The Power Of Looking Yourself In The Eye

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INSPIRED NOTE.... Sometimes the person you crave to see you the most is YOU!

A couple of weekends ago I went to a friends event and there was an exercise that involved looking with full presence and awareness at a person sitting opposite me and voicing with love and acceptance the beauty I saw in them. I've done this exercise in various ways in the past, but a bit like reading a book the second or third or tenth time around, I got something totally different from it.

What if I were to do this exercise with myself? What if I were to stand in front of a mirror and instead of looking at myself, assessing myself and my aesthetics, what if I were to look for myself? Look for my divinity. Look for my consciousness. Look for that stunning intelligence that lies deeply behind my retina. Look for myself with acceptance, love, and gratitude for all that I'd been through. What if I were to look for the uncomfortable parts and sit with them until they melted? What if I were to look for strengths and thank them for being there.

Potent, potent stuff my love. Try it yourself and let me know what unfolds for you!

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