The Power Of Being An Empath

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As human beings we have a natural desire to entrain to our environment, meaning on a subconscious level we are always seeking to match the frequency, vibration and rhythm of any energy field we find ourselves surrounded by. For some it may take moments for a match to happen, for others it may take days or weeks or even months. When a person feels the energy around them rapidly and intensely, we often describe them as being empathic. The change they experience to their own moods, feelings and emotions as a result of external change is so fast that it unbalances their system, in conflict situations particularly they end up feeling heavy, tired and disorientated. Often once an empathic person realises that their environment can affect them so profoundly they avoid situations that will confuse or lower their energy.

When there is no awareness of our gifts as an empath, we are hugely dependent on the ‘perfect’ situation. When we are surrounded by positive, joyful, peaceful, balanced and agreeable energy, we thrive and flourish. If the people around us are feeling their best, we feel our best. However as soon as a darker or shadier element  is put into the mix it thoroughly throws our system off. Our energy drops and we subconsciously seek out the reason for the dip in energy. Once we find the source that created the change, we become fascinated with it, we place our attention fully onto it and pretty soon we find ourselves merging with it, so it becomes hard to tell where it ends and we begin.

If the source of our fascination is a person, we begin to feel their feelings as if it were our own. If they are exhausted we become exhausted, if they are deeply troubled we become deeply troubled, if they are feeling emotions such as anger, fear or hurt those emotions soon find a mirror in us. Once we leave their presence we feel so misaligned and unbalanced that we have to take time out in order to get our systems back together again.

But there is another way to operate as an empath. When you are aware of who you are in relation to the other person, when you understand that the energy you are feeling is not your own. When you are conscious of where you end and the other person beings, you can hold a mirror up to them by showing them who they are being with a level of clarity that allows them to see themselves completely in you. You are able to tell them how they feel, what they see and what they think, with such accuracy that it opens them up to hear more of what you have to say, you then have the opportunity to be an agent of change, transformation and positivity.

The gift that  empaths have is the gift or clairsentience, they are able to pick up on emotions, feelings and shifts in energy in a way that they become one with it, the energy becomes theirs. When there is no consciousness behind this gift, an empath is a passive conductor of energy. However an empath using the full power of this gift is incredibly active. They know that by recognising the energy they’re in, they can play a big part in creating transformation. They also understand that by holding a strong and specific energy field they transmute the energy field they are in. They are great agents of change, healers, consultants and mediators.

They are also able to create and hold strong energetic spaces, for example they can create a space of healing, a space of positivity, a space of joy, a space of colour, a space of beauty, a space of innovation, a space for mental expansion, all these are in the realm of creation for an empath.

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There are three questions that empaths need to ask themselves in face of an adverse change in their energy.


Who do I want to be in face of this energy?

If someone has high emotions like anger, fear or emotional pain it does not serve you to match those emotions with your own. Look for ways to break the pattern. Who do you need to be in order to create transformation?


 What is my place here?

There are times when your presence can make a big change to the situation or for the person you are with. By holding a strong position of peace, positivity and healing for example, you give them the opportunity to entrain with you and release the denser emotions they are carrying.


Should I stay or should I go now?

If you are in an energy field that is dense, unbalanced and destructive the first two questions will give you a strong understanding of your position. But there are times when you cannot effect change, simply because that is not what the person or situation is opened to. In those times simply removing yourself is the best thing to do.

The answers you find to the above three questions will give you perspective and a level of discernment, the more you use these to guide you, the better you become at recognising when you can make a change and when your position is one of retreat.

Are you an empath? Do you embrace your gifts? Would you like to know more about this? Get in touch with me at