Energy Alchemist

The Dance Between The All And The One


Divinity is every single thing that you see and interact with, it’s also YOU. You inherently know that there’s something that links everything together, giving you your own individual energetic field that flows and merge with the universal field. This unifying force has many names, Life Force, God, Creator, Divine, and on and on. What you choose to call it is not as important as the way you relate to it. 

Many of you try to deny your individuality, and instead attempt to merge completely with the all. But earth is not the plane for this. There are other planes of existences, where you’re simply part of a unified collective with no personal agenda, personality or sense of self. It’s possible that you have a subconscious memory of this, and are attempting to replicate it here and now. But you incarnated into this life and time for a reason, you’re here to allow an individual expression of the ALL to take place through YOU. This is the gift of being in this time and space, so don’t throw it away.

On the other side of the pendulum there are many of you who deny the ALL, and just assume that this life is only about the SELF. You seemingly have power in the material world, but this power only lasts as long as the material you’ve attached your identity to lasts. If you’re the head of a company, then your sense of self is satisfied until the day that the company is taken away, at which point you crumble. If you’re attached to money, then you feel self importance until the day that your money becomes useless to you. If your sense of identity is attached to the way you look, then you’re in a good place until you can no longer maintain the perfect physical aesthetic, and then your world turns to dust. 

There is a constant dance between the all and the one. Between Divinity and yourself. If you deny either you lose, you have to embrace both. You have to express who you are, while also understanding that there’s a life force from which your expression stems. You have to follow your path, while understanding that the very life force that animates you, is your guidance system on where to go, what to say and what to do. You have to allow life to interact with you, while understanding that in this bodily form, separation is meant to provide you with a certain experience, so while you see the all in everything, you also need to honour your SELF in the all.

Your being here and now, in this dimension called earth, in this time and space is not by chance, you are not a chance occurrence. Every fibre of your being made a choice to be here. Appreciate that, own that and love that. YOU are not here forever so share who you are without reservation right NOW.

Thank you for your attention, in service to Divine Love, we are the Council Of Light.

The Importance Of Ceremony With Ke'oni Hanalei


As soon as you start talking to Ke’oni in any depth you are greeted with wisdom that spans both backwards, into a rich lineage of ancestry, and forwards, into a time and space when we as humans are evolved and living as the highest expression of who we are. This time bridger quality is something I recognise in myself, and in a large number of people that I work with who are here with a message, a soul purpose and an expression that is rooted in the expansion of humanity.

Ke’oni is the founder of Pohala which is a Hawaiian company dedicated to all things Fern Medicine, from oils, to potions, to mists, to teas. He is passionate and fully invested in essences that Ferns have to share with us for emotional healing, alignment and transcendence.

In this truly expansive conversation we speak about ceremony, both as it was taught to Ke’oni by his grandmother, who was a Medicine woman and healer, and also how it translates into our modern day to day living as a quality of presence, that is right here and right now, not preoccupied with the occurrences of the past or the projections of the future.

You are not going to want to miss this, grab a drink and come sit with us.

Some of the things we explore:

2:10 - An intro to Fern Medicine

2:52 - Being chosen as a male avatar to support the energetic shift now occurring on the planet

3:21 - Fern Medicine as a medicine of emotions

4:42 - Ceremony and recognising each moment without the need to control it

6:00 - The emotion of shame especially for men

7:52 - Understanding your own basic needs and looking after them

10:30 - Being respectful and mindful enough to seek permission from the earth before you consume

12:00 - Collaborating with sentient beings

15:29 - The uncontaminated meaning of warrior

17:20 - Never be a victim of your situation

23:18 - Self love and evolution

25:54 - Not all data is knowledge

31:00 - Committing to the full expression of who you are

34:15 - Trusting your intuition to guide you

37:00 - Nothing in your life is in error

40:00 - Divine detachment and complete surrender