You Are Not A Stranger.....

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Have you ever met someone that you've never met before, and it was like you were remembering them? You felt like you were reconnecting to a dear friend, and it really brought home how mysterious life can be? That's what it felt like the first time meeting Tara Love Perry. My logical mind was saying, 'You've never seen this woman before in your life'. Yet a deeper part of me recognised her as a kindred spirit and soul friend. I LOVE WHEN THAT HAPPENS!!!!
It's a true pleasure to have Tara Love Perry as the guest this week for The Art Of Life Project. Tara is a Master Soul Reader, meaning she sees... and I mean really sees you, with a level of accuracy and empathy that resonates deeply within your being. She is also an empathic intuitive and an artist. 
Our conversation explores;
What it means to make your work your art in the most literal sense.
What it's like to look at another person and see past their outward appearances to the source within. 
What it means to turn our vision inwards and to connect with the infinite beauty of who we are.
I am really happy to share this conversation with you, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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