INSPIRED NOTE: I am going to start this off by saying that I am very astute when it comes to the way energy flows or doesn't flow in our lives. So I am really aware of what our energy does when we make certain statements or accept something that 'seems true' as absolute truth without really checking into ourselves first. There's a cultural speak around 'white privilege' and I was watching a program where this well meaning woman was saying she is going to use her white privilege to make a difference in the world and make it a better place. So I immediately imagined her standing opposite me, speaking to me directly and saying 'I'm going to use my white privilege to help you!' and I noticed what my energy was doing. I immediately felt disempowered and unable to connect to my feet and my ability to stand my ground (base chakra), I felt disempowered as a person and as a human because for her to be privileged in this little scenario I must be unprivileged (solar chakra), I felt sad that my story somehow made me less loved or loveable (heart chakra) and these were just the immediate responses.

So the question is does accepting this assumption expand me or contact me? I felt contracted. I am not into reverse racism in any way, I love people, I love humans, I'm interested in equality, in embracing our diffrerences, in honoring each other's souls. It is true that the past has not been kind to some races, but do we grow by keeping this memory locked into our present, always dragging it around with us so that it becomes a force for creating everything that occurs moving forward? Or do we use it to build character, to build strength, to heal and to grow? If the second option is more attractive then the narrative needs to be different. There is only HUMAN PRIVILEGE!