5 Books That Changed My Life Forever

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My home library has been a great source of mental expansion for me. Books and the expressions of others on life, art, love and the human experience can be a huge inspiration. The elegant arrangement of words has a profound effect on our way of seeing and believing. A good book can go a long way in expanding our thoughts and our vision. This is what made me want to be a writer myself. I wanted to have the same immense and positive effect on the world around me,  created by some of my favourite authors.

5 Books That Changed My View of Life as I Knew it.

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The Celestine Prophecies Series - Robert Redfield.

I always knew somehow, that the human experience was magical. I mean, no one has fully explained how we got here and what our collective purpose is. However these books brought the idea of our magical existence to a whole different level. It opened up all the possibilities of 'what if.....?'

The Witch Of Portobello - Paulo Coelho

I often wondered what it would be like to have full freedom of expression. What would it be like if we all said exactly what we think and mean, without the boundaries of our fears and our filters. Here Paulo Coelho answered this question according to his view, by the life of one woman.

Outliers - Malcolm  Gladwell

Is there such a thing as a special person? Someone who surpasses human fallacies and rises above the 'normal' and mundane? Malcolm suggests not, what we do not see in every prodigy is the fact that behind the scenes 100,000 hours of work is being put in to achieve mastery. This book shows us that the success of others points us to our capacity rather than our lack.

Conversation with God Series - Neale Donald Walsch

What would happen if we asked our deepest, most confused and most frustrated questions to the part of ourselves that was all seeing and all knowing? What would the answers be? I was hopping up and down when I read the first book of the series. The  collective mind, which is called God by many, supports us in whatever our greatest desire is, as long as we are not conflicted in what we want the world is our oyster. 

The Power of the Spoken Word - Florence Scovel Shinn

This Author I really admire, she wrote her books in the 1920's when subject of metaphysics was by no means popular. She self published her books when all the publishing houses of the time rejected her work. Long after her death in 1940 her books still remain profound, deeply wise and a huge resource for many. This one in particular gives us a view of how creative our words are, spoken either internally or externally they make the world we live in.


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