Simple Game Changing Breath W/ Paul Hughes

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I hope you're enjoying the glorious summer vibes. My seaside home in Brighton has well and truly woken up for the summer, and my friend the ocean is busy with sailboats, swimmers and surfers. Simply gorgeous.
Speaking of simple, this week for the Art of Life I explore the power of breath with Paul Hughes, who is the Director and Master Teacher of Vivation. Breath is an element of our existence that's automatic, we don't think about it, the body in essence breathes itself. Yet we can survive without food or water for much longer than we can without breath.
The work of Vivation brings awareness and consciousness into the picture of breathing, by linking the breath to the body, the feelings and the emotions. Paul used the Vivation method as a healing tool in Japan, after the devastation of the tsunami, to help people to release trauma and tension. It was so effective that he has been back six times since with his work.
Have you ever noticed that you breathe differently when you are fearful, stressful, angry as opposed to when you are relaxed, joyful, happy. The breath gives us an opportunity to instantly change our state, to calm our internal responses and to come back to our central point.
For this week bring your awareness to the breath when you can.
Breathe in joy, peace, health and empowerment on the in breath.
Breathe out negativity, discomfort, heaviness and tension on the out breath.
Pay attention to the internal changes as you do this.

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