Gratitude & Appreciation


Accurate reflection

Tash is a wise, gifted and compassionate woman. Her energy and beautiful voice is calming and opening. I’m also impressed by what a deep listener Tash is and the accuracy of the reflection she offers. She is naturally gifted in her work.

Jennifer Munley

TV Producer


More clarity in my  intuition

Tash has a warm, wise and powerful presence. I’ve been able to connect to my intuition in a way that was allowed me to feel more faith and clarity about my path. Her insight felt like deeply connected guidance.

Nadia Hosko

Movement & Vocal Coach


Insight into ways I can grow

Tash is wise, present & connected. Her work is transformational: and helped me to make magical shifts.  She offers me greater understanding and insight into ways I can grow and expand in both my work and in my life.

Lysa Black

Heart Healer. Mentor. Intuitive


Timeless & timely information 

The information Tash shares is both timely and timeless and I love knowing I can go back to her again and again. She is a gem and I am grateful to have found her!

Shanda Stacy

Coach & CEO


Powerful sense of coming home to myself

My sessions with Tash leave me feeling deeply nurtured, held, grounded and connected. I always experience a powerful sense of coming home to myself after our work together.

Lara Waldman

Spiritual Teacher, Speaker & Healer


Vibrating on higher, deeper levels

Tash’s work is insightful, motivating and empowering. She has an amazing ability to get me thinking and vibrating on higher, deeper levels and knows the questions to ask to pull out the wisdom that is already within me.

Carlana Charles

Coach, Speaker, and Events Director


Tap into your inner compass & truth

Tash was able to tap into the unseen parts of my psyche and bring them to light. There is little platitude and borrowed wisdom here. What Tash does so remarkably is to help you tap into your own inner compass and align with who you truly are.

Ryan Kayello