Law of manifestation

Being Prosperous


In order for you to feel confident,  to project who you are into the world, and to take up your full soulful space, you have to feel prosperous. Humans have been duped on the prosperity front, most people think that to be prosperous you have to have a lot of money. Yet many people with bulging bank accounts don’t feel prosperous. This is not meaning that you need to swing the other way, and feel that money is useless and unnecessary. Money does serve a purpose in the world at this time, until there is evolution and some other form of exchange takes over. But money is not the sole reason why you feel prosperous.

So what is prosperity? You’re prosperous when you fully understand how gifted you are. You’re not a chance occurrence, there are very precise reasons why you’re here in this time and space. While we aren’t sending you into a tail spin by engaging your ego in a pointless external journey of, ‘what’s my purpose????’,  because you’ll never find your purpose outside of yourself. We ARE urging you to appreciate that you came here to fully live, to fully love and to fully engage with life in this form. All your answers to the questions of purpose are in the things that make you feel alive, that make you excited, that make you raise your voice uncaring of the attention you get, that switches your heart on. These are all cues to purpose, and purpose is always linked to prosperity.

When you’re on purpose, you find that you’re able to project who you are, what you want and what you need to manifest, clearly and directly into the world. Now this is the point where money comes in. If you need resources to make your purpose happen, you’ll switch on your magnetic draw as you amplify this desire into the world. Opportunities follow passion that is harnessed, directed and focused. Your passion could be lolly pops, and still if you’re able to harness and focus your energy you will draw resources to you. This is where true prosperity lies, when hearts passions meet resources. It doesn’t lie in credit card debts to finance instant gratification.

Prosperity follows focus and intensity. This is not just being able to say things that sound good, that feel nice because if it happened it would be really nice. It’s not just about things that look amazing to the minds eye, these are all great, but they soon turn to fodder for the ego if rubber doesn’t hit the road. The focus and intensity is about landing your purpose into matter, it’s about exploring the actual pathways and byways to see how to root your ideas in, it’s about making mistakes and knowing for sure that the lovely vision you had doesn’t work in reality. It’s about getting dirty, being told NO, and NO and NO and still forging through to the YES and YES and ABSOLUTELY YES. This is where you feel the prosperity.

So be prosperous by bringing your heart and your soul to the world. It is so very needed at this time.

Thank you for your attention, in service to Divine Love, we are the Council Of Light.

The fear of flow


There are certain states that make your ego highly uncomfortable. Being in flow state is one of them. This can feel like death, and in essence it is, you have to be prepared to die hundreds of times a day in order to accommodate real flow. 

So what is flow state? It’s the willingness to be in the unknown, to understand that the structures you’ve put into place to feel safe are in essence false. They don’t really exist in real time, the illusion makes you feel comfortable but it also limits you. For example you look to the ten people in your closest circle, to give you a reflection of what your reality is. They offer you definitions of who you are, what you mean in the world, what your capacity is and what you simply are unable to do (according to them). They make you feel good, because you ‘know’ them and they ‘know’ you. In all of this warm comfort you easily forget that you live on a planet of seven billion people, and you’ve limited your horizon to ten.

You are a holograph of Divinity, meaning that the potential of seven billion faces and expressions lie within you. At any moment you can pull one of these possibilities into real time, and that can be your experience. But instead you choose to have the same experience, you had yesterday, and last week, and the week before, because you ‘know’ what you’re going to get. Why try something new, when you’ve found your groove and are comfortable in it?

People that don’t look like you or sound like you, offer the greatest opportunities to discover aspects of yourself that you didn’t even conceive of. It’s one of the reasons why many of you go on holiday and literally become a whole different person. You explore, you have random conversations with random people, you get curious about the culture and the way that people do things, you learn a different way of dancing and a differernt rhythm to the one you’re used to. And after all that you go back home and get back into your known groove.

To be in flow means being willing to know that you don’t know. It is the willingness to understand that everything points to another path on the road, there are never any fixed conclusions. 

To be in flow means really understanding that you’re multidimensional in nature, a perfect replica of the ALL. When it is said that humans only use 5% of the capacity of their minds power, it’s because you’re not willing to explore past what ‘you know’. 

To be in flow means going to the edge and beyond of what feels comfortable, acceptable and reasonable. It often means going against the grain of the collective thinking that prefers you all did the same things and looked the same way, this is want ‘civilised society’ is built on.

To be in flow means you know for sure you have access to everything you could possibly desire. The vision of it could only be made available to you because it’s already in your auric and energetic field of experience, all you need to do is to maintain your focus on it so it can take form.

To be in the flow means understanding that the Divinity that expresses through you is ever changing and ever evolving, as a result you must be prepared to let go, and let go, and let go.

The reason you fear flow is because flow is death to the ego, LITERALLY, but your ego doesn’t realise that nothing ever dies, after death there is always a rebirth. So give your ego a metaphorical hug, tell it you love it, and then enter the unknown.

Thank you for your attention. In service to Divine Love, we are the Coucil Of Light.

Let Go


A big mark of spiritual maturity is the speed and the precision in which you can LET GO! If you can see the source of a contraction within you and let go, in that moment a shift occurs, light enters, and you’ve taken a step towards healing. So here are some things to let go of.

Let go of the need to blame anyone for anything. No one can be in your energy field if there wasn’t a frequency match there for them to engage with. So if you find that someone is triggering you with their actions and behaviours, look to the trigger within, the anger, or pain, or abandonment you feel, what is it pointing you toward? What is it asking for you to heal, or shift? Where are you violating yourself on the inside, that is replicating itself on the outside? In the moment you point a finger outward without first observing your trigger, you give your power away, and shoot the messenger without getting the message.

Let go of all the petty insults, the ones where she said that thing, in that way, that deeply offended you. Or he looked at you funny, and now you’re holding on to a loop of that look in your head. Or they didn’t do the thing they were supposed to do, and now they’re on your black list. Or she wasn’t there for you that one time, after all the times you were there for her, and now she can take a flying jump into oblivion. Can you feel that vibration at the pit of your stomach as you identify. That is lifeforce seeping out of your being. Let it go, let it go, let it go!!!

Let go of all the things you should of done, or all the ways you should have done it. The times when you should have been perfect. The things you should have said. The changes you should have made. The opportunities you should have taken. The ways that your life should be different now. The mistakes you made when you really should have known better. Let it go, let it go, let it go. The past is gone, this moment is the only moment in which you can create a new future, you don’t want to make a carbon copy of the vibration of failure in your now moment. Choose something different.

Now here comes the big one. Let go of the hate, or victimisation, or trauma that was cause by another. Let go of the person who you feel cut you so deep, or was so incredibly uncaring, hurtful, destructive or abusive, and now because of them you can never be who you were supposed to be. In every moment you hold on, you carry them with you. Imagine them sitting in a toy car with a rope attached from them to you, and you’re literally dragging them every single place you go. Manoeuvring up stairs is a nightmare because of them, and you can’t even think about going up hill!!! That’s your opportunity for growth out the window, your ability to shine, your freedom and your evolution. Are they really worth all that? Let go, let go, let go and let go some more. Take your life back, heal, centre, use this experience to make you stronger, faster, better and to shine brighter, this is what your soul wants.

Every time you find a trigger that makes you angry, let go.

Every time something makes you sad and hopeless, let go.

Every time you feel like you’ve been hard done by, let go.

Every person that has done you wrong, from the play ground, to the class room, to the work place, to the family gathering and the friend meet ups, let it go. 

Bring your life force back to you, and you’ll see that all of these messengers where just asking you to love yourself more, to honour yourself more, to recognise what was in resonance more, to choose what was good for you more, to reach for joy more. Thank them and let go.

Thank you for your attention. In service to Divine Love, we are the Council Of Light.

The Nature Of Thoughts & feelings


Thoughts are electric and feelings are magnetic. Thoughts are masculine (yang) in nature, and feelings are feminine (yin). Thoughts send a broadcast out, and feelings allow a response to that broadcast to be drawn in. As anyone who has a pet knows, animals can be just as moody as humans, there are days when they feel switched on, and days when they don’t. But the sophistication in which a human can manage their thoughts and feelings, is what sets them apart as a species.

So let’s explore thoughts a bit deeper. Your thoughts use words to express vibrations or frequencies. They allow your opinion on something to be shared. Words have a certain musicality to them, they’re like codes and keys that can open you up, or close you down. They have higher vibrations and lower vibrations. While your vocabulary doesn’t need to be massively elegant, it helps if it is varied enough for you to express the nuances of your thoughts. For example there are some of you who when asked ‘how are you?’, always answer ‘Okey’.

The word Okey normally conveys a certain mediocrity, it isn’t high vibration, or low vibration, it is just neutral, likewise the words ‘fine’ or ‘alright’. If you’re having an exceptional time, these words can cancel out or lower the vibrational response within you. On the other hand words like ‘stunning’, ‘brilliant’, ‘magnificent’, ‘excellent’, ‘fantastic’, ‘amazing’, ‘out of this world’, all express a peak experience. It’s also possible to use low vibrational words inappropriately that then  have the capacity to lower the frequecy in your being. Words like ‘dying of bordom’, ‘soul destroying’, ‘mind numbing’, ‘hateful’, etc... all can be used to define mediocre events, but take you to the depth of a lower vibrational experience.

Now lets explore feelings. The way you feel will bring your words to life, they animate you, give tone, width, depth and sensation, to what you’re saying or thinking. It’s possible however to describe something in finite detail and have no experience of it. Your mind has the capacity to explain what it thinks something would be like, without you physically interacting with it in any way.

Because on a subconscious level, feelings register as the domain of the feminine, anyone who is highly developed on a masculine level  will naturally try to suppress or stay well away from feelings. When you cut out emotions it leaves a sort of blankness. Feelings are often deliberately removed and this eradicates the possibility of connection and heart expression. Things are made to be cut and dried, black and white, no flavours, no spices and definitely no colour. 

Do you see how sophiscated you are? 

When it comes to manifestation, attraction and magnetism, the exact frequecy that you emit is what will be reflected back to you. So if you’re all thought and no feeling, your world becomes cold and emotionless. If you’re all feeling and no thought, your world becomes flowy and non-physical, because there’s no structure to any of your experiences.

The sweet spot is when you can let your thoughts and feelings dance together. When you can deliberately use your feelings to elicit a thought, and use your thoughts to elicit a feeling. You can override heaviness, by choosing to think and feel lightness, you can let go of illness, by choosing to think and feel health, you can change contractions into expansions, sorrow into joy, hate into love, small into massive, closed into open, just by what you choose to think and how you choose to feel. The world and the entire universe will reflect each of your choices with absolute accuracy. 

So be deliberate, be involved, be hands on with your choices and your feelings. These are the building blocks that breathe your world into being.

Thank you for your attention. In service to Divine Love, we are the Council Of Light.

Inspired Note ... All Fired Up


Have you ever wondered what the formula to creation and manifestation is? I certainly have.

What makes some dreams come true and others fall by the wayside? Why do some plans unfold and form without a hitch while others are just problematic from the start?

The formula I have discovered is that when thought, meets focused clarity and is combined with a strong emotion. Nothing will stand in your way. 

When you know what you want and are strong in your conviction, plus you are not hung up by the exact way things must happen, meaning your in a state of mind to welcome in opportunities and possibilities, the universe will become your ally and your partner in co creation.

This is the kind of fire that sets the world alight.

Wealth Consciousness + Akanke Rasheed



The word wealth is usually ascribed to money and financial success.

But the dictionary description of wealth is:

  • An abundance of possessions or money.

  • Plentiful supplies of a particular resource.

  • Plentiful supply of a particularly desirable thing.

  • Well Being

So wealth can be associated with anything we deem valuable in our lives. 

One of my major passions is in helping heart-based business owners to thrive successfully with their work, because in doing so they make positive transformations in the lives of the people they touch, and by extension the world at large.

Once I started working with raising and elevating people’s energetic frequencies, establishing wealth consciousness became a natural product of this. What does it mean to have a wealth of health, a wealth of community connections, a wealth of creativity, a wealth of love, a wealth of vision, a wealth of money? The list goes on but you get the idea.

So as with all things I started to have a dialogue with people around how we bring the perspective of wealth into our everyday mindsets, beings, and living. 

To kick off these conversations I am speaking to Akanke Rasheed. I first saw Akanke as I was coming out of a supermarket in Grenada an island in the Caribbean. She is Muslim and her personal style is colorful, vibrant, stylish and a joyful expression. I instantly wanted to know her. A couple of days later I held a woman’s circle and she came along, I was immediately struck by the quality of her energy, her elegance, and poise.  She is now someone I consider a friend, she is a spiritual teacher, a vocal coach, and a deeply creative being. 

In this exchange, we take a deep dive into wealth consciousness for heart-centered businesses through her eyes and lens.