The Art of Life With Tash Mitch

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I appreciate you being here and being present.
As a Life Coach, I'm often helping people to make the shift from being reactive, where life is something that is done to them, to being proactive, where they fully embrace the fact that they are in a process of co-creation in every moment of their lives.
A proactive life is empowering because it shows us that what we create, is only limited by our imagination and our determination, both of which we can work with.
The Art of Life is an exploration of the co-creative process. To live life as though we are sculpting, painting or weaving a masterpiece, we need to be prepared to cultivate a life that we love, in every moment.
This week I give you a snapshot on why The Art of Life Project was set up and what it aims to do.
If you would like to offer a contribution, comment or constructive feedback, it would be great to hear from you. Also, if you think that there is anyone in your circle that may enjoy these conversations, please do share.

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