Wealth Consciousness + Jamie Catto


Jamie was one of the founding members of the band Faithless, he then went on to make 1 Giant Leap which is an epic album and film. He now works within the space of personal development helping people to align with their core truth and natural being. 

I have been exploring the frequency of wealth consciousness through a number of different perspectives and lenses. In my work with hearted centered business owners who are making a major positive impact in the world, wealth is an interesting word. In this conversation with Jamie we speak about what it means to view being wealthy as being full of spirit, wealth as caring for oneself on the deepest level, wealth as healing the gap between yin and yang, wealth as healing anxiety and depression, wealth as a prayer of surrender.

This exchange was really fulfilling and expansive. Grab a cuppa or your favorite beverage and come join us.

Some of the areas covered here:

2:50 – There is always enough to go around

3:50 – The perspective of wealth as being filled with spirit

4:45 – Wealth in terms of Self Care

9:30 – Wealth in community

10:47 – Yang energy and the fall of alpha white men

13:34 – Conscious men

14:37 – The need for women to do their own healing

21:00 – Yin or feminine energy in men

22:00 – Releasing the ego in order to create

23:30 – Going to work for 3 minutes

24:05 – Getting the agreement of the heart

24:34 – Being curious about the parts of ourselves that get triggered

33:10 – Dealing with depression in an instant


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