Open Your Channel


The human energetic field is shaped like an apple, where the core of the apple is your body, and the flesh of the apple is your energetic field. Energy flows through the top of your head, down to the bottom of your feet, then move out from your feet, and journeys back up to the top of your head. Science has named this field ‘the torus’ and for the average human it circles your entire body and radiates out to around five feet.

Energy moving through the top of your head, acts like an antenna. Some people don’t allow this antenna to tune in to anything other than the earths collective field, so all their concerns are earthy and human. They quote the news, and comments they read, and conversations they heard, and opinions they agreed with. They’re up on the disasters, and the deaths, and the sales, and the new products. If you mention spirit or soul to this person, they look at you like you’re taxing them with too much information, they have enough going on with keeping up on their jam packed lives, they can’t think of spiritual stuff as well, it’s all too much.

Others have their antenna set to a different world all together. They feel alien, like they got dumped here on earth against their will. They’re always longing to go ‘home’, because in essence they’re still attached energetically to a different place. They’re going through the motions, doing time here on earth, until they can return to the place that really matters to them. They’ve forgotten that being here was a choice point, and with that choice point came masses of opportunities. They’re so distracted by the density of this plane, that they never unpack the miraculous nature that exsists in being human.

Finally there’s the person that ossilates between these two. If this is you, then you’re plugged into this earth in the understanding that you agreed to come here, so you’ve made the decision to land in and root in fully. It can be a work in progress at times, but you’re committed and engaged. You also know that there’s more to you than ‘this’, you have access to guidance from other worlds, or beings, or frequencies outside of time / space. Looking at your torus field it goes deep into the earth and deep into the universe. Connecting on this level immediately connects you to Divinity, because you can’t touch the infinite micro in matter, and the infinite macro universally, and not immediately tune into the language, the radiance, the presence and the embodiment of the Divine. 

Opening your channel in this way, means giving yourself access to all parts of you, physically, energetically and spiritually. It’s an understanding that you’re a replica of the all, and so as a result you are vast, timeless and infinite. When you know this for sure, you understand that everything that appears ‘outside of you’ is simply just an aspect of you. Even if it’s an ascended master, or a goddess, or a pure frequency note, or a resounding vibration, they’re all aspects of you masquerading as something separate from you. To open your channel you have to open your mind, your perspective, and your vision, when you do the universe is waiting to connect, guide, empower and evolve you. As always we are here to assist you in this process. 

You’re here to remeber that you’re Divine, and we’re here to remind you of that.

Thank you for your attention. In service to Divine Love, we are the Council Of Light.

Have a drink of Divine Love


Before we do anything, let’s first explore Divine Love. Divinity is the thing that animates you, lives you, breathes you, sustains you, and creates you in this moment and every moment. It’s your pulse, and your breath, and your movement, and your consciousness. It literally gives you life. When you look around and re-member Divinity, you see it in every thing around you, in the chairs, and the tables, and the ground, and the earth,and the plants, it’s the very air you breathe. When you look around and re-member Divinity, you also remember that you are a part of a unified field of intelligence, masquerading as matter, as individuals, as objects and things. When you see through the eyes of Divinity, you remember that you are a part of everything, and everything is a part of you, separation is an illusion.

Now what is love? Love is simply the remeberance of Divinity. When you love, you let go of separation and see unity. When you love, you embrace, and accept and hold dear, the aspect of life that appears in front of you. When you love, your words reflect appreciation, and gratitude, and expansiveness, and togetherness. In the moment you love you fully embody your Divinity, and that embodiment radiates in your energy field, from your eyes, and from your soul. Divine love heals you, because it doesn’t recognise illness. Divine love brings joy, because it doesn’t recognise separation, or isolation, or aloneness. Divine love brings wholeness because it doesn’t see fragments.

Get a glass of water and hold it between your hands. You have the capacity to call up any feeling or emotion you want. So now in this moment call up Divine love. What does it feel like in your heart? In your belly? In your feet? In your hands? What do you see when your eyes are fillled with Divine love? How do you sit and stand in Divine Love? What words are in your head when you’re filled with Divine Love? Use every ounce of your being to feel Divine Love and project it into the glass of water you hold. Did you know that water is a living breathing liquid computer system? It stores the frequency and vibration of the energy it’s steeped in. So let Divine Love be your magic potion.

Have a drink of pure Divine Love Dear One. Let it fill your blood, your bones, your organs, your nervous system, and your cells. This is the kind of love that allows you to recognise yourself as Divine, as unified, as whole, and as a part of the fabric of this entire Universe, breathe it in, own it and be it. Let it radiate and vibrate in you, as you.

Have a drink of pure Divine Love Dear One. Let it fill your belly and nourish your heart. Let its codes and keys wash away anything that is misaligned, or unbalanced, or unworthy, or unacceptable within you, these are all illusions of separation. In face of your Divinity they melt away.

Have a drink of pure Divine Love Dear One. Let it animate you and, and move you, and dance you, and remind you of your own internal rhythms, your own internal music, your own internal heart beat that drums your own unique sound into the core of creation. 

As you drink pure Divine Love, let it become you, let it be you, own it as you. In this moment on this day re-member yourself as Divine Love. And repeat it tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that, into eternity.

Thank you for your attention. In service to Divine Love, we are the Council Of Light.

The Nature Of Thoughts & feelings


Thoughts are electric and feelings are magnetic. Thoughts are masculine (yang) in nature, and feelings are feminine (yin). Thoughts send a broadcast out, and feelings allow a response to that broadcast to be drawn in. As anyone who has a pet knows, animals can be just as moody as humans, there are days when they feel switched on, and days when they don’t. But the sophistication in which a human can manage their thoughts and feelings, is what sets them apart as a species.

So let’s explore thoughts a bit deeper. Your thoughts use words to express vibrations or frequencies. They allow your opinion on something to be shared. Words have a certain musicality to them, they’re like codes and keys that can open you up, or close you down. They have higher vibrations and lower vibrations. While your vocabulary doesn’t need to be massively elegant, it helps if it is varied enough for you to express the nuances of your thoughts. For example there are some of you who when asked ‘how are you?’, always answer ‘Okey’.

The word Okey normally conveys a certain mediocrity, it isn’t high vibration, or low vibration, it is just neutral, likewise the words ‘fine’ or ‘alright’. If you’re having an exceptional time, these words can cancel out or lower the vibrational response within you. On the other hand words like ‘stunning’, ‘brilliant’, ‘magnificent’, ‘excellent’, ‘fantastic’, ‘amazing’, ‘out of this world’, all express a peak experience. It’s also possible to use low vibrational words inappropriately that then  have the capacity to lower the frequecy in your being. Words like ‘dying of bordom’, ‘soul destroying’, ‘mind numbing’, ‘hateful’, etc... all can be used to define mediocre events, but take you to the depth of a lower vibrational experience.

Now lets explore feelings. The way you feel will bring your words to life, they animate you, give tone, width, depth and sensation, to what you’re saying or thinking. It’s possible however to describe something in finite detail and have no experience of it. Your mind has the capacity to explain what it thinks something would be like, without you physically interacting with it in any way.

Because on a subconscious level, feelings register as the domain of the feminine, anyone who is highly developed on a masculine level  will naturally try to suppress or stay well away from feelings. When you cut out emotions it leaves a sort of blankness. Feelings are often deliberately removed and this eradicates the possibility of connection and heart expression. Things are made to be cut and dried, black and white, no flavours, no spices and definitely no colour. 

Do you see how sophiscated you are? 

When it comes to manifestation, attraction and magnetism, the exact frequecy that you emit is what will be reflected back to you. So if you’re all thought and no feeling, your world becomes cold and emotionless. If you’re all feeling and no thought, your world becomes flowy and non-physical, because there’s no structure to any of your experiences.

The sweet spot is when you can let your thoughts and feelings dance together. When you can deliberately use your feelings to elicit a thought, and use your thoughts to elicit a feeling. You can override heaviness, by choosing to think and feel lightness, you can let go of illness, by choosing to think and feel health, you can change contractions into expansions, sorrow into joy, hate into love, small into massive, closed into open, just by what you choose to think and how you choose to feel. The world and the entire universe will reflect each of your choices with absolute accuracy. 

So be deliberate, be involved, be hands on with your choices and your feelings. These are the building blocks that breathe your world into being.

Thank you for your attention. In service to Divine Love, we are the Council Of Light.

Appreciation & Abundance


So much has been said about being thankful, being grateful and having appreciation. These expressions are all the intrinsic language of the heart and for the high frequency ways in which you give to another and receive from another.

To receive with gratitude means that you have seen the divine gift within the thing that was extended to you. If you take some time to breathe and savour what was given, you will inform your entire being of this Divine gift. In essence it does not really matter the exact nature of the thing that was given. It could be beautiful or useful or not, it doesn’t matter. What does matter however is the manner in which you receive it. With the extension of any gift, you are given the opportunity to be gifted, to feel gifted, to let your heart express the essence of giftedness and let your cells hum with the frequency of giftedness. You can use your gift to activate your auric field as gifted, the breath of receiving as gifted, your presence as the receiver as gifted and your ‘right now’ moment as gifted. This energy is expansive and attractive, it will bring you even more reasons to be gifted.

Now let’s explore the act of giving with gratitude and appreciation. So many of you on the planet are praying for abundance, hoping for abundance, yearning for abundance and doing your very best to attract and manifest abundance. But in all these acts you miss out completely on the frequency of abundance. You’re saying to the universe and the creator forces, ‘abundance isn’t here’, ‘abundance isn’t here’, ‘abundance isn’t here’. With every prayer and dream and hope and hungry search you loop a frequency of lack.

Yet in every moment that you extend something, anything at all, to another, you are given the opportunity to be grateful that you have the gift to give. You can be grateful that you were blessed with more than you needed, grateful that you have the capacity to be the gift. When you take the time to connect to the act of giving in this way, you switch on the frequency and vibration of abundance in your in your energy field and you broadcast the message, ‘I am blessed with abundance’, ‘I am blessed with abundance’, ‘I am blessed with abundance’. Like always attracts like, it is universal law.

So be mindful as you go about your day today. Every payment you make, feel your blessing of abundance. In every act of kindness you extend, feel your blessing of abundance. In everything you offer outward, feel your blessing of abundance. Each time you do this you are literally weaving abundance into your aura your presence and your radiance. Watch how the universe responds with constant and never ending gifts to you.

Be Blessed.

Thank you for your attention. In service to Divine Love and The Council Of Light.

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Inspired Note ... All Fired Up


Have you ever wondered what the formula to creation and manifestation is? I certainly have.

What makes some dreams come true and others fall by the wayside? Why do some plans unfold and form without a hitch while others are just problematic from the start?

The formula I have discovered is that when thought, meets focused clarity and is combined with a strong emotion. Nothing will stand in your way. 

When you know what you want and are strong in your conviction, plus you are not hung up by the exact way things must happen, meaning your in a state of mind to welcome in opportunities and possibilities, the universe will become your ally and your partner in co creation.

This is the kind of fire that sets the world alight.

5 Books That Changed Life As I Knew It

5 Books That Changed My View of Life as I Knew it.

My home library has been a great source of mental expansion for me. Books and the expressions of others on life, art, love and the human experience can be a huge inspiration. The elegant arrangement of words has a profound effect on our way of seeing and believing. A good book can go a long way in expanding our thoughts and our vision. This is what made me want to be a writer myself. I wanted to have the same immense and positive effect on the world around me,  created by some of my favourite authors.


The Celestine Prophecies Series - Robert Redfield.

I always knew somehow, that the human experience was magical. I mean, no one has fully explained how we got here and what our collective purpose is. However these books brought the idea of our magical existence to a whole different level. It opened up all the possibilities of 'what if.....?'


The Witch Of Portobello - Paulo Coelho

I often wondered what it would be like to have full freedom of expression. What would it be like if we all said exactly what we think and mean, without the boundaries of our fears and our filters. Here Paulo Coelho answered this question according to his view, by the life of one woman.


Outliers - Malcolm  Gladwell

Is there such a thing as a special person? Someone who surpasses human fallacies and rises above the 'normal' and mundane? Malcolm suggests not, what we do not see in every prodigy is the fact that behind the scenes 100,000 hours of work is being put in to achieve mastery. This book shows us that the success of others points us to our capacity rather than our lack.


Conversation with God Series - Neale Donald Walsch

What would happen if we asked our deepest, most confused and most frustrated questions to the part of ourselves that was all seeing and all knowing? What would the answers be? I was hopping up and down when I read the first book of the series. The  collective mind, which is called God by many, supports us in whatever our greatest desire is, as long as we are not conflicted in what we want the world is our oyster. 


The Power of the Spoken Word - Florence Scovel Shinn

This Author I really admire, she wrote her books in the 1920's when subject of metaphysics was by no means popular. She self published her books when all the publishing houses of the time rejected her work. Long after her death in 1940 her books still remain profound, deeply wise and a huge resource for many. This one in particular gives us a view of how creative our words are, spoken either internally or externally they make the world we live in.