In hermetics there’s a statement that any truth that can be uttered can only ever be a half truth. This is because there are a multitude of other truths on the same polar line, and if you’re on one point on a particular line, then you’ll have access to all the points.  The average human doesn’t have the capacity to tune out distractions and just maintain one position regardless of what comes. 

Take the line of love and fear for example, where love is 10 and fear is 1. You may swear blind up and down that you’re an 8 on the line when it comes to a special someone in your life, you are in love, love, love, love. But is this true all the time? Are you able to maintain this point of view when the person you love is triggering you, getting on your nerves, poking a wound or changing so drastically that you no longer recognise them? Do you still love then? Are you still an 8 on the line then? Most times people swing along any given line and then it becomes a case of deep noticing. Have you dropped down to a 5 when the goal is 9, what do you have to do to get back to 9? Have you spent the last three days in 3 when your goal is 9? Are you able to notice that 5 has now become your new default, when it was previously 8? As you can see, to maintain a truth you have to be aware of what your energy is doing.

There is nothing that is fully true but truth itself. As soon as you try to fix it to something it becomes contrived, forced, acted out, and not expressing what’s really there. When you’re in a place of open honesty, where you can see and acknowledge what is there, then you can notice, ‘I’m feeling deep fear right now! How do I get back to love?’ ‘I feel a rage in my belly and my centre is compromised. What needs to shift to come back to harmony?’ ‘I feel violated by the person ‘I love’,  and what I’m feeling in this moment is NOT love. How do I come back to love?’ ‘Normally I am confident, but today somehow I don’t feel empowered or rooted. What needs to shift?’ This is where truth serves you best, in the moment, in the noticing, in the open acknowledgement, in the in the constant quest for love.

Love is given here as truth, because it is the factor that allows anything to express itself without layers, boundaries and barriers. Love opens, expands, gives life to, animates, transforms, flows, illuminates and heals. You all sense these states to be the truth you desire in order to sustain who you are, your soul guides you to these vibrations as a default, because this is where your connection to the infinite and the limitless lies. 

So if your truth doesn’t reflect your love, make a commitment in this moment to work toward shifting the dial to a full resonance with love.

Thank you for your attention. In service to Divine Love, we are The Council Of Light.

Animation & awareness


You are being animated at all times. You think that because you chose to get up and walk out, that you are in control of your movements and your actions. You don’t question any of it, because it happens seamlessly. You have a thought, you decide to follow through with action and then you reach a conclusion of some description. It happens over and over in your every day existence, so much so that you take it for granted. 

But lets break it down a bit so you understand the miracle in the mundane. You had a thought. Where did that thought come from? Was it in your consciousness all along? Or did you pick it up as an energetic frequency that got translated into words in your head? Where did the very consciousness that allowed you to have the thought come from?

You took action. Where did the energy for this movement come from? What created the momentum? How was your body able to fire up in order to create the movement? Where did the intelligence within your body come from? Finally you came to a conclusion through your action. What is the reason for this conclusion? Why did you end up there? How does this place now act as a new beginning for something else?

You don’t need to think about all of these things before you make a move, and that’s great, because everything would take so much longer if you did have to involve your awareness in every action like this. But hopefully we’ve shown you here that the YOU, that you think is ‘DOING and CREATING’, isn’t there at all. So something is moving through you, something is animating you, something is giving you conscious awareness when needed and eliminating awareness if it isn’t so important to you. 

What if you just became a deep listener of this animated consciousness? What if this was the only thing you really needed to ‘do’? What we call intuition is simply the ability to be aware of your natural impulses and allow them to flow unhindered. What if the whole point of being human, were just to develop your ability to listen to the subtle precursors that are expressing through you, and to surrender enough so you are moved, animated, breathed, spoke through and danced. This is where your conscious relationship with your own soul and divine spirit begins.

Some food for thought. 

Thank you for your attention, in service to Divine Love, we are The Council Of Light.

Making Powerful Choices

Being smack bang in the Information Age means that two things are being highlighted, Wisdom & Action. You have so much access to details at present. You can literally find almost anything on the web with a 30 minute search. And putting a subject in search on google, will bring up thousands upon thousands of details and files. What’s becoming more and more important than anything else, is the wisdom to discern what’s needed, what’s important, what’s useful and effective. It’s hand picking two things out of a hundred thousand choices.

Wisdom in this context, is a matter of connection to your inner intelligence and intuition. You have to know what you want, and then you have to be able to recognise when you see the solution to your needs reflected to you. You’ll find that you spend more time cultivating an understanding of what you need, pinpointing this as exactly as you can from where you are, and then embodying it enough so you can articulate clearly through your voice, your radiance and your energy. As you open energetically to receive what you’ve asked for, you become a beacon that begins to wave a vibrational flag to the subtle realms. Suddenly you’ll find that you feel urged to contact a person, or to speak to the person who you happened to ‘randomly’ sit next to, and they’ll hold a piece of your puzzle. Or you might open a newspaper, or happen to glimps a message online and this will give you your next step. The universe will literally start to flash solutions up.

This is where intuition becomes your greatest friends. If you aren’t connected to your mechanisms for recognising when something fits, when it feels right, when it’s offering you a piece of the puzzle, when it’s exactly what you’ve asked for, then you’ll miss your answers. Often it doesn’t come dressed in the way you think it will be, because the subtle realms will use the path of least resistance to bring you what you want. It has far more to choose from than you do, there are 7 billion people on the planet and you only have an intimate connection to 100 of these, some people have a little more some a lot less. So if you’re not opened intuitively, you’ll be focused on the 10 people that you know, and fail to see the 500 people flashing up behind them. You have to train yourself to see the entire world around you holding possibilities and opportunities for you.

There is some food for thought here, because these are the times you’re living in, where you’re drowning in data. You need to know how to swim, and swimming amounts to wisdom and intuitive action.

Thank you for your attention. In service to Divine Love, we are The Council Of Light.

Changing yourself


There’s a saying, ‘The mind is strong but the flesh is weak.’ It is an interesting saying because it feels like it’s true through your experience, how many times have you set out to do something, maybe it was to not eat sugar, or not see that guy/ girl again, or not spend so much time on social media, or not binge watch nonsense on Netflix. You decided, you felt determined, you were focused and for sure this was something you were never doing again. Yet after a few days you either forgot the commitment, or got distracted in a weak moment by the thing you swore off, or just found yourself unable to withstand the constant craving.

Yet the saying, ‘The mind is strong, but the flesh is weak.’ Is not accurate in a lot of ways, because if the mind were really strong it would strengthen the flesh. Our physiology needs commands that are clear and concise, if there is no clarity it will pick up the signals you give it from your feelings and your emotions. When you think breakfast, your body will say ‘Well you liked pancakes go for that’. When you think partnership it will say, ‘Well you had a good time with Joe the last time you met, so maybe things will be better this time around’. Even though history proved him to be more ass than angel. 

Somehow you think that change should be easy, it should be simple and it should feel really really good. But the fact is change can feel hard, it is complexed in its simplicity and it doesn’t always feel great, because you are going outside your comfort zone, your known area of operation and you are dismantling a habitual pattern. 

To use the strength of your mind to command your body you have to be diligent. You have to really anticipate the hurdles. If you’re going running every day for 60 days, then what happens when it is exceptionally cold? What happens when you get the flu? What happens when it’s dark, wet and windy? How do you convince yourself to leave the bed when your body just wants to sleep more? What happens after the 60 days? You have to get into the layers of your distractions and make plans to offset them. 

If your plan is to stop being on Facebook so much, what are you going to do in the moments when you’re bored? How are you going to fill your time? What sort of thoughts are you going to feed your mind to keep on track? Where will you go and what will you do with the time you free up? You have to prepare yourself for the distraction, the cravings, the uncomfortability and the pain of doing things differently to the way you’re used to. 

Strengthen your mind, be diligent with the thoughts you allow, cultivate what goes into your head and then use your strengthened mind as tool to command your body. This is what your mind was made for.

Thank you for your attention, in service to Divine Love, we are the Council Of Light.

Article For Yoga Magazine + Tash Mitch


This week I had my article featured in Yoga Magazine, this magazine has been on my radar since it launched 6 years ago. It is well designed, conscious, eco and informative primarily about yoga, but also about all things well being. Needless to say, I was hopping with excitement to have a three-page spread with them.

I would love to share the article itself, as it is a subject really close to my heart. A large part of my energy alchemy work uses and focuses on the third eye, which is our centre of intuition. Once we are tapped into our intuition, we are tapped into our navigational system, which guides us on every aspect of our lives.

The Wisdom of Your Divine Intuition


‘In a quiet mind lies your greatest power, because it is only in your

conscious quietness that you hear the whisper of your eternal wisdom.’


Untitled-design-2 (1).png


Working with my intuition has always been very natural to me, both my grandmother and great grandmother developed and honed their skills to intuit in order to help others. So I grew up with a strong sense of this being an immensely powerful human gift. I was always intrigued by where my Grandmother’s, ‘knowing’ came from, nothing seemed to get past her consciousness. There was a sharp focus and dedication to her spirituality that I am blessed to have learned from. She pointed out a spiritual path to me that was based on listening to and following my truth which she taught by example. She had a deep connection to her own spirit and what it was moving her toward. By following this wisdom I have discovered that when I am confused, unclear or frustrated, tapping into my intuition allows me to discern with a high level of certainty, what feels right for me and therefore what my next step is to be.

The Importance of Intuition

Intuition is the ability to see a road, a path, a next step, or a situation from a broader perspective. In using just the mind and the ego we limit the view available to us. Our egos make decisions from a place of disconnected aloneness, where our choices are often both fear based and apprehensive, we try to please, to do the right thing, to avoid being wrong at all costs.

Alternatively when we act from a purely mental perspective we are only able to see things through the boundaries of our conscious mind, this is the equivalent to a view from a very small window in a room at a specific location, whatever we are able to see through that window at any one time, is our entire world. With such a narrow perspective we are oblivious to the universe that is occurring all around us.

Calling on the wisdom of our intuition however, allows us to see our current situation with a wider lens and a more birds eye perspective. The conscious mind only has access to approximately 5% of the information available to us at any one time, the other 95% resides in our non-conscious awareness. By accessing our intuition we gain access to the remaining 95% of our capacity.

So how do you build your intuition? 

Intuition comes in moments of stillness, it is in stillness that your Divine and wise self can come through. The voice of intuition occurs as a whisper rather than a shout. You have to lean in and open up to hear it. There needs to be space in order to do that. So to create a link to your intuition you have to quiet the conscious mind. Silencing it take a huge amount of discipline and practice, but quietening it just requires a gentle allowing, your thoughts drift in and out, but they are like passing clouds, you accept them and release them with ease.

The best way to quite the mind is through the breath. Deepen the breath so you fill your lungs on the in-breath and empty them on the out-breath, is the first step. For example breathing in for a slow count of four and out for a count of four. This leads to a slowing down and relaxing of your internal state. It lets the body know that you are in a safe place and it is going to be ok, and as a result you begin to feel a sense of calm.

From this place of calmness and breath you can bring a situation, decision or person to your mind and hold it lightly. Start asking questions to yourself and pay attention to your responses. For example how does a certain situation that has been troubling you, seem from this place of relaxation? What comes up in your body when you think of the situation? What feels expansive about the situation? Which areas feel closed about this situation? How do you resonate with the closed areas, would you like to expand them? If expansion resonates, then what is the next step to creating an opening?

It is from this child-like sense of curious questioning and openness to an answer that you begin the process of building your intuition. With every question, you begin to hear a very quiet, subtle, gentle voice, whisper the answer to you. The more you are able to clear the noise of the mind the clearer you hear this wise whisper. It is the voice of our eternal knowing, our guidance system, our essential Divine. Once we tune in we realise that this is where our true power lies, because this is the resonance of our soul.