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You are primarily a sensory being. You feel the energy that exists around you as emotions and sensations within your body that your mind then scrambles to find a logical explanation for.

When we feel things in our body that we don't have a direct explanation for in our immediate environment, our egos get alerted. We then start to look through the archives of our experiences for when we felt a similar sort of thing, the time when our dad said this thing or our teacher at school said that thing, or we felt rejected by this person we loved, or misunderstood by that person. We use these past memories to explain the energetic frequency pulsing through us.

Once we've located a possible trigger we start to look for how this is true in our current lives, who or what has been the instigator of this uncomfortable, weird, painful sensation. As if by magic the world answers us with a more current experience, suddenly out of the blue our parent says something, or our boss says something, or we get misheard or misunderstood and suddenly we are catapulted back to the past. The wound feels fresh and present. We begin to wonder if we've grown at all, if anything's really changed, or after all the pep talks we've given ourselves and the sessions we have spent finding balance and alignment have we regressed right back to where we started?

The answer, of course, is no, regression has not occurred this is just your ego responding to energetic pulses and frequencies. This is your ego showing you that you've reached a boundary. This is your ego showing you where your room for expansion lies. This is your ego showing you where you need to release, to let go, to accept and to cease judgment.  This is where you are called to honor, love, embrace and offer thanks for what your ego is showing you. This is where you step forward and step up to a greater version of who you are.

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