It took me a while to own what I do, to say it without shame or without hesitation or without a doubt. I fall into the category of people working in an area that is not precisely defined, neatly packaged and universally understood. When someone asks what I do I can no longer say Advertising Executive for the BBC or Music Week or the media industry, my answer is now that I’m a Chakra Alchemist, a healer, an intuitive, a spiritual teacher, I’m in the line of energetic alignment, human magic, paradigm shifts, guidance in the art of creating business that feels sacred, and soul deep healing. I’ve seen people sneer at this sort of profession, felt the judgements, felt the assumptions that this work amounts to fakery, quackery and duping vulnerable people, I never wanted to be on the receiving end of that kind of ridicule, so I hid and went undercover, tried to be safe, tried to be accepted, tried to exist under the rippling effect and the alarm systems. But who I really am could only be covered over for so long, the pressure began to build, I felt it bursting at the seams, no longer able to be contained or held in or kept down.

So I decided to do myself a favour and stop hiding, stop trying to appease and just be me, flow with what’s in me and fully accept who I feel most compelled to be. I discovered that this work I do is not easily explained, packaged and tied in a bow, however I’ve witnessed people embrace themselves for the first time, I’ve had the honour to see people witness the depth of who they are for the first time, this worked has allowed people to feel seen and heard and appreciated on levels they didn’t know existed, it has allowed them to let go of years of hurts and pains and traumas as they tuned into the parts of themselves that is far more than these challenges. I’ve seen people embrace the world more, embrace more opportunities and place themselves at the front lines so that they can engage in life in the most intimate, vulnerable, heart touching and powerful ways. I have been a catalyst and facilitator in helping other healers to deepen into their work, to stand tall, proud and full for the purpose and destiny that calls their name with crystal clarity.

This work we all do as light workers, soul/energy healers, intuitive guides and alchemists is the type of work that has a deep calling within it, it doesn’t really give you a choice, you can pretend to others but it will never let you ignore it or comfortably lie to yourself. Eventually, it demands that you be brave and bold because it is far easier to embrace it rather than fight to be something apart from it. If this is you, if you are like me in this regard, I send you my heartfelt appreciation for the fact that you walk your path along side mine.  My work as a Chakra Alchemist is here always to offer you support on your road of accepting, embracing and expanding fully into all aspect of who you are.