Your Success Depends On Your Vibe

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If your vibration isn't aligned with what you are aiming for, you'll ultimately sabotage your success, that's a given. Your vibration, of course, is only a part of the full picture,  you still  have to engage with life in numerous ways for things to happen. But it's a hugely important link in the chain, when it comes to attaining your goals or desires, and holding on to them in the long run.

So what's a vibration? Every thought and opinion you have about something will ultimately lead to a mindset that creates your vibration. So for example if I was told from a very early age ‘follow your heart, it will never lead you astray!’, and if I bought into that totally, my mindset will be based very much on a constant check-in with what my heart is telling me. All my choices will be made from my heart. The way I approach my relationships will all be heart-based. If my heart said ‘No!’ to something I'd drop it instantly. This way of thinking will create a vibration around me that becomes my unspoken signature. Some people will see me as wearing my heart on my sleeve and being way too emotional, some will see me as being unpractical and way too hearty, others will see me as being authentic and true to myself. We greet the world with our vibration before we ever open our mouths to say anything. If I am not aware of myself vibrationally, all of these subtle interactions will be happening subconsciously.

If I was about to start a business and someone I loved became a mentor, let's say this person was more analytical and practical in their approach, (a case of opposites attract), they could convince me to deny my hearty ways and go for the more secure and safe route. I begin following a plan they devised for me, but my heart is saying ‘No!!!!’. Outwardly I give all the signs of being enthusiastic, but it doesn't feel right, it doesn't fit, it isn't ‘me’. At some point the dam will break. I'll find a way to decrease the discomfort and get things back to what feels most normal or natural to me. This means losing the source of the unsettlement, a loss which I'll deem a failure, as things begin to crumble.

This is one of the reasons why I love to work with people vibrationally before they go on to the ‘action phase’ in goal attainment? An exploration is done on whether they are vibrationally aligned to the thing that they think they want. For a lot of business owners for example success and money go hand in hand. But what are your views of money? Do you feel you deserve it? Are you like a tease that calls it closer only to push it away as it approaches? Getting the mindset right and your vibration in harmony is a big key to long-term success.

If this is something you would like to explore more of, check out my session on Empowering Your Beliefs