Embrace Your Inner Magician

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We all have the archetype of the magician within us. It is held within the energy of the Sacral Chakra just below the navel. Our inner magician gives us the electric charge we need to create, to make, to manifest, to conjure and to nurture all the seeds that we've planted. If you would like to tap into the magician that is a part of you, read the creed below and feel yourself embodying the words, speak them aloud and allow the tone  of your voice to create a frequency that vibrates right through you. Breathe the part of you that is the creator of magic into being, into life, into your world.



My creative force is a gift, I receive it.

My creative force is adventurous, I accept it.

My creative force is mysterious, I unfold it.

My creative force contains a puzzle, I solve it.

My creative force is playful, I play it.

My creative force is challenging, I face it.

My creative force is beautiful, I honour it.

My creative force is an opportunity, I take it.

My creative force has a mission, I fulfil it.

And So It Is!