Business Alchemy

Leadership Strength & Vulnerability


We often think that leadership is defined by strength and power. The ability to stand up and out, to be seen, heard and respected by the people around us. But these are just facets of leadership, they don't represent the full picture.

There are moments of strength and power, but there are also moments of doubt, challenge, frustration and cluelessness. Yes there is standing up and out, but this could be standing up to a potential disaster, or standing out for criticism and possible failure. For a leader to have a sustainable relationship with others where they are being seen heard and respected, they must be in a position where they are seeing, hearing and respecting others.

There is an aspect of leadership that is determined by your ability to follow your intuitive guidance and to see the area of your path that is illuminated for your next step. You have to be able to be vulnerable and yielding, so that you can be introduced to the power and strength that is outside of your boundaries and your comfort zone. You have to let people around you be the experts without feeling threatened.

Leadership is the ability to identify when you need help and advice, because it is only by being open and transparent that you are fully able to evolve.

I'm dedicating the month of August to leadership and I will be offering two powerful 4 week sessions.

Business Alchemy meditations will be taking place at my home in Hove, I love intimate front room sessions where we can all grow and expand together.

Tapping for Leadership be taking place live and will also be streamed online this is a series of 4 tapping sessions that will release blocks around presence, being unique and standing out, feeling grounded, and clarifying your connections with the people you aim to serve or collaborate with. Prepare for some massive shifts with this one.