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We live on a planet of 7 billion people. Yet so often what we consider to be available to us, who we consider ourselves capable of being and the things we assume we are able to do is narrowed down to the closest ten, five or two people around us. The narrower we become the less opportunity we have available.

To shift this we need to shift the cycle that moves our energy in a counterclockwise direction of getting smaller and more contracted, to a clockwise direction of expansion and space to breathe.

To shift the direction of the cycle we need to engage our awareness, we need to change our habitual patterns and repetitive loops. We need to challenge ourselves, to do things we haven’t done before, to speak to the people that seem scariest, to put ourselves in situations that seem alien at first. The more we do this we find that there is life outside the narrow window, that there are other towns, other countries, other planets and an entire universe.

When we can see that the sky is the limit it really is!

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