art that we get better at once we make it important. Balance on this level is knowing that we are both an individual with physical needs as well as a divine being connected and interconnected to everything around us.
This conversation serves as a great reminder.

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