The Dance of Life With Denise Rowe

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This week for the Art of Life I speak to Denise Rowe, who is a Dance Artist, Choreographer and Philosopher. A great part of this conversation focuses on the fact that in order to find our life's purpose, our life's dream and fulfil the deep desires we have to bring our unique gifts to the table, we must be willing to explore, to make mistakes, to experiment and to be constantly opened to learning about ourselves and our world.
So much of living this way requires that we get quiet so we can hear our own internal navigation system. It is also important to have a playfulness and lightness in our approach, which is definitely useful when you find that you have gone for two hours in a direction away from where you wanted to be. Humour allows you to see the gift of the moment where you are right now, and it allows you to get back on track without  creating a cloud to obscure your sunshine.
Don't miss this exchange, you will love it.

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