What did your elders tell you about who THEY are, and as a result who YOU are? You’ve been handed stories. Some of them are of people in your blood line that you admired, loved and looked up to. But in your adoration you take on characteristics from them that may not serve, the survivor, the hustler, the fighter, the warrior, these were all crafted and necessary for certain times and for certain circumstances, but if they’re in your veins running your experiences, you’ll create reasons to survive, reasons to hustle, reasons to fight, reasons to be at war. So the time comes to sift through the legacy handed to you and let go of what doesn’t serve.

Did you have an elder who was academic, who won awards and beat everyone else to get to the top? As the patriarchy is changing and fading, you have to ask yourself if that way is your way. Instead of dog eat dog, people are finding ways to all eat around the same bowl. Instead of competition people are finding ways to work together so that the strength of all can be expressed, harnessed and used to create something special and unique. In the parts where only one person can win the tender or get the job, you have to be able to express your best, while expressing your love. There needs to be respect for the race, respect for the talents that are helping you get stronger, and respect for the Divine that brought you to this point of discovering more of who you are. Sift through the legacy that was handed to you and let go of what doesn’t serve.

Maybe you were told that your mother or father made a horrible mistake, and now the curse of their choice is on your shoulder, on your back, on your head, on your soul. Just by accepting that as yours, you carry the flag onward. How do you let it go? By coming back to Divine Love in every way you can, in your perspective, in your words, in your actions, in the ways you listen to guidance, in your heart, in your being, in your walk, in your stance, come back to Divine Love over and over and over and over, until it is default. If you do this you will naturally sift through the legacy that was handed to you and let go of what doesn’t serve.

We are here to assist at all times.

Thank you for your attention. In service to Divine Love, we are the Council Of Light.



There comes a time when you’ve taken in as much as you can of disempowering, misaligning and unhelpful energy patterns. The heaviness and stuck-ness you feel means that a detox has become a necessity, you’re required to release, to let go and to come into resonance with something that feels new, and unfamiliar but is all YOURS. To detox in a conscious way, you have to be able to see what you are letting go of.
So for example many have been taught that if you want to lose weight you go on a diet, you exercise and hey presto. But if it were that easy it would also be that effective, and this is not the case. If you’re body is storing a lot of unutiliesed energy, then this needs to be explored a bit. What are you being guided and led to that you aren’t doing? What holds you back? Why do you pacify yourself rather than deeply listening to what you actually need? What are you afraid will happen if you didn’t store so much extra? Your body is 70% water, how much water do you drink to replenish yourself? Your brain and heart are each 73% water, do you give them pure water so they can recalibrate when they need to? All of this will lead you away from mindless consumption and toward mindful nourishment.

There are emotional patterns that are of the little wounded child in you. Bad relationships with teachers, have become bad relationships with employers. Over controlling parents, have lead to over controlling partners. The contracted and disempowering outlooks of your family, have become your outlooks. The way your family relates to community, has become the way you relate to any large group of people. Some or all of this may be in your story, but you see where this is heading, ceaseless patterns and loops, that don’t get questioned and form every aspect of your experience. 

Detox doesn’t come as a pill in a bottle, it comes as an exploration of your inner landscape, so that you come into alignment with your resonance, with your flow and with what is in harmony for you. This may over throw a lot of what you’ve felt comfortable with or has been deeply familiar to you. But this is necessary in order to craft and cultivate the aspects of you that FEELS GOOD on a soul level. 

Some work to be done here.

Thank you for your attention, in service to Divine Love, we are the Council Of Light.



In hermetics there’s a statement that any truth that can be uttered can only ever be a half truth. This is because there are a multitude of other truths on the same polar line, and if you’re on one point on a particular line, then you’ll have access to all the points.  The average human doesn’t have the capacity to tune out distractions and just maintain one position regardless of what comes. 

Take the line of love and fear for example, where love is 10 and fear is 1. You may swear blind up and down that you’re an 8 on the line when it comes to a special someone in your life, you are in love, love, love, love. But is this true all the time? Are you able to maintain this point of view when the person you love is triggering you, getting on your nerves, poking a wound or changing so drastically that you no longer recognise them? Do you still love then? Are you still an 8 on the line then? Most times people swing along any given line and then it becomes a case of deep noticing. Have you dropped down to a 5 when the goal is 9, what do you have to do to get back to 9? Have you spent the last three days in 3 when your goal is 9? Are you able to notice that 5 has now become your new default, when it was previously 8? As you can see, to maintain a truth you have to be aware of what your energy is doing.

There is nothing that is fully true but truth itself. As soon as you try to fix it to something it becomes contrived, forced, acted out, and not expressing what’s really there. When you’re in a place of open honesty, where you can see and acknowledge what is there, then you can notice, ‘I’m feeling deep fear right now! How do I get back to love?’ ‘I feel a rage in my belly and my centre is compromised. What needs to shift to come back to harmony?’ ‘I feel violated by the person ‘I love’,  and what I’m feeling in this moment is NOT love. How do I come back to love?’ ‘Normally I am confident, but today somehow I don’t feel empowered or rooted. What needs to shift?’ This is where truth serves you best, in the moment, in the noticing, in the open acknowledgement, in the in the constant quest for love.

Love is given here as truth, because it is the factor that allows anything to express itself without layers, boundaries and barriers. Love opens, expands, gives life to, animates, transforms, flows, illuminates and heals. You all sense these states to be the truth you desire in order to sustain who you are, your soul guides you to these vibrations as a default, because this is where your connection to the infinite and the limitless lies. 

So if your truth doesn’t reflect your love, make a commitment in this moment to work toward shifting the dial to a full resonance with love.

Thank you for your attention. In service to Divine Love, we are The Council Of Light.



Now more than ever collaboration is of massive importance. As the technological landscape gets more sophisticated, and the global landscape becomes smaller and smaller, each individual has the capacity to express who they are in a way that has never been seen before in your world. But the realisation soon hits that it’s impossible to do it all on your own. You need to find like minded people, combine know how, resources and offer powerful reflections to each other. Everyone benefits and everyone wins if you are all pulling in the same direction for a common cause.

Lynne McTaggert has done research on the power of 8 people or more, all moving in the same direction for the same cause, all focused on change and evolution, all meditating as little as once a week, but having a constant connection with each other through a social platform. Their capacity to heal complexed diseases, release trauma, get their lives on track, and create massive change in their communities including lowering crime rates, opening up peace discusssions and creating a catalyst for peace agreeements, were unpresidented. 

You live in a world where although governments are needed to create a collective culture for the country, they can be hugely distracting as they use the media to stream information in order to manipulate the public, create separation, and highlight localised riffs in order to create national riffs. All of this in the name of control, divide and conquer, power plays and power battles that have nothing to do with humans, connection and the creation of a positive path. 

While it’s important to pay attention to the global landscape, as a healer or light bringer it is of even greater importance to use the passion that you feel for any cause that you are called to support and bring that healing light to this arena. You assume that you won’t be able to do it in small numbers, in small community hubs, but nothing is further from the truth. All it takes is meditating together once a week and visualising the same common outcome, then keeping that common outcome highlighted in your communication with your group for the rest of the week. In the midst of this you may be guided to take action, or you may just be guided to create a powerful contribution in the energetic matrix of healing, illumination and evolution. If this is resonating with you start today, don’t put it off. The world needs you!

Thank you for your attention. In service to Divine Love, we are The Council Of Light.

The Nature Of Light


We the Council Of Light, are glad to have the opportunity to share with you on the nature of light itself. You see light from a perceptual point of view, you turn it on at night so you can see better, it distinguishes night from day, it helps you to navigate a path underneath a black sky. You assume that it’s an object, much like a chair or table.

But light is a Divine Intelligence. It is literally alive and contains the very core of wisdom within it. Light doesn’t just allow you to see, but it also has the potential to guide you in what you see. It doesn’t just illuminate an area, but it highlights what needs your attention in that area. It doesn’t just shine on a dark path, but has the potential to guide your footing. You take all the guidance elements of light for granted, because the intelligence within it is designed to be seamless, however we’ll like to help you understand that light is literally the finger of Divinity’ pointing your consciousness in a direction.

When it comes to using light for healing, light itself can bring consciousness where there was none, it can bring awareness to areas that were ignored, and mindfulness to areas that need to be nurtured. It is natural for humans to speak about light in meditation, or high frequency conversations because on a subconscious level they understand that when it’s present, it has the potential to transform everything.

As soon as you bring light into your minds eye, its essence is there. You can use this essence to illuminate anything, seen or unseen. 

You don’t know what your next step is to be? Bring light to the centre of your mind and visualise the whole situation drenched in light, illumination and guidance will follow. You want to connect with an aspect of your body, maybe your lungs or your heart for example? Bring light to consciousness and illuminate this area, it will register within you as being touched by Divinity. Notice the areas that seem brighter, or seem to light up more in your outer world, what are they pointing you toward? Start becoming aware of the way that Divinity speaks through light.

Thank you for your attention. In service to Divine Love, we are The Council Of Light.

Overcoming resistance


People on the path of personal development, evolution and growth often speak about the resistance they get from the outside world on their path to transformation. Partners are disorientate, friends want you to go back to the good old days, family can be blatantly derogatory as they feel the real threat of losing you, they all just want you to be the YOU they can relate to. But as we say time and time again, as within so without, the outer resistances just points to inner areas that are still asking for acceptance, for opening and for integration.

Your being is created in a way that it seeks equilibrium, it seeks an energetic frequency that is the norm, it seeks familiarity, you can literally see your body as a faithful, loyal, guard dog awaiting your command. I wants to know what you desire so that it can take you to a successful conclusion that matches your desire. If you have no desires it will just use the repetition from your subconscious and create from there.

Your entire physical system works on tuning into repetitions, honing and fine tuning the feed back it receives, then replicating this feedback so that it becomes automatic. This you call a habit.

Your system can make a drastic change in an instant, this is what you call a miracle, but it needs you to be as close to 100% congruent, 100% in agreeement, 100% of you saying the same thing, reaching for the same thing and desiring the same thing all at once. In a world full of distractions and flashing lights, you need to be able to tune your focus down to a single point and hold it there. For many of you this is near on impossible, a simple flash of eye candy and your mind is off down a never ending rabbit hole.

So you need reptition, you need to do the same thing over and over and over and over and over, until it becomes automatic, until it becomes YOU. However in order to have staying power, you need to have a strong compelling reason to come back to the table time and time again. You need to be able to scrape off the thick warm treacle of your comfortable reality, so that you can take action. You have to anticipate your resistances, and keep going. You have to understand the layers of your desires, why are you doing this? What are you going to get out of it? How is your life going to change? If you continue doing this for a year what will your life look like? If you didn’t do this for a year what would your life look like? Get in the crevices of your choice.

Then find ways to keep your WHY, your REASON, your VISION front and centre. Have subtle ways of brainwashing your own self, little notes around your house, powerful images in picture frames, poetry in the toilet, mentors on tap, whatever it takes. In 40 days of doing something you form another habit, in 90 days you solidify the habit, after 10,000 hours it is in your DNA. Everything starts with the first step.

Thank you for your attention. In service to Divine Love, we are The Council Of Light.



The first place to start with anything, be it a decision, a challenge, the development of an idea, the need to know,  discover or create. The first place to start is always with your heart connection and breath. Your heart is an amplifier of frequencies, through your bloodline it sends emotional signatures vibrationally to every single cell of your body. You breath is your life force and your divinity animated. 

The simple fact is that most of the time you are not doing the breathing, instead you’re being breathed. The cosmic laugh here is that this is your connection to the Divine. You look high and low for this connection, yet it’s literally right under your nose in your breath.

With each breath, you breathe in particles of the universe.

With each breath, you breathe in your current moment.

With each breath you allow the ability to move, to shift, to change position. 

With each breath you breathe in Buddha, and Christ, and Michael Jackson, and Shakespeare, and stars, and Kings, and Queens of old, because nothing dies, it’s essence just gets transformed.

Everything that existed still exists in your breath.

Connect your breath to your heart. All you need to do this is to place your hand over your heart and then be conscious of your breathing.  This connection can vibrate the cosmos. This connection connects you to infinity. This connection gives you the knowing and the wisdom of The All contained in YOU. 

Breathe with consciousness ❤️

Unconditional Love


Unconditional love sounds amazing, love with absolutely no conditions attached, allowing you to be your full self with warts, farts and all. Fully embraced, fully held, fully loved. It sounds absolutely stunning right?

The thing is that unconditional love is an inside job. Until you can feel the love you have for your own self without conditions, you’ll only ever be able to receive a compromised version of this on the outside. 

It’s in the parts of your body that you hate. Can you now give them love and full acceptance so that they can be seen without shame?

It’s in the mistakes that you made in the past. Can you forgive yourself, knowing that you make mistakes in order to learn, to be better and stronger the next time round?

It’s in the ways you judge yourself as inadequate, not enough, incomplete. Can you be curious enough to discover who you really are, in the understanding that if you don’t express yourself the same as someone else,it doesn’t make you wrong and them right, it just means that there is something else there for you to learn?

It’s in the way you feel bad about not fitting in, about being unique. You are here to discover who you are in relation to the other, as a reflection of the other, as an extension of the other. If there are differences, instead of judging can you lean in and find out more? There is a part of you that can be brought to your awareness in this interaction.

A quest for unconditional love on the outside is a yearning do discover it on the inside. It takes discipline, commitment and the spirit of exploration.

Thank you for your attention. In service to Divine Love, we are the Council Of Light.

Breaking a habit


You are creatures of habit. It’s a bit like a company that needs to let all it’s people know about a new project that’s starting, some departments are going to be slower to get with the program than others, but once everyone is on board then it can run like a well oiled machine, everyone knows the part they need to play, and they just get on with doing it. Once in flow it isn’t always easy to disrupt, likewise if a different project is coming on board, you have to go back to the beginning, you have to get everyone’s buy in, and there needs to be clarity again around what everyone is doing. There are some that will still be deeply attached to the old project and will resent the new one, so you have to give them time and steep them in this new energy before you see a change.

You are very much like this. You have 70 trillion cells in your body, each of these cells are conscious, each of them are like the individuals of a corporation. You may have 60 trillion of your cells moving in the direction of a new habit, but the 10 trillion that are invested in the old will need you to be consistant in holding that energy in place so they can entrain. 

Let’s take a real life situation. You want to get up every morning and go for a power walk before you start your day. The first seven mornings you have the buy in of 55 of your 70 trillion cells, and that’s enough. You’re up and out as soon as your alarm goes off, the walk is brilliant and you feel great. The 15 trillion cells that haven’t bought into the idea yet are dormant at this stage, because more of you IS invested than isn’t. By day eight you are having to talk yourself into it a bit more but you’re still going. However by the time you get to day twenty, the opposition of the 15 trillion starts to become more noticeable. You have more negative chatter, there is more questioning, and the comfort of what once was a bit more extra time under the duvet becomes more appealing. At this point you have a choice, to listen to the 15 trillion so that more of you gets converted back to the old, or undertand that this is just part of the process of change, even though it feels hard this is where the juice is, if you can get the buy in of all of you the habit becomes rooted.

So you say thank you to the negative chatter, to all the reasons why this is bullshit, to the comfort you’re leaving behind, and you keep going. You can expect the negative chatter, it will come at some point, be ready for it, recognise it for what it is and keep going. By day 40 you’ll have truly rooted your new habit, and by day 90 it’ll feel more aligned to do the new than doing the old. By day 120 you have more mastery of the chatter and can absolutely sail past it. 

Once you’ve rooted the habit though, you still have to be aware that the old familiar will make an appearance every now and again. For example a friend comes to stay with you for a week and they remind you of your comfortable duvet mornings, the memory sparks nostagia and you decide to take a day off, then that reminds you of comfort and you decide that another day won’t hurt. Suddenly the slope starts to get slippery and before you know it you’re wondering what happened to the wonderful new habit you cultivate. There is a choice point here, and you will have to come back to the same choice in every situation, until the choice becomes you.

Good luck.

Thank you for your attention. In service to Divine Love, we are the Council Of Light.

Keep It Humble & Grassy


When you’re living in the grip of the shadow self, the whole world becomes a game of comparisons. You have more personality than him, but no where near as much personality as her. You make more money than her, but not as much money as them. You can impress these people with the way you dress, but you look like a cheap drink in front of those people. You’re gorgeous in one room and average in another. If you’re in the game of feeling better by looking down, then you’ll always have the pendulum swing the other way where you feel worse by looking up.

Keeping it humble is not about contracting yourself into nothing, or making yourself small. It’s not about giving your power away to everyone and everything, or letting yourself be taken advantage of. It’s more a case of seeing how divinely gifted you are, yet understanding that others are made of the same stuff, they also have their own gifts, even if those gifts seem so buried that they’re completely unaware of them.

Keeping it humble is the realisation of the fact that what really matters is your souls expression, and your ability to tap into a sense of aliveness. When you understand this you get dressed to express your soul, you speak to express your heart, you act to express your animation and drive, you give to express your abundance and you receive to express your grace. The connections from these places of aliveness, soul, heart, animation, abundance and grace matter more than any label, or boastful words, or misplaced pride ever could.

You were made of earth, keep it grassy. The divinity that animates you is universal, keep it humble.

Thank you for your attention, in service to Divine Love, we are the Council Of Light.

Your Super Ego


As above so below. In the same way you have a higher self, you also have a higher ego. This aspect is crafty, because it seems to have nobility, morality and the divine fabric as it’s core concern. But it’s just as caustic as the lower ego, that would irradicate a whole human being, based on the brand of their shoes.

No offence to anyone that goes to church, but you find super egos in churches a lot. It’s in the wagging finger of the women who judge anyone that could be having too good of a time, ‘Gods work is serious work, so stop smiling’. It’s in the whispers about the transgressions of the guy in the third row. It’s the continuous quoting of the scriptures to show you how wrong you are, and how vigilant you need to be against wayward forces. It’s in the lack of embrace for any lifestyle that isn’t a cream shade of vanilla. And it’s in the hounding of certain flamboyant characters, until they either exit life, or exit the church, it doesn’t matter which one, as long as they’re no longer in the vicinity.

Then you have the super egos of the spiritual evolutionary world. They’re the ones that are making judgements between 3D and 5D a lot. Watching TV is 3D, struggle of any kind is 3D, looking like you could need some advice is 3D, eating anything that isn’t certifiably plant based, 3D, 3D, 3D. When people say 3D like that, they’re in essence calling the person in front of them an unrefined Neanderthal, which allows them to feel the elevation of the supposed 5D state. Super ego in full activation mode.

You have the super egos that are actively concerned about narcissism. They speak about how much of a narcissist their mother was, or their ex, or the girlfriend of their ex, or their colleague at work. They’re the victims of these raging egoic beings, who have robbed them of their essence, stolen their childhood and taken away their expression. This is not to negate the fact that there are people in the world that need an ego check. But if you’re constantly finding narcissistic people all around you, the first place to tune into is YOURSELF AND YOUR OWN INNER WORLD. As within so without, remember?

Finally the super egos that mask as super sensitive. Breathing a certain way is wrong. Saying things like this instead of that is wrong. They’re on the constant look out for the people who are screwing up the spiritual landscape. Not saying it properly, not presenting themselves properly, not addressing them properly, not walking their talk properly. Not having the proper life experiences, or the proper appearance. To be around this kind of ego is exhausting, unless you’re the person in the above reference who is attracting the narcissists, then all is well until it isn’t.

Obviously none of the above is meant to cause offence. If you see yourself and want to argue, then consider this a jolt to look a little deeper at your own trigger. There is only love here. 

Your super ego can hide in full sight. This is not asking you to be an army commander trying to seek it out. Just be aware that if you find yourself feeling superior in your spirituality, and your morality, and the things you’re doing right, the super ego is probably switched all the way up. Check in and turn it back down with love. 

Thank you for your attention, in service to Divine Love, we are the Council Of Light.

Divine Freedom


Divine freedom is when you are able to be yourself, fully, deeply and completely. It doesn’t matter if the person next to you rolls their eyes, or gives an exasperated sigh, or shows some other sign of not enjoying you. None of that matters because the joy of being YOU outweighs it all.

Divine freedom is not holding grudges, or greivences, or vengeful thoughts against anyone. That doesn’t mean you allow others to take advantage of you or disrespect you. It’s just that you don’t hold on to what was done in the past. It’s not to say that you forget things, you just don’t hold on to them. There’s power in being able to see clearly the motives and drives of another, but you don’t have to hold onto them as if they were yours.

Divine freedom is the ability to follow what makes you feel alive, without asking permission, without veering off path to suit someone else’s agenda, without modification. Just simply following the path because you can feel the life flowing in your veins as you do. Singing because it brings joy, dancing because your spirit moves you, speaking because life drives you to, doing exactly what you are called to do, being the way your inner navigation is urging you to be.  Absolute Divine Freedom.

Divine freedom is the knowledge that if you can dream it, you can experience it. Many of you get flashes of a future life, where you’re being the person you feel destined to be. But then you look at the reality around you and allow your dream to crushed by the present moment. Why not instead use that dream as motivation to move past the layers of reality that don’t serve, that don’t feel aligned, that are not in resonance. As the sun can guide you out of a dark hole, your dream can guide you into a whole new world if you let it. 

Divine freedom is when you’ve managed to eradicate the blocks between your head and your heart. Between thinking and feeling. Between intuition and intellect. Between embrace and discernment. The heart and the head are co partners, the effectiveness of one is greatly reduced if the other is blocked from functioning. So let them dance together, let them inform each other, and work to create a life that you can orchestrate from a place of love.

If you keep your focus on Divine Freedom you can’t go wrong. It’s what you’re here for.

Thank you for your attention. In service to Divine Love, we are the Council Of Light.

Growing Pains


Listening to the voice of your own soul and following it’s guidance sounds like it should be easy, but at times it isn’t. If you imagine that in your body you have 70 trillion cells, meaning you have 70 trillion drops of consciousness. As above so below, for each of those cells there is an aspect of you in universal form waiting to be accessed. Imagine that, 70 trillion aspects OF YOU are waiting to be expressed THROUGH YOU in this time and space. 

Out of that 70 trillion, many of you narrow the expression down to the hundreds, you keep it simple, doing the same thing every day, going to the same places, talking to the same people, making the same choices, feeling the same way about yourself, saying the same things. And then it’s eat, sleep, repeat. One day rolls into the next.

To being to express more of who you are, you appear to the outside world to become a different person, and as a result your back drop and the people in it can change drastically. Where you used to like going drinking, you now want to go and meditate. Dancing in the club is replaced by five rhythms. Social stimulants replaced by cacao ceremonies. Instead of going to Spain you want to go to Peru, Africa and Bali. 4 days in Ibiza is replaced by 4 days in a retreat space with like minded people. 

Naturally what happens as a result is that the old familiar aspects of you begin to fall away. You don’t have the same things in common with the people who used to be your dearest friends. You aren’t willing to compromise to fit in so much, because that’s just painful to you, so instead you bid to be your full self, but your full self is so unrecognisable to the ones that knew you before that relating becomes awkward. This feels lonely, isolating, and  painful as you experience the separation of moving away from the life of the person you were, and moving toward the life of the person you’re becoming. 

These growing pains are a part of the experience, you’re not alone in this. Keep going, openings, opportunities and new beings will fill the spaces that are created. Everything is as it should be.

Thank you for your attention, in service to Divine Love, we are the Council Of Light.

The issue of blocked flow


There are a number of illnesses that get treated medically, but are all based in blocked energy flow. All the medicine in the world won’t really help if the real reason behind the issue is not addressed. We are going to give you a few crude examples here so you understand the power you hold.

A woman has been driven by her parents and social group to work in a field that is purely opposite to the one that brings her joy. She becomes a lawyer, but really she wanted to be an artist. She feels sadness at the pit of her stomach and it comes out in her being super critical of the world around her. She comes across as disagreeable, hard and incredibly dry. She locks her creativity up and with it her juice and her flow. Soon irritable bowel syndrome develops. Until she finds a way to flow her creativity medicine will only help up to a point.

A guy figures he should be married and he should have a family, so he picks a woman to procreate with, after all he is a provider. She looks good, she won’t embarrass him in public, and she will keep a good home. As time goes on he realises that something is missing in the flow and communication at home, he tunes out when his wife talks because they don’t actually have any thing in common, but he ignores this. Why stir up that can of worms? Pretty soon his home is a place that looks good but lacks light, and radiance and heart. He thinks as a provider he should be able to fix this, but it is not an issue of provision it is an issue of heart and soul. Eventually his prostate starts to develop an issue. 

A young girl grows up in a house where children should be seen and not heard. She doesn’t say what she really thinks, she keeps her words in, swallows them, tries to be good and acceptable. The pushing down of feelings and words become a habit, eventually breast cancer becomes an issue.

A young guy struggled to make friends in school, it was all a lot of hard work. In the end he found solice in books and kept to himself. Over time even though his environment stayed the same he found he could change his state using food. Chocolate brings a different experience to his inner environment compared to fish and chips. Obesity becomes an issue. 

Do you see how your truth, your reality, your love, your acceptance of self needs to flow? If it doesn’t it causes deeper issues and these issues only truly disappear when you are able to fully align to the truth of who you are. Food for thought here to get the ball rolling.

Thank you for your attention. In service to Divine Love, we are the Council Of Light.

Let Go


A big mark of spiritual maturity is the speed and the precision in which you can LET GO! If you can see the source of a contraction within you and let go, in that moment a shift occurs, light enters, and you’ve taken a step towards healing. So here are some things to let go of.

Let go of the need to blame anyone for anything. No one can be in your energy field if there wasn’t a frequency match there for them to engage with. So if you find that someone is triggering you with their actions and behaviours, look to the trigger within, the anger, or pain, or abandonment you feel, what is it pointing you toward? What is it asking for you to heal, or shift? Where are you violating yourself on the inside, that is replicating itself on the outside? In the moment you point a finger outward without first observing your trigger, you give your power away, and shoot the messenger without getting the message.

Let go of all the petty insults, the ones where she said that thing, in that way, that deeply offended you. Or he looked at you funny, and now you’re holding on to a loop of that look in your head. Or they didn’t do the thing they were supposed to do, and now they’re on your black list. Or she wasn’t there for you that one time, after all the times you were there for her, and now she can take a flying jump into oblivion. Can you feel that vibration at the pit of your stomach as you identify. That is lifeforce seeping out of your being. Let it go, let it go, let it go!!!

Let go of all the things you should of done, or all the ways you should have done it. The times when you should have been perfect. The things you should have said. The changes you should have made. The opportunities you should have taken. The ways that your life should be different now. The mistakes you made when you really should have known better. Let it go, let it go, let it go. The past is gone, this moment is the only moment in which you can create a new future, you don’t want to make a carbon copy of the vibration of failure in your now moment. Choose something different.

Now here comes the big one. Let go of the hate, or victimisation, or trauma that was cause by another. Let go of the person who you feel cut you so deep, or was so incredibly uncaring, hurtful, destructive or abusive, and now because of them you can never be who you were supposed to be. In every moment you hold on, you carry them with you. Imagine them sitting in a toy car with a rope attached from them to you, and you’re literally dragging them every single place you go. Manoeuvring up stairs is a nightmare because of them, and you can’t even think about going up hill!!! That’s your opportunity for growth out the window, your ability to shine, your freedom and your evolution. Are they really worth all that? Let go, let go, let go and let go some more. Take your life back, heal, centre, use this experience to make you stronger, faster, better and to shine brighter, this is what your soul wants.

Every time you find a trigger that makes you angry, let go.

Every time something makes you sad and hopeless, let go.

Every time you feel like you’ve been hard done by, let go.

Every person that has done you wrong, from the play ground, to the class room, to the work place, to the family gathering and the friend meet ups, let it go. 

Bring your life force back to you, and you’ll see that all of these messengers where just asking you to love yourself more, to honour yourself more, to recognise what was in resonance more, to choose what was good for you more, to reach for joy more. Thank them and let go.

Thank you for your attention. In service to Divine Love, we are the Council Of Light.

Have a drink of Divine Love


Before we do anything, let’s first explore Divine Love. Divinity is the thing that animates you, lives you, breathes you, sustains you, and creates you in this moment and every moment. It’s your pulse, and your breath, and your movement, and your consciousness. It literally gives you life. When you look around and re-member Divinity, you see it in every thing around you, in the chairs, and the tables, and the ground, and the earth,and the plants, it’s the very air you breathe. When you look around and re-member Divinity, you also remember that you are a part of a unified field of intelligence, masquerading as matter, as individuals, as objects and things. When you see through the eyes of Divinity, you remember that you are a part of everything, and everything is a part of you, separation is an illusion.

Now what is love? Love is simply the remeberance of Divinity. When you love, you let go of separation and see unity. When you love, you embrace, and accept and hold dear, the aspect of life that appears in front of you. When you love, your words reflect appreciation, and gratitude, and expansiveness, and togetherness. In the moment you love you fully embody your Divinity, and that embodiment radiates in your energy field, from your eyes, and from your soul. Divine love heals you, because it doesn’t recognise illness. Divine love brings joy, because it doesn’t recognise separation, or isolation, or aloneness. Divine love brings wholeness because it doesn’t see fragments.

Get a glass of water and hold it between your hands. You have the capacity to call up any feeling or emotion you want. So now in this moment call up Divine love. What does it feel like in your heart? In your belly? In your feet? In your hands? What do you see when your eyes are fillled with Divine love? How do you sit and stand in Divine Love? What words are in your head when you’re filled with Divine Love? Use every ounce of your being to feel Divine Love and project it into the glass of water you hold. Did you know that water is a living breathing liquid computer system? It stores the frequency and vibration of the energy it’s steeped in. So let Divine Love be your magic potion.

Have a drink of pure Divine Love Dear One. Let it fill your blood, your bones, your organs, your nervous system, and your cells. This is the kind of love that allows you to recognise yourself as Divine, as unified, as whole, and as a part of the fabric of this entire Universe, breathe it in, own it and be it. Let it radiate and vibrate in you, as you.

Have a drink of pure Divine Love Dear One. Let it fill your belly and nourish your heart. Let its codes and keys wash away anything that is misaligned, or unbalanced, or unworthy, or unacceptable within you, these are all illusions of separation. In face of your Divinity they melt away.

Have a drink of pure Divine Love Dear One. Let it animate you and, and move you, and dance you, and remind you of your own internal rhythms, your own internal music, your own internal heart beat that drums your own unique sound into the core of creation. 

As you drink pure Divine Love, let it become you, let it be you, own it as you. In this moment on this day re-member yourself as Divine Love. And repeat it tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that, into eternity.

Thank you for your attention. In service to Divine Love, we are the Council Of Light.

Letting go


INSPIRED NOTE - When you're in pain, or hurt, or confused, or have some disturbance that tilts your sense of well being so you end up feeling a bit up side down, there's a need to off load, to release, to let go, to surrender, to speak it out, shout it out, move it out. So you may find yourself grabbing your nearest friend and dumping all your shit on them.

Anyone who knows me well knows I have a respect for words and language. It was drilled into me from quite an early age that we are master creators, our language and words have the ability to cast spells and make things happen. But there are some words, if not spoken, can literally choke you. The only way to get it off your chest is to say it out loud to a witness that includes yourself and at least one other person. Once you've heard yourself say it and they heard you say it, it begins to dissolve, to shift, to become something else. You have to be awake and astute to this process. Otherwise the other thing happens, where you bond over pain, where you tell the same story over and over, where you relive the experience again and again as if it was the first time, where you feel better in someones company because it happened to them too.

We are not meant to hold on to things, we are meant to allow energy to flow through us. We can be distracted and hold on to that heavy suitcase way too long because the emotion or pain was so very stark and deep. But the idea is to find ways, maybe many ways over a period of time to let it go. Let go, Let go, Let go. This was my message today. You don't have to do it all yourself. Let go, fill yourself with breath and with life.

The Power Of Words + Tara Love Perry


This conversation with Tara Love Perry explores her I Love You Me brand.

Tara is a soul reader who speaks into the pain, suffering and shadows within your energetic body and soul, and helps people to transmute it using both the ancient healing art of ho'oponopono and her own developed seven step program.

Everything comes down to vibration and words are so powerful in the art of manifestation, but we have to connect to the meaning they are point us towards. When we infuse the things we think and say with our energy, it activates the power of our words and turns them into keys that unlock, expand and transform our being.

Take Action.....

You use words every day, but are you conscious of what you speak into the world and into yourself through your inner dialogue?

Are you aware of your thoughts and the vibration they hold?

Are you addressing, meeting, facing and speaking directly into the things that don't serve you?

Use these questions to pay attention to the ways that you are vibrating into the world around you.