intuitive guidance

Dress to express


Having a human body in which to express your spirit and your soul is meant to be fun. You get to use every aspect of your physical being as a way of projecting who you are into the world. Dressing is one of the most playful ways of doing this. To understand the impact of what you wear you must understand the impact of colours on the psyche.

White is the inclusion of all the colours of the spectrum, it’s an amplifier and draws attention to it. It encourages presence and can increase the projection of your energy field as a result. Walk into a room dressed in white from head to toe, amoung normally dressed people, you are guaranteed to create an impact.

Black is the absence of colour, it’s mysterious and can also be a colour that is used to hide or fade into the back ground. Because it does nothing to amplify energy it really brings the attention to the physical and material projection. This is one of the reasons why it’s so popular in the business and financial worlds.

Red is a colour of passion, it is also the colour of expressive earthiness. You think of volcanoes, fire and red roses when you think of this colour. It is also the colour of your own blood, so it subconsciously reminds you of a key ingredient for physical survival.

Green is the colour that infuses every aspect of nature, if you go into the mountains or into a forest, it’s the colour that you most expect to see. It reminds you of being embraced and nurtured and held. Subconsciously you think of natural growth when faced with green.

Orange is a colour that brings a sense of joy, it feels uplifting and opens you up to your creative spark and flow. Wearing orange encourages yourself and other to remember the inner child. You automatically think and act playfully when wearing it.

Blue is a colour that reminds us of air, of communication, of oceans, of travel and bridging distances. It’s cooling in nature and brings you a sense of calm. There are a number of different shades of blue from Colbalt, to Navy, to Aqua, each of these will express a different quality of the the nature of this colour from depth to dreaminess.

Purple is the colour of spiritual awareness, in nature it draws you inward, stimulating your third eye and your inner vision. Wearing it invites introspection, a sense of turning the senses to the soulful animations within.

Yellow is the colour of sunshine, it feels more frivolous and reminds you a bit of gold, depending on the tone and depth. It raises your energy and also encourages a stimulation of the intellect. You may find yourself being more animated, using more words than usual to describe things, and being more physically expressive when you wear this colour.

This just gives you a snapshot. As you begin to play you will find that each colour has its own varying expressions, yellow can be neon or it can be gold in nature. Green can be forest or it can lime in nature. 

Play, play, play and let us witness you expressing all the spectrums of your soul.

Thank you for your attention, in service to Divine Love we are the Council Of Light.

Divine Freedom


Divine freedom is when you are able to be yourself, fully, deeply and completely. It doesn’t matter if the person next to you rolls their eyes, or gives an exasperated sigh, or shows some other sign of not enjoying you. None of that matters because the joy of being YOU outweighs it all.

Divine freedom is not holding grudges, or greivences, or vengeful thoughts against anyone. That doesn’t mean you allow others to take advantage of you or disrespect you. It’s just that you don’t hold on to what was done in the past. It’s not to say that you forget things, you just don’t hold on to them. There’s power in being able to see clearly the motives and drives of another, but you don’t have to hold onto them as if they were yours.

Divine freedom is the ability to follow what makes you feel alive, without asking permission, without veering off path to suit someone else’s agenda, without modification. Just simply following the path because you can feel the life flowing in your veins as you do. Singing because it brings joy, dancing because your spirit moves you, speaking because life drives you to, doing exactly what you are called to do, being the way your inner navigation is urging you to be.  Absolute Divine Freedom.

Divine freedom is the knowledge that if you can dream it, you can experience it. Many of you get flashes of a future life, where you’re being the person you feel destined to be. But then you look at the reality around you and allow your dream to crushed by the present moment. Why not instead use that dream as motivation to move past the layers of reality that don’t serve, that don’t feel aligned, that are not in resonance. As the sun can guide you out of a dark hole, your dream can guide you into a whole new world if you let it. 

Divine freedom is when you’ve managed to eradicate the blocks between your head and your heart. Between thinking and feeling. Between intuition and intellect. Between embrace and discernment. The heart and the head are co partners, the effectiveness of one is greatly reduced if the other is blocked from functioning. So let them dance together, let them inform each other, and work to create a life that you can orchestrate from a place of love.

If you keep your focus on Divine Freedom you can’t go wrong. It’s what you’re here for.

Thank you for your attention. In service to Divine Love, we are the Council Of Light.

The Dance Between The All And The One


Divinity is every single thing that you see and interact with, it’s also YOU. You inherently know that there’s something that links everything together, giving you your own individual energetic field that flows and merge with the universal field. This unifying force has many names, Life Force, God, Creator, Divine, and on and on. What you choose to call it is not as important as the way you relate to it. 

Many of you try to deny your individuality, and instead attempt to merge completely with the all. But earth is not the plane for this. There are other planes of existences, where you’re simply part of a unified collective with no personal agenda, personality or sense of self. It’s possible that you have a subconscious memory of this, and are attempting to replicate it here and now. But you incarnated into this life and time for a reason, you’re here to allow an individual expression of the ALL to take place through YOU. This is the gift of being in this time and space, so don’t throw it away.

On the other side of the pendulum there are many of you who deny the ALL, and just assume that this life is only about the SELF. You seemingly have power in the material world, but this power only lasts as long as the material you’ve attached your identity to lasts. If you’re the head of a company, then your sense of self is satisfied until the day that the company is taken away, at which point you crumble. If you’re attached to money, then you feel self importance until the day that your money becomes useless to you. If your sense of identity is attached to the way you look, then you’re in a good place until you can no longer maintain the perfect physical aesthetic, and then your world turns to dust. 

There is a constant dance between the all and the one. Between Divinity and yourself. If you deny either you lose, you have to embrace both. You have to express who you are, while also understanding that there’s a life force from which your expression stems. You have to follow your path, while understanding that the very life force that animates you, is your guidance system on where to go, what to say and what to do. You have to allow life to interact with you, while understanding that in this bodily form, separation is meant to provide you with a certain experience, so while you see the all in everything, you also need to honour your SELF in the all.

Your being here and now, in this dimension called earth, in this time and space is not by chance, you are not a chance occurrence. Every fibre of your being made a choice to be here. Appreciate that, own that and love that. YOU are not here forever so share who you are without reservation right NOW.

Thank you for your attention, in service to Divine Love, we are the Council Of Light.

Changing yourself


There’s a saying, ‘The mind is strong but the flesh is weak.’ It is an interesting saying because it feels like it’s true through your experience, how many times have you set out to do something, maybe it was to not eat sugar, or not see that guy/ girl again, or not spend so much time on social media, or not binge watch nonsense on Netflix. You decided, you felt determined, you were focused and for sure this was something you were never doing again. Yet after a few days you either forgot the commitment, or got distracted in a weak moment by the thing you swore off, or just found yourself unable to withstand the constant craving.

Yet the saying, ‘The mind is strong, but the flesh is weak.’ Is not accurate in a lot of ways, because if the mind were really strong it would strengthen the flesh. Our physiology needs commands that are clear and concise, if there is no clarity it will pick up the signals you give it from your feelings and your emotions. When you think breakfast, your body will say ‘Well you liked pancakes go for that’. When you think partnership it will say, ‘Well you had a good time with Joe the last time you met, so maybe things will be better this time around’. Even though history proved him to be more ass than angel. 

Somehow you think that change should be easy, it should be simple and it should feel really really good. But the fact is change can feel hard, it is complexed in its simplicity and it doesn’t always feel great, because you are going outside your comfort zone, your known area of operation and you are dismantling a habitual pattern. 

To use the strength of your mind to command your body you have to be diligent. You have to really anticipate the hurdles. If you’re going running every day for 60 days, then what happens when it is exceptionally cold? What happens when you get the flu? What happens when it’s dark, wet and windy? How do you convince yourself to leave the bed when your body just wants to sleep more? What happens after the 60 days? You have to get into the layers of your distractions and make plans to offset them. 

If your plan is to stop being on Facebook so much, what are you going to do in the moments when you’re bored? How are you going to fill your time? What sort of thoughts are you going to feed your mind to keep on track? Where will you go and what will you do with the time you free up? You have to prepare yourself for the distraction, the cravings, the uncomfortability and the pain of doing things differently to the way you’re used to. 

Strengthen your mind, be diligent with the thoughts you allow, cultivate what goes into your head and then use your strengthened mind as tool to command your body. This is what your mind was made for.

Thank you for your attention, in service to Divine Love, we are the Council Of Light.

The fear of flow


There are certain states that make your ego highly uncomfortable. Being in flow state is one of them. This can feel like death, and in essence it is, you have to be prepared to die hundreds of times a day in order to accommodate real flow. 

So what is flow state? It’s the willingness to be in the unknown, to understand that the structures you’ve put into place to feel safe are in essence false. They don’t really exist in real time, the illusion makes you feel comfortable but it also limits you. For example you look to the ten people in your closest circle, to give you a reflection of what your reality is. They offer you definitions of who you are, what you mean in the world, what your capacity is and what you simply are unable to do (according to them). They make you feel good, because you ‘know’ them and they ‘know’ you. In all of this warm comfort you easily forget that you live on a planet of seven billion people, and you’ve limited your horizon to ten.

You are a holograph of Divinity, meaning that the potential of seven billion faces and expressions lie within you. At any moment you can pull one of these possibilities into real time, and that can be your experience. But instead you choose to have the same experience, you had yesterday, and last week, and the week before, because you ‘know’ what you’re going to get. Why try something new, when you’ve found your groove and are comfortable in it?

People that don’t look like you or sound like you, offer the greatest opportunities to discover aspects of yourself that you didn’t even conceive of. It’s one of the reasons why many of you go on holiday and literally become a whole different person. You explore, you have random conversations with random people, you get curious about the culture and the way that people do things, you learn a different way of dancing and a differernt rhythm to the one you’re used to. And after all that you go back home and get back into your known groove.

To be in flow means being willing to know that you don’t know. It is the willingness to understand that everything points to another path on the road, there are never any fixed conclusions. 

To be in flow means really understanding that you’re multidimensional in nature, a perfect replica of the ALL. When it is said that humans only use 5% of the capacity of their minds power, it’s because you’re not willing to explore past what ‘you know’. 

To be in flow means going to the edge and beyond of what feels comfortable, acceptable and reasonable. It often means going against the grain of the collective thinking that prefers you all did the same things and looked the same way, this is want ‘civilised society’ is built on.

To be in flow means you know for sure you have access to everything you could possibly desire. The vision of it could only be made available to you because it’s already in your auric and energetic field of experience, all you need to do is to maintain your focus on it so it can take form.

To be in the flow means understanding that the Divinity that expresses through you is ever changing and ever evolving, as a result you must be prepared to let go, and let go, and let go.

The reason you fear flow is because flow is death to the ego, LITERALLY, but your ego doesn’t realise that nothing ever dies, after death there is always a rebirth. So give your ego a metaphorical hug, tell it you love it, and then enter the unknown.

Thank you for your attention. In service to Divine Love, we are the Coucil Of Light.

Open Your Channel


The human energetic field is shaped like an apple, where the core of the apple is your body, and the flesh of the apple is your energetic field. Energy flows through the top of your head, down to the bottom of your feet, then move out from your feet, and journeys back up to the top of your head. Science has named this field ‘the torus’ and for the average human it circles your entire body and radiates out to around five feet.

Energy moving through the top of your head, acts like an antenna. Some people don’t allow this antenna to tune in to anything other than the earths collective field, so all their concerns are earthy and human. They quote the news, and comments they read, and conversations they heard, and opinions they agreed with. They’re up on the disasters, and the deaths, and the sales, and the new products. If you mention spirit or soul to this person, they look at you like you’re taxing them with too much information, they have enough going on with keeping up on their jam packed lives, they can’t think of spiritual stuff as well, it’s all too much.

Others have their antenna set to a different world all together. They feel alien, like they got dumped here on earth against their will. They’re always longing to go ‘home’, because in essence they’re still attached energetically to a different place. They’re going through the motions, doing time here on earth, until they can return to the place that really matters to them. They’ve forgotten that being here was a choice point, and with that choice point came masses of opportunities. They’re so distracted by the density of this plane, that they never unpack the miraculous nature that exsists in being human.

Finally there’s the person that ossilates between these two. If this is you, then you’re plugged into this earth in the understanding that you agreed to come here, so you’ve made the decision to land in and root in fully. It can be a work in progress at times, but you’re committed and engaged. You also know that there’s more to you than ‘this’, you have access to guidance from other worlds, or beings, or frequencies outside of time / space. Looking at your torus field it goes deep into the earth and deep into the universe. Connecting on this level immediately connects you to Divinity, because you can’t touch the infinite micro in matter, and the infinite macro universally, and not immediately tune into the language, the radiance, the presence and the embodiment of the Divine. 

Opening your channel in this way, means giving yourself access to all parts of you, physically, energetically and spiritually. It’s an understanding that you’re a replica of the all, and so as a result you are vast, timeless and infinite. When you know this for sure, you understand that everything that appears ‘outside of you’ is simply just an aspect of you. Even if it’s an ascended master, or a goddess, or a pure frequency note, or a resounding vibration, they’re all aspects of you masquerading as something separate from you. To open your channel you have to open your mind, your perspective, and your vision, when you do the universe is waiting to connect, guide, empower and evolve you. As always we are here to assist you in this process. 

You’re here to remeber that you’re Divine, and we’re here to remind you of that.

Thank you for your attention. In service to Divine Love, we are the Council Of Light.

Article For Yoga Magazine + Tash Mitch


This week I had my article featured in Yoga Magazine, this magazine has been on my radar since it launched 6 years ago. It is well designed, conscious, eco and informative primarily about yoga, but also about all things well being. Needless to say, I was hopping with excitement to have a three-page spread with them.

I would love to share the article itself, as it is a subject really close to my heart. A large part of my energy alchemy work uses and focuses on the third eye, which is our centre of intuition. Once we are tapped into our intuition, we are tapped into our navigational system, which guides us on every aspect of our lives.

The Wisdom of Your Divine Intuition


‘In a quiet mind lies your greatest power, because it is only in your

conscious quietness that you hear the whisper of your eternal wisdom.’


Untitled-design-2 (1).png


Working with my intuition has always been very natural to me, both my grandmother and great grandmother developed and honed their skills to intuit in order to help others. So I grew up with a strong sense of this being an immensely powerful human gift. I was always intrigued by where my Grandmother’s, ‘knowing’ came from, nothing seemed to get past her consciousness. There was a sharp focus and dedication to her spirituality that I am blessed to have learned from. She pointed out a spiritual path to me that was based on listening to and following my truth which she taught by example. She had a deep connection to her own spirit and what it was moving her toward. By following this wisdom I have discovered that when I am confused, unclear or frustrated, tapping into my intuition allows me to discern with a high level of certainty, what feels right for me and therefore what my next step is to be.

The Importance of Intuition

Intuition is the ability to see a road, a path, a next step, or a situation from a broader perspective. In using just the mind and the ego we limit the view available to us. Our egos make decisions from a place of disconnected aloneness, where our choices are often both fear based and apprehensive, we try to please, to do the right thing, to avoid being wrong at all costs.

Alternatively when we act from a purely mental perspective we are only able to see things through the boundaries of our conscious mind, this is the equivalent to a view from a very small window in a room at a specific location, whatever we are able to see through that window at any one time, is our entire world. With such a narrow perspective we are oblivious to the universe that is occurring all around us.

Calling on the wisdom of our intuition however, allows us to see our current situation with a wider lens and a more birds eye perspective. The conscious mind only has access to approximately 5% of the information available to us at any one time, the other 95% resides in our non-conscious awareness. By accessing our intuition we gain access to the remaining 95% of our capacity.

So how do you build your intuition? 

Intuition comes in moments of stillness, it is in stillness that your Divine and wise self can come through. The voice of intuition occurs as a whisper rather than a shout. You have to lean in and open up to hear it. There needs to be space in order to do that. So to create a link to your intuition you have to quiet the conscious mind. Silencing it take a huge amount of discipline and practice, but quietening it just requires a gentle allowing, your thoughts drift in and out, but they are like passing clouds, you accept them and release them with ease.

The best way to quite the mind is through the breath. Deepen the breath so you fill your lungs on the in-breath and empty them on the out-breath, is the first step. For example breathing in for a slow count of four and out for a count of four. This leads to a slowing down and relaxing of your internal state. It lets the body know that you are in a safe place and it is going to be ok, and as a result you begin to feel a sense of calm.

From this place of calmness and breath you can bring a situation, decision or person to your mind and hold it lightly. Start asking questions to yourself and pay attention to your responses. For example how does a certain situation that has been troubling you, seem from this place of relaxation? What comes up in your body when you think of the situation? What feels expansive about the situation? Which areas feel closed about this situation? How do you resonate with the closed areas, would you like to expand them? If expansion resonates, then what is the next step to creating an opening?

It is from this child-like sense of curious questioning and openness to an answer that you begin the process of building your intuition. With every question, you begin to hear a very quiet, subtle, gentle voice, whisper the answer to you. The more you are able to clear the noise of the mind the clearer you hear this wise whisper. It is the voice of our eternal knowing, our guidance system, our essential Divine. Once we tune in we realise that this is where our true power lies, because this is the resonance of our soul.