In Complete & Utter Honour Of You!

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So much in our lives is about being brave enough to be true to who we are. Some people get that message early on without needing much prompting, they are the ones that follow their hearts and are fine if they go against the grain. If someone else is upset and disappointed by their actions, they are unconcerned if they are positive that these actions felt right to them.

I was never that person!

Being an empath, by design I felt other peoples disturbances as if they were my own. So I would do whatever I could, NOT to cause an adverse ripple. From experience I knew that if there was any suffering going on close to me, I would be right at the centre of it.
It took me a long time to realise this pattern. Once I identified this gift/ curse to feel everything so deeply, I began to understand how to make sense of what belonged to me and what belonged to others. What to embrace fully and what to lovingly let go of. Most of all I learned to be true to me. To stop taking care of others so that they would be comfortable even if it made me deeply uncomfortable. To stop being a smaller version of myself so that others would not have their shine taken away. Society would say that this is selfish, but unless you are meeting your own needs at the deepest level, unless you are honouring yourself and what is right to you, unless you are being honest about what you feel, at the very least to your own self, then you will always bring a washed out, watered down and plastic version of yourself to the world.
Even the thought of that for myself and my life is no longer tolerable. So life for me now is about listening to what I need and honouring that, being present to this moment and how it unfolds within me, being present to others and honouring them fully as I honour myself, even if it means agreeing to disagree.
It is one of the reasons why my work as a Chakra Alchemist is so focused on being fully present to expanding, honouring and heightening the life force within each of us. But what I have discovered is that in order for us to be present to our own energy we have to develop a strong sense of intuition. I have been blessed with a grandmother, who to date still remains the most powerful intuitive I have encountered. She was my greatest teacher in this area, and recently I have begun to extend Intuitive Chakra Readings to others, to bring them to their own intuitive strength.

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