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Insight comes to me in flashes. With the flash comes recognition and then a flow of wisdom. I have always been really aware of the ancestral line on my mothers side, my mother is a huge character and my dearest friend, my grandmother was a really strong presence, my great-grandmother I knew little about, but was aware of her absence being a source of strength for my grandmother, and my great-great-grandmother, I knew about because she brought my grandmother up. These women have been responsible for me stepping onto a path of the intuitive oracle, the healer, the wise woman, the teacher and the spiritual guide. They showed me a path that was never going to be either traditional or conventional, a path that took a lot of strength to claim and walk. They gave me a life blueprint to own and then evolve. Evolving as a woman means claiming the Goddess Within and raising your frequency to meet her. I've created a gift to help you raise your frequency and your game. It introduces you to seven superpowers that lay within you waiting for you to take full ownership of them. Go to this link below to get it and I'll see you over there

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