5 Ways To Reconnect With Your Creative Vibe

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These are 5 tried and tested ways to reconnect to your creative vibe to bring you extra spark and shine.

Take a deeper look at the ordinary

Have you noticed how amazing everything is through the eyes of a child? Even a paper bag can be an entertaining superstar for a one year old. As we grow older things become normal, expected, anticipated and familiar. Our fascination with the animation of life all around us dulls and things become,'so what!!!' boring. However the world takes on a different view when we make a pact to look deeper and to really appreciate what we see. When we allow ourselves to truly take in the fullness of something, we notice it’s form, it’s uniqueness and the life it contains. Everything we see including ourselves is a miracle, we tend to often forget that.

A friend of mine was studying art and for a while I lived precariously through him and his acts of creations. One of his projects was to showcase a universe within a universe, he chose to make his subject matter a cabbage. Imagine my surprise - ‘WHAT, A PLAIN OLD CABBAGE?’ But I soon changed my tune. Look how magnificent a cabbage could be!


Change your perspective

Us humans can be creatures of habit, we can find ourselves creating a formula or schedule for how our life is to run, then setting the repeat button so that we follow that pattern every day. When we do this we make life convenient and at the same time yawn enhancing. To create change, you need to change your perspective.  It is not always possible to move your body and change you physical view point, however look for ways to see the same thing from many different angles.

Photography is a great way to see what a difference a shift in perspective can make. When you change the angle of your lens you change the image completely. With each new area of focus comes a new way of seeing and a new meaning.

Get into nature

Nature has a way of reminding us about the wonder of the world around us. When we take time to really connect with the ground beneath our feet, the trees that have been around for years, the ocean that is ever changing and fully expressive. The sun, the moon and the stars we get connected to the expansiveness of our own nature and being. If you find that your mind and view has become narrow or stagnant get yourself to the top of a mountain, or to the horizon of the ocean and feel the space that this instantly creates mentally for you.

I have a weak spot for the ocean, anyone who knows me, knows I can wax lyrical for hours about the sea. It does something visceral to me. My shoulders drop, my breath deepens and my mind expands when I am put in front of the ocean. I just seem to flow better.


We thrive on movement, even a simple 15 minute walk can shift our energy and create flow. Yoga, or going to the gym or dancing will move the blood through your veins, through your muscles and through your heart, clearing you, nourishing you and re-energising you. When we have emotions moving through us that have not been resolved, they can create blocks in our energy, which then translates into our physical body. Movement is the only way to open us up to a new state.

Through the energy work I have come to realise that emotions can imbalance you physically if they aren't the good life affirming kind. Low self esteem literally makes your solar plexus area protrude in a way that you look malnourished. Holding on to things that you know are meant to be given away creates a block in the heart energy that can play out in the upper back, shoulders and hands. Standing still when we are screaming for action, leads to feet, knee and hip issues. The list is endless, but you get the picture. Movement with awareness of what we are shifting and releasing is very powerful.



When we go somewhere new, somewhere profoundly different and somewhere that excites us, we open ourselves up to a different expression of who we are. We interact with the world differently. We meet people we normally wouldn’t meet and find ourselves having adventures that are far removed from our normal every day living and life.

Stepping out of the arrivals door in Kerala at 3am in the morning made me feel like I arrived through a portal to another world. Cuba made me feel like I had gone to the 1930’s city that time forgot. A trek through Peru was like being on the set of the movie Avatar. It was beautiful, profound, ancient and futuristic all at once.

I would love to explore ways of bringing your creator energy to your world and your life, so that you can use this to make the changes, expansions and transformations you need to.  Click here to find out how we can work together.

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