Are You A Mystic Like Me?

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I am a mystic by nature, just like my grand mother and her grand mother before her, it is a deep call that echoes into the very depth of my being. It is a call to use energy to weave magic, to heal, to transform, to transmute, to create alchemy. It is a call to pull back the veil that divides the seen from the unseen. It is a call to explore past the boundaries and walls that contain us, into the mysterious, Unknown, infinity of our spirits and souls. It is a call to be a mirror that reflects the fact that we are both Divinely unique and Divinely united. It is a call to remind you of the boundless miracle, boundless beauty, boundless sacred masterpiece that you are. It is a call for me to never lose sight of who I AM. It is a call to live my truth, walk my truth and be my truth, and to support you in doing the same. It is a call so familiar, so resonant, so profoundly recognised that I find myself saying YES automatically, heartfully, completely. Are you a mystic like me? Photographer Karyn Schafer Campbell

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