Where Do You Bow Your head?


It’s interesting that until you are asked this question directly, you never think of all the useless things that you bow your head to, and all the things deserving your bow that you’re too absent to engage with. So what’s the significance of bowing your head? When you bow, you take your head to the level of your heart, or even lower than your heart. It’s a subconscious act of submission where you surrender your head to heart. This is the internal mechanics of it, and when done mindfully the ego submits.

However you don’t always do this mindfully if at all. So your head bows, but it could be in shame, it could be in disempowerment, it could be in fear, it could be because you don’t recognise the divinity that animates you, also animates the thing before you. To give you a useful pointer here, bowing before anything other than a recognition of divinity before you is giving your power away.

Here is what we mean by bowing to Divinity.

Bow your head to your heart in face of elders that are radiating wisdom in their flesh, and pouring wisdom from their being.

Bow your head in gratitude and appreciation.

Bow your head when you’ve been given to, even in the smallest of ways.

Bow your head as a salute to the Divine life force in another.

Bow your head in recognition of truth.

Bow your head when your inner guru is touched and activated by an outer guru.

Bow your head  when faced with the sacredness of what it means to be alive in this moment.

Bow your head in recognition that only your heart has the answer.

Bow your head when love is not just a thought, but a full blown embodiment.

Bow your head to show your respect for everything that has brought you to this time and this space.

Bow your head in remeberance of the timeless, ageless and boundless aspects of you.

Recognise and be aware of when your head goes to your heart, when you bring consciousness to this act you’ll fully be gifted and blessed by the moment. As you give you also receive.

Thank you for your attention, in service to Divine Love, we are the Council Of Light.

Your seven gifts


Let’s take a moment to explore what it means to activate seven of your inner seeds, or inner gifts. Begin by breathing deeply and fully. Fill your lungs as you breathe in slowly, empty them completely as you breathe out slowly. Focusing on your breath helps to focus you into this present moment.

Seed One

Your first seed is at the base of your spine this allows you to connect to the earth beneath you and to find your physical resources all around. By switching this on, you switch on your magnetism and your presence.

Seed Two

Below your navel but above your pelvic. This allows you to create, to make, to merge with others and life itself in collaborations, that produce spaces, places and things. By switching this on you activate your inner creator.

Seed Three

Above your navel but below your rib cage. This give you access to your unique template. There is something in you, that was gifted to only you, no one else has it, and if you don’t access it, then it will be lost. This seed is your access point.

Seed Four

At the centre of your chest. This seed controls your inflow and outflow, your giving and receiving, your yes and no, your opening and closing to life itself. It also controls your ability to meet life filled with love or filled with fear.

Seed Five

At your throat, this is the seed of the ambassador. This is where you’re able to speak your truth, communicate your essence, use the vibrations of your words to restructure your environment and create massive effects in your world.

Seed Six

Between your eyebrows, this is your seed of vision, imagination, dreams and intuition. It’s where your form pictures that will find themselves into reality, it’s the realm of visual templates and architectural plans, that are the building blocks of your world.

Seed Seven

At the top of your head, this seed connects you to a sense of universality. It takes you out of the time space continuum, and allows you access to THE ALL. It’s from here that you know for sure there is nothing in this world that you cannot do, or cannot have, absolutely nothing is impossible.

Just by developing these seven seeds, watering them, giving them your attention and love, you’ll realise your full self. Here we are just providing pointers to begin your exploration into the discovery of who you are. Enjoy.

Thank you for your attention, in service to Divine Love, we are the Council Of Light.

Being Prosperous


In order for you to feel confident,  to project who you are into the world, and to take up your full soulful space, you have to feel prosperous. Humans have been duped on the prosperity front, most people think that to be prosperous you have to have a lot of money. Yet many people with bulging bank accounts don’t feel prosperous. This is not meaning that you need to swing the other way, and feel that money is useless and unnecessary. Money does serve a purpose in the world at this time, until there is evolution and some other form of exchange takes over. But money is not the sole reason why you feel prosperous.

So what is prosperity? You’re prosperous when you fully understand how gifted you are. You’re not a chance occurrence, there are very precise reasons why you’re here in this time and space. While we aren’t sending you into a tail spin by engaging your ego in a pointless external journey of, ‘what’s my purpose????’,  because you’ll never find your purpose outside of yourself. We ARE urging you to appreciate that you came here to fully live, to fully love and to fully engage with life in this form. All your answers to the questions of purpose are in the things that make you feel alive, that make you excited, that make you raise your voice uncaring of the attention you get, that switches your heart on. These are all cues to purpose, and purpose is always linked to prosperity.

When you’re on purpose, you find that you’re able to project who you are, what you want and what you need to manifest, clearly and directly into the world. Now this is the point where money comes in. If you need resources to make your purpose happen, you’ll switch on your magnetic draw as you amplify this desire into the world. Opportunities follow passion that is harnessed, directed and focused. Your passion could be lolly pops, and still if you’re able to harness and focus your energy you will draw resources to you. This is where true prosperity lies, when hearts passions meet resources. It doesn’t lie in credit card debts to finance instant gratification.

Prosperity follows focus and intensity. This is not just being able to say things that sound good, that feel nice because if it happened it would be really nice. It’s not just about things that look amazing to the minds eye, these are all great, but they soon turn to fodder for the ego if rubber doesn’t hit the road. The focus and intensity is about landing your purpose into matter, it’s about exploring the actual pathways and byways to see how to root your ideas in, it’s about making mistakes and knowing for sure that the lovely vision you had doesn’t work in reality. It’s about getting dirty, being told NO, and NO and NO and still forging through to the YES and YES and ABSOLUTELY YES. This is where you feel the prosperity.

So be prosperous by bringing your heart and your soul to the world. It is so very needed at this time.

Thank you for your attention, in service to Divine Love, we are the Council Of Light.

The Nature Of Thoughts & feelings


Thoughts are electric and feelings are magnetic. Thoughts are masculine (yang) in nature, and feelings are feminine (yin). Thoughts send a broadcast out, and feelings allow a response to that broadcast to be drawn in. As anyone who has a pet knows, animals can be just as moody as humans, there are days when they feel switched on, and days when they don’t. But the sophistication in which a human can manage their thoughts and feelings, is what sets them apart as a species.

So let’s explore thoughts a bit deeper. Your thoughts use words to express vibrations or frequencies. They allow your opinion on something to be shared. Words have a certain musicality to them, they’re like codes and keys that can open you up, or close you down. They have higher vibrations and lower vibrations. While your vocabulary doesn’t need to be massively elegant, it helps if it is varied enough for you to express the nuances of your thoughts. For example there are some of you who when asked ‘how are you?’, always answer ‘Okey’.

The word Okey normally conveys a certain mediocrity, it isn’t high vibration, or low vibration, it is just neutral, likewise the words ‘fine’ or ‘alright’. If you’re having an exceptional time, these words can cancel out or lower the vibrational response within you. On the other hand words like ‘stunning’, ‘brilliant’, ‘magnificent’, ‘excellent’, ‘fantastic’, ‘amazing’, ‘out of this world’, all express a peak experience. It’s also possible to use low vibrational words inappropriately that then  have the capacity to lower the frequecy in your being. Words like ‘dying of bordom’, ‘soul destroying’, ‘mind numbing’, ‘hateful’, etc... all can be used to define mediocre events, but take you to the depth of a lower vibrational experience.

Now lets explore feelings. The way you feel will bring your words to life, they animate you, give tone, width, depth and sensation, to what you’re saying or thinking. It’s possible however to describe something in finite detail and have no experience of it. Your mind has the capacity to explain what it thinks something would be like, without you physically interacting with it in any way.

Because on a subconscious level, feelings register as the domain of the feminine, anyone who is highly developed on a masculine level  will naturally try to suppress or stay well away from feelings. When you cut out emotions it leaves a sort of blankness. Feelings are often deliberately removed and this eradicates the possibility of connection and heart expression. Things are made to be cut and dried, black and white, no flavours, no spices and definitely no colour. 

Do you see how sophiscated you are? 

When it comes to manifestation, attraction and magnetism, the exact frequecy that you emit is what will be reflected back to you. So if you’re all thought and no feeling, your world becomes cold and emotionless. If you’re all feeling and no thought, your world becomes flowy and non-physical, because there’s no structure to any of your experiences.

The sweet spot is when you can let your thoughts and feelings dance together. When you can deliberately use your feelings to elicit a thought, and use your thoughts to elicit a feeling. You can override heaviness, by choosing to think and feel lightness, you can let go of illness, by choosing to think and feel health, you can change contractions into expansions, sorrow into joy, hate into love, small into massive, closed into open, just by what you choose to think and how you choose to feel. The world and the entire universe will reflect each of your choices with absolute accuracy. 

So be deliberate, be involved, be hands on with your choices and your feelings. These are the building blocks that breathe your world into being.

Thank you for your attention. In service to Divine Love, we are the Council Of Light.

Leadership Strength & Vulnerability


We often think that leadership is defined by strength and power. The ability to stand up and out, to be seen, heard and respected by the people around us. But these are just facets of leadership, they don't represent the full picture.

There are moments of strength and power, but there are also moments of doubt, challenge, frustration and cluelessness. Yes there is standing up and out, but this could be standing up to a potential disaster, or standing out for criticism and possible failure. For a leader to have a sustainable relationship with others where they are being seen heard and respected, they must be in a position where they are seeing, hearing and respecting others.

There is an aspect of leadership that is determined by your ability to follow your intuitive guidance and to see the area of your path that is illuminated for your next step. You have to be able to be vulnerable and yielding, so that you can be introduced to the power and strength that is outside of your boundaries and your comfort zone. You have to let people around you be the experts without feeling threatened.

Leadership is the ability to identify when you need help and advice, because it is only by being open and transparent that you are fully able to evolve.

I'm dedicating the month of August to leadership and I will be offering two powerful 4 week sessions.

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Tapping for Leadership be taking place live and will also be streamed online this is a series of 4 tapping sessions that will release blocks around presence, being unique and standing out, feeling grounded, and clarifying your connections with the people you aim to serve or collaborate with. Prepare for some massive shifts with this one.