What did your elders tell you about who THEY are, and as a result who YOU are? You’ve been handed stories. Some of them are of people in your blood line that you admired, loved and looked up to. But in your adoration you take on characteristics from them that may not serve, the survivor, the hustler, the fighter, the warrior, these were all crafted and necessary for certain times and for certain circumstances, but if they’re in your veins running your experiences, you’ll create reasons to survive, reasons to hustle, reasons to fight, reasons to be at war. So the time comes to sift through the legacy handed to you and let go of what doesn’t serve.

Did you have an elder who was academic, who won awards and beat everyone else to get to the top? As the patriarchy is changing and fading, you have to ask yourself if that way is your way. Instead of dog eat dog, people are finding ways to all eat around the same bowl. Instead of competition people are finding ways to work together so that the strength of all can be expressed, harnessed and used to create something special and unique. In the parts where only one person can win the tender or get the job, you have to be able to express your best, while expressing your love. There needs to be respect for the race, respect for the talents that are helping you get stronger, and respect for the Divine that brought you to this point of discovering more of who you are. Sift through the legacy that was handed to you and let go of what doesn’t serve.

Maybe you were told that your mother or father made a horrible mistake, and now the curse of their choice is on your shoulder, on your back, on your head, on your soul. Just by accepting that as yours, you carry the flag onward. How do you let it go? By coming back to Divine Love in every way you can, in your perspective, in your words, in your actions, in the ways you listen to guidance, in your heart, in your being, in your walk, in your stance, come back to Divine Love over and over and over and over, until it is default. If you do this you will naturally sift through the legacy that was handed to you and let go of what doesn’t serve.

We are here to assist at all times.

Thank you for your attention. In service to Divine Love, we are the Council Of Light.

Do you know who you are?


You think you know who you are, but how much time do you actually spend with yourself? Do you listen deeply to your own vibration, to your own truth, to your own cry for nourishment? Do you hear that the person you inner child longs to connect with the most is yourself? Do you witness your mistakes with the deepest unconditional love, care, attention and noticing? Do you give thanks and appreciation that you are here in this moment to read these words? Do you acknowledge all the things that have happened to keep you alive, to keep you going, to get you to this very moment? 

Do you know your soul? 

Do you know tha part of you that has no beginning and no end? The part of you that knows no limits? Have you taken the time to cultivate the relationship with your boundless and timeless being? Have you gotten still enough to have it whisper its wisdom to you? Have you opened your heart enough, so that its communication can find a space and a place within you? Have you been able to tame your wounded inner animal enough to see that it’s really the wounded inner child? Have you connected to that child enough, to know that the only balm that it can really soothe it, is the embrace of your soul, YOUR SOUL.

Do you know Divinity? 

Do you know the aminmator within you, beating your heart, breathing you, nourishing you from the things you feed yourself? Do you know that Divine spark, that exists in all things and connects you to all things? Do you know the Divine essence, that has crafted you down to the very last cell? Have you taken time today to listen to your own breath and connect to your own pulse, both of which keep you tethered to this time and space, both of them in the hands of Divinity in every single moment? Do you give thanks for this experience you get to have in this plane of existence called earth, in this body, YOUR BODY, courtesy Divinity? Do you know what gives rise to your consciousness, the heart of your existence? 

Take a moment to embrace all that you are today. Get to know the immensity of what is contained within you.

Thank you for your attention. In Service to Divine Love, we are The Council Of Light.



There comes a time when you’ve taken in as much as you can of disempowering, misaligning and unhelpful energy patterns. The heaviness and stuck-ness you feel means that a detox has become a necessity, you’re required to release, to let go and to come into resonance with something that feels new, and unfamiliar but is all YOURS. To detox in a conscious way, you have to be able to see what you are letting go of.
So for example many have been taught that if you want to lose weight you go on a diet, you exercise and hey presto. But if it were that easy it would also be that effective, and this is not the case. If you’re body is storing a lot of unutiliesed energy, then this needs to be explored a bit. What are you being guided and led to that you aren’t doing? What holds you back? Why do you pacify yourself rather than deeply listening to what you actually need? What are you afraid will happen if you didn’t store so much extra? Your body is 70% water, how much water do you drink to replenish yourself? Your brain and heart are each 73% water, do you give them pure water so they can recalibrate when they need to? All of this will lead you away from mindless consumption and toward mindful nourishment.

There are emotional patterns that are of the little wounded child in you. Bad relationships with teachers, have become bad relationships with employers. Over controlling parents, have lead to over controlling partners. The contracted and disempowering outlooks of your family, have become your outlooks. The way your family relates to community, has become the way you relate to any large group of people. Some or all of this may be in your story, but you see where this is heading, ceaseless patterns and loops, that don’t get questioned and form every aspect of your experience. 

Detox doesn’t come as a pill in a bottle, it comes as an exploration of your inner landscape, so that you come into alignment with your resonance, with your flow and with what is in harmony for you. This may over throw a lot of what you’ve felt comfortable with or has been deeply familiar to you. But this is necessary in order to craft and cultivate the aspects of you that FEELS GOOD on a soul level. 

Some work to be done here.

Thank you for your attention, in service to Divine Love, we are the Council Of Light.

Sound & Words


Every word you utter or think has a frequency and vibration to it. A vibration is the animation that occurs in response to something, it creates a frequency. A frequency is the measurement of the number of vibrational waves occuring in a period of time. In essence it‘s a pattern of repetitions that can be measured.

So coming back to your words, when you utter a word, any word, it produces vibrations that can literally be measured as a frequency. The air around you vibrates and those vibrations can animate the world around you, it can send a shock wave into your environment, having people turn down their volumes and listen intently, twitch their curtains and peep out their windows, stop in their tracks and feel called to respond.

Likewise, your sounds can create an emotional environment where people feel relaxed, blissed out, confident and realigned (healed). Your words can amplify love or hate. Joy or sorrow. Empowerment or victim hood. You are literally sending a message into your environment that demands a response with every word you speak, and every sound you make. So what sounds are you making today?

Many of you think that if you didn’t actually say it, it wasn’t real. But your internal dialogue can be just as powerful as your external. This time instead of vibrating to animate the air around you, it vibrates inwards and animates every single cell of your body. Your words write themselves in your flesh, your bones, your skin, your nervous system, your organs and your blood. This time the message humming in your cells is what creates the outer animation, you feel happy or sad and this registers in your aura, up or down, unconfident or confident, all vibrations in your field. So what is your default internal dialogue? Does it need to be adjusted?

Pay attention to your words and sounds, because they are literally manifesting your world.

Thank you for your attention. In service to Divine Love, we are the Council Of Light.



In hermetics there’s a statement that any truth that can be uttered can only ever be a half truth. This is because there are a multitude of other truths on the same polar line, and if you’re on one point on a particular line, then you’ll have access to all the points.  The average human doesn’t have the capacity to tune out distractions and just maintain one position regardless of what comes. 

Take the line of love and fear for example, where love is 10 and fear is 1. You may swear blind up and down that you’re an 8 on the line when it comes to a special someone in your life, you are in love, love, love, love. But is this true all the time? Are you able to maintain this point of view when the person you love is triggering you, getting on your nerves, poking a wound or changing so drastically that you no longer recognise them? Do you still love then? Are you still an 8 on the line then? Most times people swing along any given line and then it becomes a case of deep noticing. Have you dropped down to a 5 when the goal is 9, what do you have to do to get back to 9? Have you spent the last three days in 3 when your goal is 9? Are you able to notice that 5 has now become your new default, when it was previously 8? As you can see, to maintain a truth you have to be aware of what your energy is doing.

There is nothing that is fully true but truth itself. As soon as you try to fix it to something it becomes contrived, forced, acted out, and not expressing what’s really there. When you’re in a place of open honesty, where you can see and acknowledge what is there, then you can notice, ‘I’m feeling deep fear right now! How do I get back to love?’ ‘I feel a rage in my belly and my centre is compromised. What needs to shift to come back to harmony?’ ‘I feel violated by the person ‘I love’,  and what I’m feeling in this moment is NOT love. How do I come back to love?’ ‘Normally I am confident, but today somehow I don’t feel empowered or rooted. What needs to shift?’ This is where truth serves you best, in the moment, in the noticing, in the open acknowledgement, in the in the constant quest for love.

Love is given here as truth, because it is the factor that allows anything to express itself without layers, boundaries and barriers. Love opens, expands, gives life to, animates, transforms, flows, illuminates and heals. You all sense these states to be the truth you desire in order to sustain who you are, your soul guides you to these vibrations as a default, because this is where your connection to the infinite and the limitless lies. 

So if your truth doesn’t reflect your love, make a commitment in this moment to work toward shifting the dial to a full resonance with love.

Thank you for your attention. In service to Divine Love, we are The Council Of Light.

Golden Awareness


Your perspective on YOU is the single most creative factor in your life. It will determine what you think your capacity is, what you think you’re capable of, what you value, what you focus on and what you relinquish focus of. Your idea of who you are will spark you to go into the world and move mountains, or it’ll spark you to stay on your couch and move Netflix. Yet even though self awareness is so important, it isn’t encouaraged in the world around you, because people who are aware are much harder to control. Much of what you see will take you away from discovering yourself and into the mire of distractions, that draw you to search for yourself everywhere else but where it actually is, WITHIN YOU.

The first thing to understand is that there is the physical you, which a lot of the time you identify with as being all of you. Your physical being goes to work, your physical being has an appointment,  your physical being is upset, your physical being is elated. Consciousness has a physical element to it, but you have to develop all the other elements for it to be truly potent. Why do you go to work? What do you get out of the appointments you have? What within you triggered the upset, what is asking for expansion and release? What in you triggered the elation, are you allowing this elation to be full bodied and fully expressed?

You connect to your solar plexus and your navel area to harness your sense of ‘I’. I am, I want, I have, I feel, they all stem from the ‘I’. But what controls your ‘I’. Is it plugged into Divine Connection? Is it plugged into the Kardashian’s? Is it plugged into sacred texts, or poetry, or inspiring words. Or is it not consciously plugged into anything, so your subconscious mind runs the show, bringing up loops and repetitions for you to act out of? Positive, expansive, evolutionary and intentional ways of cultivating your ‘I’ is important. Because if you don’t cultivate it, the outer world is very interested in taking control of it through your subconscious mind, throwing up reasons to be afraid, reasons why you’re doing it wrong, reasons why you’re not your best and certainly not better than that model of perfection over there.

To own who you are you have to be aware of who you are, this is a constant discovery, but it needs your full investment. You’re being shaped and sculpted in every moment, so engage actively in what is shaping you and what you are allowing to influence you and sculpt you.

Thank you for your attention. In service to Divine Love, we are The Council Of Light.

What does it mean to Ground?


Many of you have a misconception of what it means to ground. You often have the analogy of the tree that sinks it’s roots into the earth, while reaching for the heavens. The imagery is poetic. But quite a few of you have resisted this because it feels stuck and unmoving, and rightly so, because you are not a tree! So while there’s lots of things you can learn from the nature of a tree, to permanently visualise yourself as a tree is not so helpful.

Others identify being human with being made of the earth, they want to merge with the earth, give themselves to the earth, save the earth, acknowledge that to be human is to be made of earth. While there is truth in this, it’s one dimensional, like one facet of a multifaceted diamond. You do yourself a disservice by limiting yourself this way.

The meaning of grounding is simply for all of yourself to be present, for you to be right here and right now, for you to re-member who you are and where you are in this moment. For every single cell of you to be focused on being in this very second. This requires an engagement of consciousness. As a conscious being you have a physical aspect to you however, you also have your soul, your mind, your radiance, your breath, your intuitive body, your energy field and your energetic capacity within that field. 

Because you don’t understand the nature of earth, many of you think that you live on a planet that was handed to you like a gift, to be used and many times even abused. You feel the same way about it as you do about your house. It’s inanimate so therefore without consciousness. Nothing could be further from the truth. Your earth is as alive as you are, and for that matter your house is as alive as you are, it just presents itself in a very different way than you do.

The earth doesn’t want you to be a dependent, it wants you to be a co-creator. It doesn’t want to be your mother, it wants to be your partner. It nurtures you so that you can give it love and care. It nurtures you so that you can nurture it. Do you understand? It is a CO-CREATOR.

For the earth to truly be your partner you have to engage with it as an adult. You have to bring all of yourself to the table, as it brings all of itself to the table. So when you ground it is not just about connecting to earth, it’s about connecting to ALL THAT YOU BE, and bringing this fullness of who you are to the earth.

Food for thought and food for action here.

Thank you for your attention, in service to Divine Love, we are the Council Of Light.

The Nature Of Light


We the Council Of Light, are glad to have the opportunity to share with you on the nature of light itself. You see light from a perceptual point of view, you turn it on at night so you can see better, it distinguishes night from day, it helps you to navigate a path underneath a black sky. You assume that it’s an object, much like a chair or table.

But light is a Divine Intelligence. It is literally alive and contains the very core of wisdom within it. Light doesn’t just allow you to see, but it also has the potential to guide you in what you see. It doesn’t just illuminate an area, but it highlights what needs your attention in that area. It doesn’t just shine on a dark path, but has the potential to guide your footing. You take all the guidance elements of light for granted, because the intelligence within it is designed to be seamless, however we’ll like to help you understand that light is literally the finger of Divinity’ pointing your consciousness in a direction.

When it comes to using light for healing, light itself can bring consciousness where there was none, it can bring awareness to areas that were ignored, and mindfulness to areas that need to be nurtured. It is natural for humans to speak about light in meditation, or high frequency conversations because on a subconscious level they understand that when it’s present, it has the potential to transform everything.

As soon as you bring light into your minds eye, its essence is there. You can use this essence to illuminate anything, seen or unseen. 

You don’t know what your next step is to be? Bring light to the centre of your mind and visualise the whole situation drenched in light, illumination and guidance will follow. You want to connect with an aspect of your body, maybe your lungs or your heart for example? Bring light to consciousness and illuminate this area, it will register within you as being touched by Divinity. Notice the areas that seem brighter, or seem to light up more in your outer world, what are they pointing you toward? Start becoming aware of the way that Divinity speaks through light.

Thank you for your attention. In service to Divine Love, we are The Council Of Light.

Overcoming resistance


People on the path of personal development, evolution and growth often speak about the resistance they get from the outside world on their path to transformation. Partners are disorientate, friends want you to go back to the good old days, family can be blatantly derogatory as they feel the real threat of losing you, they all just want you to be the YOU they can relate to. But as we say time and time again, as within so without, the outer resistances just points to inner areas that are still asking for acceptance, for opening and for integration.

Your being is created in a way that it seeks equilibrium, it seeks an energetic frequency that is the norm, it seeks familiarity, you can literally see your body as a faithful, loyal, guard dog awaiting your command. I wants to know what you desire so that it can take you to a successful conclusion that matches your desire. If you have no desires it will just use the repetition from your subconscious and create from there.

Your entire physical system works on tuning into repetitions, honing and fine tuning the feed back it receives, then replicating this feedback so that it becomes automatic. This you call a habit.

Your system can make a drastic change in an instant, this is what you call a miracle, but it needs you to be as close to 100% congruent, 100% in agreeement, 100% of you saying the same thing, reaching for the same thing and desiring the same thing all at once. In a world full of distractions and flashing lights, you need to be able to tune your focus down to a single point and hold it there. For many of you this is near on impossible, a simple flash of eye candy and your mind is off down a never ending rabbit hole.

So you need reptition, you need to do the same thing over and over and over and over and over, until it becomes automatic, until it becomes YOU. However in order to have staying power, you need to have a strong compelling reason to come back to the table time and time again. You need to be able to scrape off the thick warm treacle of your comfortable reality, so that you can take action. You have to anticipate your resistances, and keep going. You have to understand the layers of your desires, why are you doing this? What are you going to get out of it? How is your life going to change? If you continue doing this for a year what will your life look like? If you didn’t do this for a year what would your life look like? Get in the crevices of your choice.

Then find ways to keep your WHY, your REASON, your VISION front and centre. Have subtle ways of brainwashing your own self, little notes around your house, powerful images in picture frames, poetry in the toilet, mentors on tap, whatever it takes. In 40 days of doing something you form another habit, in 90 days you solidify the habit, after 10,000 hours it is in your DNA. Everything starts with the first step.

Thank you for your attention. In service to Divine Love, we are The Council Of Light.

Animation & awareness


You are being animated at all times. You think that because you chose to get up and walk out, that you are in control of your movements and your actions. You don’t question any of it, because it happens seamlessly. You have a thought, you decide to follow through with action and then you reach a conclusion of some description. It happens over and over in your every day existence, so much so that you take it for granted. 

But lets break it down a bit so you understand the miracle in the mundane. You had a thought. Where did that thought come from? Was it in your consciousness all along? Or did you pick it up as an energetic frequency that got translated into words in your head? Where did the very consciousness that allowed you to have the thought come from?

You took action. Where did the energy for this movement come from? What created the momentum? How was your body able to fire up in order to create the movement? Where did the intelligence within your body come from? Finally you came to a conclusion through your action. What is the reason for this conclusion? Why did you end up there? How does this place now act as a new beginning for something else?

You don’t need to think about all of these things before you make a move, and that’s great, because everything would take so much longer if you did have to involve your awareness in every action like this. But hopefully we’ve shown you here that the YOU, that you think is ‘DOING and CREATING’, isn’t there at all. So something is moving through you, something is animating you, something is giving you conscious awareness when needed and eliminating awareness if it isn’t so important to you. 

What if you just became a deep listener of this animated consciousness? What if this was the only thing you really needed to ‘do’? What we call intuition is simply the ability to be aware of your natural impulses and allow them to flow unhindered. What if the whole point of being human, were just to develop your ability to listen to the subtle precursors that are expressing through you, and to surrender enough so you are moved, animated, breathed, spoke through and danced. This is where your conscious relationship with your own soul and divine spirit begins.

Some food for thought. 

Thank you for your attention, in service to Divine Love, we are The Council Of Light.

Making Powerful Choices

Being smack bang in the Information Age means that two things are being highlighted, Wisdom & Action. You have so much access to details at present. You can literally find almost anything on the web with a 30 minute search. And putting a subject in search on google, will bring up thousands upon thousands of details and files. What’s becoming more and more important than anything else, is the wisdom to discern what’s needed, what’s important, what’s useful and effective. It’s hand picking two things out of a hundred thousand choices.

Wisdom in this context, is a matter of connection to your inner intelligence and intuition. You have to know what you want, and then you have to be able to recognise when you see the solution to your needs reflected to you. You’ll find that you spend more time cultivating an understanding of what you need, pinpointing this as exactly as you can from where you are, and then embodying it enough so you can articulate clearly through your voice, your radiance and your energy. As you open energetically to receive what you’ve asked for, you become a beacon that begins to wave a vibrational flag to the subtle realms. Suddenly you’ll find that you feel urged to contact a person, or to speak to the person who you happened to ‘randomly’ sit next to, and they’ll hold a piece of your puzzle. Or you might open a newspaper, or happen to glimps a message online and this will give you your next step. The universe will literally start to flash solutions up.

This is where intuition becomes your greatest friends. If you aren’t connected to your mechanisms for recognising when something fits, when it feels right, when it’s offering you a piece of the puzzle, when it’s exactly what you’ve asked for, then you’ll miss your answers. Often it doesn’t come dressed in the way you think it will be, because the subtle realms will use the path of least resistance to bring you what you want. It has far more to choose from than you do, there are 7 billion people on the planet and you only have an intimate connection to 100 of these, some people have a little more some a lot less. So if you’re not opened intuitively, you’ll be focused on the 10 people that you know, and fail to see the 500 people flashing up behind them. You have to train yourself to see the entire world around you holding possibilities and opportunities for you.

There is some food for thought here, because these are the times you’re living in, where you’re drowning in data. You need to know how to swim, and swimming amounts to wisdom and intuitive action.

Thank you for your attention. In service to Divine Love, we are The Council Of Light.



The first place to start with anything, be it a decision, a challenge, the development of an idea, the need to know,  discover or create. The first place to start is always with your heart connection and breath. Your heart is an amplifier of frequencies, through your bloodline it sends emotional signatures vibrationally to every single cell of your body. You breath is your life force and your divinity animated. 

The simple fact is that most of the time you are not doing the breathing, instead you’re being breathed. The cosmic laugh here is that this is your connection to the Divine. You look high and low for this connection, yet it’s literally right under your nose in your breath.

With each breath, you breathe in particles of the universe.

With each breath, you breathe in your current moment.

With each breath you allow the ability to move, to shift, to change position. 

With each breath you breathe in Buddha, and Christ, and Michael Jackson, and Shakespeare, and stars, and Kings, and Queens of old, because nothing dies, it’s essence just gets transformed.

Everything that existed still exists in your breath.

Connect your breath to your heart. All you need to do this is to place your hand over your heart and then be conscious of your breathing.  This connection can vibrate the cosmos. This connection connects you to infinity. This connection gives you the knowing and the wisdom of The All contained in YOU. 

Breathe with consciousness ❤️

Unconditional Love


Unconditional love sounds amazing, love with absolutely no conditions attached, allowing you to be your full self with warts, farts and all. Fully embraced, fully held, fully loved. It sounds absolutely stunning right?

The thing is that unconditional love is an inside job. Until you can feel the love you have for your own self without conditions, you’ll only ever be able to receive a compromised version of this on the outside. 

It’s in the parts of your body that you hate. Can you now give them love and full acceptance so that they can be seen without shame?

It’s in the mistakes that you made in the past. Can you forgive yourself, knowing that you make mistakes in order to learn, to be better and stronger the next time round?

It’s in the ways you judge yourself as inadequate, not enough, incomplete. Can you be curious enough to discover who you really are, in the understanding that if you don’t express yourself the same as someone else,it doesn’t make you wrong and them right, it just means that there is something else there for you to learn?

It’s in the way you feel bad about not fitting in, about being unique. You are here to discover who you are in relation to the other, as a reflection of the other, as an extension of the other. If there are differences, instead of judging can you lean in and find out more? There is a part of you that can be brought to your awareness in this interaction.

A quest for unconditional love on the outside is a yearning do discover it on the inside. It takes discipline, commitment and the spirit of exploration.

Thank you for your attention. In service to Divine Love, we are the Council Of Light.

What if there were no i?


You have been conditioned to think that the whole point of being alive is to develop your ‘I am..." So you go about doing things that make you feel good about your "I am...." You go to college, or become an apprentice, or research and study to eventually say ‘I am....’ You hand your ‘I am....’ over to authorities, so it becomes I am a citizen of this country, I am registered to vote, I am a tax payer. You also get confused about your ‘I am...’ in relation to the other ‘I am....’ Competition sets in as you try to make your ‘I am....’ bigger and better than others. The joke of all this is that your ‘I am....’ has no possession or ownership of anything of value. So everything that is attributed to it, is transitionary and illusionary, it doesn’t last.

So here’s a different way of looking at this. It’s true that your filter and lens will have you reaching for, and moving toward different things that the person next to you. Beause of this you may assume, that you’re made up of something very different to them. But that is where the illusion gets created. A big pile of bricks can be used to build a home, a community centre, an office block or the walls of a park. Each area seems vastly different, but the bricks that created them are exactly the same. One person is called to be a teacher, one an artist, the other a lawyer, and another a leader of a large business in real estate, the only difference between them is their filters which determines their perspective and their beliefs, the essence that animates them is exactly the same, they are not the creator of this essence they are just the channel of it.

A fountain doesn’t create the water, it just gives the water an opportunity to be expressed through it. The person you identify with as being YOURSELF didn’t create YOU, it’s just a vessel for a greater animation that expresses itself through you. It’s possible that you may try and disrupt this expression, and this is where all suffering lies. You can make judgements about who you feel an urge to be and what you feel urged to do, your ‘I am...’ may want to be a doctor, where as your natural expression is as a school teacher. As soon as you let go of the ‘I am....’ the animation, essence and natural expression makes itself known. You then become an active listener to the guidance of this expression as it whispers to you. It knows what you’re here for, it knows what matters in this moment, all you need to do is surrender, let go and allow it to flow unhindered through you. 

How do you know you’re on the right path? YOU FEEL ALIVE, you literally feel the life and the essence humming in your cells.

SURRENDER, LET GO AND ALLOW YOUR DIVINE EXPRESSION TO FLOW. There is no ‘I am...’ in this, there is only the truth of what wants to be expressed right now.

Thank you for your attention, in service to Divine Love, we are the Council Of Light.

Heart Warming appreciation and Love


You have the ability to decide exactly what you want to feel, then turn up the volume on that frequency. So let’s cultivate a warm heart that heats your body up, raises your energy, makes you smile inside, and makes you appreciate this very second that you’re in.

Rub your hands together and place them over your heart. Even though you can’t feel your heart beat acknowledge that it’s there, with a ceaseless rhythm that is yours and yours alone. Tell your heart how much you love and appreciate it. Tell it that you recognise it has your very best interest as its concern at all times. Tell it how you appreciate its intelligence and wisdom in all things. Breathe and connect as you allow your heart to receive your conscious recognition and love.

Now get a sense of what appreciation feels like in your heart. How does it feel when you really receive something with love? Maybe it was something that you always dreamed of having and experiencing. Imagine it’s extended to you so mindfully, that every single details was thought of, every single detail was crafted and sculpted to fit exactly with what you wanted, so much energy has been instilled into it on your behalf. Feel the wonder as you open your heart and your palms and accept it in. It’s all for you, just for you, especially for you, specifically for you. Feel as you swallow the sensation of gratitude down so that it fills your belly. Feel yourself digesting it, feel how it nourishes your and nurtures you.

Now let the sensation of appreciation spread to every single cell of your body. Feel it emanating from your heart, moving down your arms into your hands and fingers, feel it moving from your belling into your thighs, calves and feet. Feel it moving up your throat into your head, all the way to the top of your head. Feel it like warm honey glowing within you. Allow yourself to bask in the vibration of appreciation and love. 

Just stay in this energy for a while, knowing that you can access this at any moment. And in accessing it you create the opportunity for this experience to make its way to you. 

Thank you for your attention. In service to Divine Love, we are the Council Of Light.

Where Do You Bow Your head?


It’s interesting that until you are asked this question directly, you never think of all the useless things that you bow your head to, and all the things deserving your bow that you’re too absent to engage with. So what’s the significance of bowing your head? When you bow, you take your head to the level of your heart, or even lower than your heart. It’s a subconscious act of submission where you surrender your head to heart. This is the internal mechanics of it, and when done mindfully the ego submits.

However you don’t always do this mindfully if at all. So your head bows, but it could be in shame, it could be in disempowerment, it could be in fear, it could be because you don’t recognise the divinity that animates you, also animates the thing before you. To give you a useful pointer here, bowing before anything other than a recognition of divinity before you is giving your power away.

Here is what we mean by bowing to Divinity.

Bow your head to your heart in face of elders that are radiating wisdom in their flesh, and pouring wisdom from their being.

Bow your head in gratitude and appreciation.

Bow your head when you’ve been given to, even in the smallest of ways.

Bow your head as a salute to the Divine life force in another.

Bow your head in recognition of truth.

Bow your head when your inner guru is touched and activated by an outer guru.

Bow your head  when faced with the sacredness of what it means to be alive in this moment.

Bow your head in recognition that only your heart has the answer.

Bow your head when love is not just a thought, but a full blown embodiment.

Bow your head to show your respect for everything that has brought you to this time and this space.

Bow your head in remeberance of the timeless, ageless and boundless aspects of you.

Recognise and be aware of when your head goes to your heart, when you bring consciousness to this act you’ll fully be gifted and blessed by the moment. As you give you also receive.

Thank you for your attention, in service to Divine Love, we are the Council Of Light.

Your seven gifts


Let’s take a moment to explore what it means to activate seven of your inner seeds, or inner gifts. Begin by breathing deeply and fully. Fill your lungs as you breathe in slowly, empty them completely as you breathe out slowly. Focusing on your breath helps to focus you into this present moment.

Seed One

Your first seed is at the base of your spine this allows you to connect to the earth beneath you and to find your physical resources all around. By switching this on, you switch on your magnetism and your presence.

Seed Two

Below your navel but above your pelvic. This allows you to create, to make, to merge with others and life itself in collaborations, that produce spaces, places and things. By switching this on you activate your inner creator.

Seed Three

Above your navel but below your rib cage. This give you access to your unique template. There is something in you, that was gifted to only you, no one else has it, and if you don’t access it, then it will be lost. This seed is your access point.

Seed Four

At the centre of your chest. This seed controls your inflow and outflow, your giving and receiving, your yes and no, your opening and closing to life itself. It also controls your ability to meet life filled with love or filled with fear.

Seed Five

At your throat, this is the seed of the ambassador. This is where you’re able to speak your truth, communicate your essence, use the vibrations of your words to restructure your environment and create massive effects in your world.

Seed Six

Between your eyebrows, this is your seed of vision, imagination, dreams and intuition. It’s where your form pictures that will find themselves into reality, it’s the realm of visual templates and architectural plans, that are the building blocks of your world.

Seed Seven

At the top of your head, this seed connects you to a sense of universality. It takes you out of the time space continuum, and allows you access to THE ALL. It’s from here that you know for sure there is nothing in this world that you cannot do, or cannot have, absolutely nothing is impossible.

Just by developing these seven seeds, watering them, giving them your attention and love, you’ll realise your full self. Here we are just providing pointers to begin your exploration into the discovery of who you are. Enjoy.

Thank you for your attention, in service to Divine Love, we are the Council Of Light.

Keep It Humble & Grassy


When you’re living in the grip of the shadow self, the whole world becomes a game of comparisons. You have more personality than him, but no where near as much personality as her. You make more money than her, but not as much money as them. You can impress these people with the way you dress, but you look like a cheap drink in front of those people. You’re gorgeous in one room and average in another. If you’re in the game of feeling better by looking down, then you’ll always have the pendulum swing the other way where you feel worse by looking up.

Keeping it humble is not about contracting yourself into nothing, or making yourself small. It’s not about giving your power away to everyone and everything, or letting yourself be taken advantage of. It’s more a case of seeing how divinely gifted you are, yet understanding that others are made of the same stuff, they also have their own gifts, even if those gifts seem so buried that they’re completely unaware of them.

Keeping it humble is the realisation of the fact that what really matters is your souls expression, and your ability to tap into a sense of aliveness. When you understand this you get dressed to express your soul, you speak to express your heart, you act to express your animation and drive, you give to express your abundance and you receive to express your grace. The connections from these places of aliveness, soul, heart, animation, abundance and grace matter more than any label, or boastful words, or misplaced pride ever could.

You were made of earth, keep it grassy. The divinity that animates you is universal, keep it humble.

Thank you for your attention, in service to Divine Love, we are the Council Of Light.

Being Prosperous


In order for you to feel confident,  to project who you are into the world, and to take up your full soulful space, you have to feel prosperous. Humans have been duped on the prosperity front, most people think that to be prosperous you have to have a lot of money. Yet many people with bulging bank accounts don’t feel prosperous. This is not meaning that you need to swing the other way, and feel that money is useless and unnecessary. Money does serve a purpose in the world at this time, until there is evolution and some other form of exchange takes over. But money is not the sole reason why you feel prosperous.

So what is prosperity? You’re prosperous when you fully understand how gifted you are. You’re not a chance occurrence, there are very precise reasons why you’re here in this time and space. While we aren’t sending you into a tail spin by engaging your ego in a pointless external journey of, ‘what’s my purpose????’,  because you’ll never find your purpose outside of yourself. We ARE urging you to appreciate that you came here to fully live, to fully love and to fully engage with life in this form. All your answers to the questions of purpose are in the things that make you feel alive, that make you excited, that make you raise your voice uncaring of the attention you get, that switches your heart on. These are all cues to purpose, and purpose is always linked to prosperity.

When you’re on purpose, you find that you’re able to project who you are, what you want and what you need to manifest, clearly and directly into the world. Now this is the point where money comes in. If you need resources to make your purpose happen, you’ll switch on your magnetic draw as you amplify this desire into the world. Opportunities follow passion that is harnessed, directed and focused. Your passion could be lolly pops, and still if you’re able to harness and focus your energy you will draw resources to you. This is where true prosperity lies, when hearts passions meet resources. It doesn’t lie in credit card debts to finance instant gratification.

Prosperity follows focus and intensity. This is not just being able to say things that sound good, that feel nice because if it happened it would be really nice. It’s not just about things that look amazing to the minds eye, these are all great, but they soon turn to fodder for the ego if rubber doesn’t hit the road. The focus and intensity is about landing your purpose into matter, it’s about exploring the actual pathways and byways to see how to root your ideas in, it’s about making mistakes and knowing for sure that the lovely vision you had doesn’t work in reality. It’s about getting dirty, being told NO, and NO and NO and still forging through to the YES and YES and ABSOLUTELY YES. This is where you feel the prosperity.

So be prosperous by bringing your heart and your soul to the world. It is so very needed at this time.

Thank you for your attention, in service to Divine Love, we are the Council Of Light.

Dress to express


Having a human body in which to express your spirit and your soul is meant to be fun. You get to use every aspect of your physical being as a way of projecting who you are into the world. Dressing is one of the most playful ways of doing this. To understand the impact of what you wear you must understand the impact of colours on the psyche.

White is the inclusion of all the colours of the spectrum, it’s an amplifier and draws attention to it. It encourages presence and can increase the projection of your energy field as a result. Walk into a room dressed in white from head to toe, amoung normally dressed people, you are guaranteed to create an impact.

Black is the absence of colour, it’s mysterious and can also be a colour that is used to hide or fade into the back ground. Because it does nothing to amplify energy it really brings the attention to the physical and material projection. This is one of the reasons why it’s so popular in the business and financial worlds.

Red is a colour of passion, it is also the colour of expressive earthiness. You think of volcanoes, fire and red roses when you think of this colour. It is also the colour of your own blood, so it subconsciously reminds you of a key ingredient for physical survival.

Green is the colour that infuses every aspect of nature, if you go into the mountains or into a forest, it’s the colour that you most expect to see. It reminds you of being embraced and nurtured and held. Subconsciously you think of natural growth when faced with green.

Orange is a colour that brings a sense of joy, it feels uplifting and opens you up to your creative spark and flow. Wearing orange encourages yourself and other to remember the inner child. You automatically think and act playfully when wearing it.

Blue is a colour that reminds us of air, of communication, of oceans, of travel and bridging distances. It’s cooling in nature and brings you a sense of calm. There are a number of different shades of blue from Colbalt, to Navy, to Aqua, each of these will express a different quality of the the nature of this colour from depth to dreaminess.

Purple is the colour of spiritual awareness, in nature it draws you inward, stimulating your third eye and your inner vision. Wearing it invites introspection, a sense of turning the senses to the soulful animations within.

Yellow is the colour of sunshine, it feels more frivolous and reminds you a bit of gold, depending on the tone and depth. It raises your energy and also encourages a stimulation of the intellect. You may find yourself being more animated, using more words than usual to describe things, and being more physically expressive when you wear this colour.

This just gives you a snapshot. As you begin to play you will find that each colour has its own varying expressions, yellow can be neon or it can be gold in nature. Green can be forest or it can lime in nature. 

Play, play, play and let us witness you expressing all the spectrums of your soul.

Thank you for your attention, in service to Divine Love we are the Council Of Light.