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We live in a world that is full of choices. Out of the platter of experiences available, there are things that make me feel joyful, things that invite me to celebrate life, things that neutralize or flatten my energy, leaving me feeling sort of.... meh..... Things that feel like crap if I stick around them for too long and things I give a wide berth because they are like a sewage system disguised as a pothole, you step in and then have to use a whole load of your life force and energy in order to step back out.
I've learned to pay close attention to my energy. I pay attention to how I feel after hanging out with people, how I feel while I'm in different places, how I feel after eating food, how I feel emotionally, how I feel in my body and how I feel in my soul. Some things are out of my comfort zone, but they feel like a necessary course of action. Other things are outside of my comfort zone and the discomfort just serves to remind me that I need to honor myself more.
My advice is to make choices based on things that lift you up, delight you, excite you, challenge you to grow, make you smile, spark you, honor you and have healthy returns. In my experience, this is a delicious recipe for creating good vibes and a life you love.

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