Following The Path Of Your Heart W/ Laura Valenti

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I hope you have had an amazing week. This week my conversation for The Art of Life, goes all the way to Peru to speak to Laura Valenti a lawyer turned Sound and Movement Therapist.
She is a person that I deeply admire. Her life story has included fighting for the human rights of others, travelling globally to explore her work, healing from cancer, studying theatre and physical arts, and now to being a sound and movement therapist. All this before the age of 40.
In our conversation, she really brought home the importance of cultivating a strong relationship with our own hearts. In order to do that we ultimately find ourselves on a quest to constantly tame the ego and the voice of the inner critic.
If you are in a place where you are trying to find the courage to step forward, step up, or step into making yourself heard and your presence felt from the heart, then this podcast is a must.
I really believe that we are all here to answer our hearts calling. When the heart is fully invested in our life and our work we will move mountains, create miracles and achieve the impossible.

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