Artist: Charlie Mackesy


I love getting into a soup of celebration and humanity. The energy is up, everyone rubs shoulders together, rich, poor, smart, simple, black, white everyone together and no one cares who you are, what you do or where you come from, as long as you are dancing, moving and smiling you will find an embrace. This kind of melting pot is a home for me to view people.

Yesterday my eyes fell on this woman with a small family all really young, the baby must have been months old, there was a 3-year-old little boy and a 10-year-old little girl, the grandmother was also with them. I became interested in her because it takes a level of bravery to bring a young family like that to Carnival. As I watched the 3-year-old boy became agitated and then started peeing all over himself, it was pouring down his legs, into his shoes and wetting his little shorts, he was grabbing at himself trying to stem the flow, but once started there was no stopping. Then came the tears of absolute mortification, shame and humiliation, my heart went out to him. I watched to see how his mother would deal with it. She drew him away from the puddle, sat on the pavement and begun by distracting him with music and dancing, she dried his tears, dried his legs, all the while talking lightly to him until there was a glimmer of a smile, she took some wipes out and cleaned him up, took a small pair of shorts out of her bag, and changed him right there on the pavement. Handed him a piece of fruit from a container took his rubber shoes off, washed them with water from a bottle dried them and put them back onto him. It was like nothing had happened 15 minutes later. In that moment I'd witnessed love, I'd witnessed a trauma averted, I'd witnessed the future man encased in the 3-year-old boy knowing what it is to be cared for unconditionally, I witnessed shame and humiliation released and forgotten, I witnessed a woman build a foundation of esteem and worth for her son. I sent her and her family gratitude for what I'd witnessed and she left me the vibration and frequency of a mothers love.