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 I studied acting for a while a long time ago, it was as a hobby rather than from a desire to be on film or plays. I wanted to understand the energy behind my actions and the things I could use to invoke the feelings and emotions needed to make my actions effective. I remember my teacher Irene Bradshaw who used to be a TV character actress critiquing an improvised piece I was doing, she told me that I started off really shaky and people sensed my lack of belief in myself which made them uncomfortable and made me uncomfortable, however, if I would take the time to breathe, to centre, to connect with my footing and connect to my body before I opened my mouth, it would make a huge difference to the proceedings.


So I redid the piece again taking all her advice into account. What felt like hard work to start off with now felt like it flowed. The areas where I felt doubtful of myself evaporated, I was more in my body, more in the moment and more connected to the collective energy of the room. I never forgot that message.


It can seem so simple yet it is so powerful, take time to breathe and feel your body, breathe into the tightness, the tensions, the stress until it unfolds, melts, releases and from a place of alert, switched on relaxation... Imagine the clipboard for a film and the director yelling... NOW ACTION!!!!!!.

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