Feet on the earth


The Divine in you, the thing that animates you, gives you breath, gives you consciousness, gives you rhythm and flow is always there, always with you, always being you and connecting you. But it is very easy to take it for granted, you can spend months not thinking or connecting to your heart beat, and you can spend days not bringing awareness to your breath. But the moment you do, the moment you meet your aliveness with your consciousness, something switches on, activates and awakens. 

So before we go any further take a moment right now to connect to your breath....

Focus on your breath and nothing else....

Lengthen and deepen your breath, make it full and wide so that your lungs are expanding to capacity when you breathe in and are emptying fully as you breathe out....

Make a connection between your breath and Divinity, and in this moment become aware of your breath as your Divinity.

Notice how this level of mindfulness and breath, changes the relationship you have with your being, your body and your interaction with this moment.

Now from this place of activation bring your awareness to the bottom of your feet and make a connection with the earth beneath you. Breath and connect your Divine to the Divine in the earth. 

From here see how the Divine in the earth reveals itself to you. Notice a web of light that moves from the bottom of your feet and spans the entire earth. Notice that anywhere you take you mind to in the world, New York, Barbados, Antarctica, Mexico, USA, and imagine yourself standing on the earth there, the web of light remains beneath you as activated Divinity.

Let this light guide you toward the centre of the planet, past the the soil, the rocks, the fiery core, right to the very centre where the Iron Core Crystal of the earth is. This is the heart of the earth, it is alive, and conscious, and intelligent. Let your Divine communicate with the Divine heart of the earth. Breath and just witness.

Notice any changes that occur in your body with this level of communication. 

To end thank the Divine in the earth and bring your consciousness again to the bottom of your feet and your awareness back into your body. 

This is a depth of connection that will be with you always. Once you learn to connect to the earth this way it becomes and ally and friend that will lead you to the things that you resonate with most in physical form. It all begins with this relationship of connection and feeling.

Thank you for your attention. In Service to Divine Love, we are The Council Of Light.

Appreciation & Abundance


So much has been said about being thankful, being grateful and having appreciation. These expressions are all the intrinsic language of the heart and for the high frequency ways in which you give to another and receive from another.

To receive with gratitude means that you have seen the divine gift within the thing that was extended to you. If you take some time to breathe and savour what was given, you will inform your entire being of this Divine gift. In essence it does not really matter the exact nature of the thing that was given. It could be beautiful or useful or not, it doesn’t matter. What does matter however is the manner in which you receive it. With the extension of any gift, you are given the opportunity to be gifted, to feel gifted, to let your heart express the essence of giftedness and let your cells hum with the frequency of giftedness. You can use your gift to activate your auric field as gifted, the breath of receiving as gifted, your presence as the receiver as gifted and your ‘right now’ moment as gifted. This energy is expansive and attractive, it will bring you even more reasons to be gifted.

Now let’s explore the act of giving with gratitude and appreciation. So many of you on the planet are praying for abundance, hoping for abundance, yearning for abundance and doing your very best to attract and manifest abundance. But in all these acts you miss out completely on the frequency of abundance. You’re saying to the universe and the creator forces, ‘abundance isn’t here’, ‘abundance isn’t here’, ‘abundance isn’t here’. With every prayer and dream and hope and hungry search you loop a frequency of lack.

Yet in every moment that you extend something, anything at all, to another, you are given the opportunity to be grateful that you have the gift to give. You can be grateful that you were blessed with more than you needed, grateful that you have the capacity to be the gift. When you take the time to connect to the act of giving in this way, you switch on the frequency and vibration of abundance in your in your energy field and you broadcast the message, ‘I am blessed with abundance’, ‘I am blessed with abundance’, ‘I am blessed with abundance’. Like always attracts like, it is universal law.

So be mindful as you go about your day today. Every payment you make, feel your blessing of abundance. In every act of kindness you extend, feel your blessing of abundance. In everything you offer outward, feel your blessing of abundance. Each time you do this you are literally weaving abundance into your aura your presence and your radiance. Watch how the universe responds with constant and never ending gifts to you.

Be Blessed.

Thank you for your attention. In service to Divine Love and The Council Of Light.

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Leadership Strength & Vulnerability


We often think that leadership is defined by strength and power. The ability to stand up and out, to be seen, heard and respected by the people around us. But these are just facets of leadership, they don't represent the full picture.

There are moments of strength and power, but there are also moments of doubt, challenge, frustration and cluelessness. Yes there is standing up and out, but this could be standing up to a potential disaster, or standing out for criticism and possible failure. For a leader to have a sustainable relationship with others where they are being seen heard and respected, they must be in a position where they are seeing, hearing and respecting others.

There is an aspect of leadership that is determined by your ability to follow your intuitive guidance and to see the area of your path that is illuminated for your next step. You have to be able to be vulnerable and yielding, so that you can be introduced to the power and strength that is outside of your boundaries and your comfort zone. You have to let people around you be the experts without feeling threatened.

Leadership is the ability to identify when you need help and advice, because it is only by being open and transparent that you are fully able to evolve.

I'm dedicating the month of August to leadership and I will be offering two powerful 4 week sessions.

Business Alchemy meditations will be taking place at my home in Hove, I love intimate front room sessions where we can all grow and expand together.

Tapping for Leadership be taking place live and will also be streamed online this is a series of 4 tapping sessions that will release blocks around presence, being unique and standing out, feeling grounded, and clarifying your connections with the people you aim to serve or collaborate with. Prepare for some massive shifts with this one.

Letting go


INSPIRED NOTE - When you're in pain, or hurt, or confused, or have some disturbance that tilts your sense of well being so you end up feeling a bit up side down, there's a need to off load, to release, to let go, to surrender, to speak it out, shout it out, move it out. So you may find yourself grabbing your nearest friend and dumping all your shit on them.

Anyone who knows me well knows I have a respect for words and language. It was drilled into me from quite an early age that we are master creators, our language and words have the ability to cast spells and make things happen. But there are some words, if not spoken, can literally choke you. The only way to get it off your chest is to say it out loud to a witness that includes yourself and at least one other person. Once you've heard yourself say it and they heard you say it, it begins to dissolve, to shift, to become something else. You have to be awake and astute to this process. Otherwise the other thing happens, where you bond over pain, where you tell the same story over and over, where you relive the experience again and again as if it was the first time, where you feel better in someones company because it happened to them too.

We are not meant to hold on to things, we are meant to allow energy to flow through us. We can be distracted and hold on to that heavy suitcase way too long because the emotion or pain was so very stark and deep. But the idea is to find ways, maybe many ways over a period of time to let it go. Let go, Let go, Let go. This was my message today. You don't have to do it all yourself. Let go, fill yourself with breath and with life.

The Importance Of Ceremony With Ke'oni Hanalei


As soon as you start talking to Ke’oni in any depth you are greeted with wisdom that spans both backwards, into a rich lineage of ancestry, and forwards, into a time and space when we as humans are evolved and living as the highest expression of who we are. This time bridger quality is something I recognise in myself, and in a large number of people that I work with who are here with a message, a soul purpose and an expression that is rooted in the expansion of humanity.

Ke’oni is the founder of Pohala which is a Hawaiian company dedicated to all things Fern Medicine, from oils, to potions, to mists, to teas. He is passionate and fully invested in essences that Ferns have to share with us for emotional healing, alignment and transcendence.

In this truly expansive conversation we speak about ceremony, both as it was taught to Ke’oni by his grandmother, who was a Medicine woman and healer, and also how it translates into our modern day to day living as a quality of presence, that is right here and right now, not preoccupied with the occurrences of the past or the projections of the future.

You are not going to want to miss this, grab a drink and come sit with us.

Some of the things we explore:

2:10 - An intro to Fern Medicine

2:52 - Being chosen as a male avatar to support the energetic shift now occurring on the planet

3:21 - Fern Medicine as a medicine of emotions

4:42 - Ceremony and recognising each moment without the need to control it

6:00 - The emotion of shame especially for men

7:52 - Understanding your own basic needs and looking after them

10:30 - Being respectful and mindful enough to seek permission from the earth before you consume

12:00 - Collaborating with sentient beings

15:29 - The uncontaminated meaning of warrior

17:20 - Never be a victim of your situation

23:18 - Self love and evolution

25:54 - Not all data is knowledge

31:00 - Committing to the full expression of who you are

34:15 - Trusting your intuition to guide you

37:00 - Nothing in your life is in error

40:00 - Divine detachment and complete surrender

Wealth Consciousness With Nikki Slade

There are a lot of people who have a massive amount of respect and love for Nikki Slade and her work as a pioneer and facilitator of natural voice. She is so rooted in helping us to open our expression, our vibration and our presence.  I had the pleasure of interviewing her for my book Artists of Health. I also had one to one vibrational alignment work with her which was a catalyst in rooting and grounding my vision and desires.  The Wealth Consciousness series was put together to open our mindsets on how to bring the frequency of wealth into every aspect of our lives. In this conversation we explore this topic through Nikki's vision and lens.  Some of the areas covered here:  4:30 - Maha Lakshmi, representing wealth in all its colour, beauty, prosperity and abundance.  5:40 - Barren sense of outer wealth v the fulfilling sense of inner wealth  6:45 - As within so without  7:47 - Money and Divinity  8:18 - Money as a currency that makes a difference to others  9:05 - The positivity of Money  11:20 - Community as the purpose for abundance  11:40 - Tithing by putting a percentage of income towards making a difference in the world.  13:29 - Wealth and creativity. Manifesting the Divines plan  17:30 - If you don’t go within you go without  22:05 - Spirit lies within  23:05 - Perfect giving is perfect recieving  25:40 - Expanding our hearts so we can receive and hold more  28:40 - The pain of a closed heart  29:35 - Being mindful of your words as seeds  33:10 - Your inner dialogue  34:50 - The vibration of a master  36:18 - The wealth of your inner teacher  38:00 - Trusting the Guru within

There are a lot of people who have a massive amount of respect and love for Nikki Slade and her work as a pioneer and facilitator of natural voice. She is so rooted in helping us to open our expression, our vibration and our presence.

I had the pleasure of interviewing her for my book Artists of Health. I also had one to one vibrational alignment work with her which was a catalyst in rooting and grounding my vision and desires.

The Wealth Consciousness series was put together to open our mindsets on how to bring the frequency of wealth into every aspect of our lives. In this conversation we explore this topic through Nikki's vision and lens.

Some of the areas covered here:

4:30 - Maha Lakshmi, representing wealth in all its colour, beauty, prosperity and abundance.

5:40 - Barren sense of outer wealth v the fulfilling sense of inner wealth

6:45 - As within so without

7:47 - Money and Divinity

8:18 - Money as a currency that makes a difference to others

9:05 - The positivity of Money

11:20 - Community as the purpose for abundance

11:40 - Tithing by putting a percentage of income towards making a difference in the world.

13:29 - Wealth and creativity. Manifesting the Divines plan

17:30 - If you don’t go within you go without

22:05 - Spirit lies within

23:05 - Perfect giving is perfect recieving

25:40 - Expanding our hearts so we can receive and hold more

28:40 - The pain of a closed heart

29:35 - Being mindful of your words as seeds

33:10 - Your inner dialogue

34:50 - The vibration of a master

36:18 - The wealth of your inner teacher

38:00 - Trusting the Guru within

Root Energy - What is Embodiment?

[Original size] Root - Embodiment.png

Your root energy connects you to your physical body, the ground beneath our feet, the environment in which you live, your ancestral legacy both known and unknown and your sense of belonging. It is the energy that nourishes you, supports you and sustains you. 

Embodiment is about radiating the energetic frequency of something within your cells and DNA. Think of a time when you were really joyful, maybe you'd won something, or you felt loved, or felt that life had gifted you in the best way ever. Get a sense of the peak moment when you're jumping up and down with glee, giggling, laughing, glowing and shining. Imagine every single cell of your body saying a high octave 'Yaaaaaaaayyyy!!!!!!!'. Can you feel that moment in your body right now? Can you recreate the sensations and emotions you felt? This is an example of embodiment. You feel it from head to toe.

The scenario above is a transient version of embodiment, it lasted for a period of time and then it was gone. Other things you embody that are far more lasting, like your beliefs, your principles, your moral stand points, or the causes that you deeply care about. Each of these register into the cellular structures of your body as energetic signatures that begin to define you.

There are times when you’re embodying things subconsciously, so your feeling body is translating energy into joy, or pain, or grief, or satisfaction, or love, or connectivity, but you're not conscious of it because your focus is on something or someone else.

At other times, you may create feelings and emotions consciously as allies to aid you in raising your energy so you can get through a challenge or manipulate a situation to get what you want. When you do this you may laugh to shift your energy and invoke a sense of joy, or you may express hurt as a way of getting someones attention and getting your needs met. Over time, this kind of embodiment is tiring because you have to use your own energy to keep it in place, rather than it being naturally and organically generated.

The element associated with your root energy is earth, and the geometric symbol of the root is the cube. The root expresses itself by creating physical containers, spaces, environments, cultures and experiences. This is where energy becomes individualised into form, divided into parts (fractals), crystallised as matter, and takes on the illusion of singular differences. This is where we experience dichotomy, black and white, fat and thin, silence and noise, beauty and beast. The one becomes the many, each of which can be given a name, a label and a definition. 



The hyper cube fits into the root perfectly, it represents a way of showing how our whole divides itself into many and varying parts. Some of these parts are obvious to some people and not to others. As we move through life the part of ourself we show to our family may be different to the part that people see at work. The part of us that is the lover may be different to the part of us a total stranger sees. Depending on the angle that people witness us from they get to see either a very limited view of our whole, an exaggerated view of a particular aspect of us, or they may glimpse a transient sifting flow of energy that happened to go through us whilst in their presence, expressing itself as embarrassment, or boldness, or bliss. 

The hyper cube can also give you a view of how you interact with the physical world as well. Perhaps you have very clear lines of division between the different areas of your life. Or perhaps you're more aware of your constant never ending flow. Maybe your hyper cube is animated and in fast motion, meaning that people see an ever shifting part of you and your story. Or maybe your hyper cube is slowly changing, so that they see a very still view and your shifts are only evident over longer periods of time.

Below is a hypercube in animation. There are a four cubes here, as they move and shift these squares create compartments, individual spaces and a sense of ever shifting scenarios. 


As you study the animated hyper cube, think of all the ways this can relate to your thoughts and perspectives. Imagine if you just got a flash of the animation without being given much of a context. What opinion would you form as a result? Maybe you would see it as chaotic, or completely ordered, or unified, either way the snapshot will only ever be a tiny part of the whole picture.

Now imagine the ever shifting energies that you come across in your day to day life, think about how they affect your thoughts, how one thought merges into another, how things are always in motion.

Think about the people in your life and how this animation informs you of their complexity. Think of the flexibility you would need to have in order to allow this continuous physical flow to occur.

Allow your mind to be opened, stretched and challenged by the many perspectives that the motion brings and how each part never stop being connected to the singular, unified whole.

Article For Yoga Magazine + Tash Mitch


This week I had my article featured in Yoga Magazine, this magazine has been on my radar since it launched 6 years ago. It is well designed, conscious, eco and informative primarily about yoga, but also about all things well being. Needless to say, I was hopping with excitement to have a three-page spread with them.

I would love to share the article itself, as it is a subject really close to my heart. A large part of my energy alchemy work uses and focuses on the third eye, which is our centre of intuition. Once we are tapped into our intuition, we are tapped into our navigational system, which guides us on every aspect of our lives.

The Wisdom of Your Divine Intuition


‘In a quiet mind lies your greatest power, because it is only in your

conscious quietness that you hear the whisper of your eternal wisdom.’


Untitled-design-2 (1).png


Working with my intuition has always been very natural to me, both my grandmother and great grandmother developed and honed their skills to intuit in order to help others. So I grew up with a strong sense of this being an immensely powerful human gift. I was always intrigued by where my Grandmother’s, ‘knowing’ came from, nothing seemed to get past her consciousness. There was a sharp focus and dedication to her spirituality that I am blessed to have learned from. She pointed out a spiritual path to me that was based on listening to and following my truth which she taught by example. She had a deep connection to her own spirit and what it was moving her toward. By following this wisdom I have discovered that when I am confused, unclear or frustrated, tapping into my intuition allows me to discern with a high level of certainty, what feels right for me and therefore what my next step is to be.

The Importance of Intuition

Intuition is the ability to see a road, a path, a next step, or a situation from a broader perspective. In using just the mind and the ego we limit the view available to us. Our egos make decisions from a place of disconnected aloneness, where our choices are often both fear based and apprehensive, we try to please, to do the right thing, to avoid being wrong at all costs.

Alternatively when we act from a purely mental perspective we are only able to see things through the boundaries of our conscious mind, this is the equivalent to a view from a very small window in a room at a specific location, whatever we are able to see through that window at any one time, is our entire world. With such a narrow perspective we are oblivious to the universe that is occurring all around us.

Calling on the wisdom of our intuition however, allows us to see our current situation with a wider lens and a more birds eye perspective. The conscious mind only has access to approximately 5% of the information available to us at any one time, the other 95% resides in our non-conscious awareness. By accessing our intuition we gain access to the remaining 95% of our capacity.

So how do you build your intuition? 

Intuition comes in moments of stillness, it is in stillness that your Divine and wise self can come through. The voice of intuition occurs as a whisper rather than a shout. You have to lean in and open up to hear it. There needs to be space in order to do that. So to create a link to your intuition you have to quiet the conscious mind. Silencing it take a huge amount of discipline and practice, but quietening it just requires a gentle allowing, your thoughts drift in and out, but they are like passing clouds, you accept them and release them with ease.

The best way to quite the mind is through the breath. Deepen the breath so you fill your lungs on the in-breath and empty them on the out-breath, is the first step. For example breathing in for a slow count of four and out for a count of four. This leads to a slowing down and relaxing of your internal state. It lets the body know that you are in a safe place and it is going to be ok, and as a result you begin to feel a sense of calm.

From this place of calmness and breath you can bring a situation, decision or person to your mind and hold it lightly. Start asking questions to yourself and pay attention to your responses. For example how does a certain situation that has been troubling you, seem from this place of relaxation? What comes up in your body when you think of the situation? What feels expansive about the situation? Which areas feel closed about this situation? How do you resonate with the closed areas, would you like to expand them? If expansion resonates, then what is the next step to creating an opening?

It is from this child-like sense of curious questioning and openness to an answer that you begin the process of building your intuition. With every question, you begin to hear a very quiet, subtle, gentle voice, whisper the answer to you. The more you are able to clear the noise of the mind the clearer you hear this wise whisper. It is the voice of our eternal knowing, our guidance system, our essential Divine. Once we tune in we realise that this is where our true power lies, because this is the resonance of our soul.

Inspired Note ... All Fired Up


Have you ever wondered what the formula to creation and manifestation is? I certainly have.

What makes some dreams come true and others fall by the wayside? Why do some plans unfold and form without a hitch while others are just problematic from the start?

The formula I have discovered is that when thought, meets focused clarity and is combined with a strong emotion. Nothing will stand in your way. 

When you know what you want and are strong in your conviction, plus you are not hung up by the exact way things must happen, meaning your in a state of mind to welcome in opportunities and possibilities, the universe will become your ally and your partner in co creation.

This is the kind of fire that sets the world alight.

Energetic Waves Through You


As an energy alchemist I bring peoples awareness to the waves of energy that go through them. Sometimes the wave brings a powerful emotion and a connection to a story in your past, maybe in your childhood, maybe in some great love or pain you’ve experienced. Other times it is just a wave that wants to be acknowledged in the moment, felt to completion and released. This is where you feel melancholy with no outward reason for the sadness, or butterflies in your stomach and a sense of excitement, but when you look around you there is nothing going on to have created this. In those moments the brain grapples around for a narrative. When was the last time you felt like that? What could have possibly created this emotion? Who is this feeling attached to? Where is the cause for this sensation located? Once you’ve found a plausible answer you often times put this memory or event onto a loop, you tell people about it, you recreate it in your mind, you make the situation sharper and exaggerated by turning up the volume and the colour on it so you can see it better. 

But often times an emotion is just an interpretation of a wave of energy that rolled in to say hello and simply wanted to roll back out again. A bit like this morning, I was doing my yoga and the focus was on opening my heart centre. All of a sudden I was hit with a wave of gratitude so strong I started to cry. Gratitude for my body that is allowing we to experience life, gratitude for the gift of movement that brings me so much fulfilment, gratitude for my life and the fact that I get to be right here right now. Gratitude so stark and pure I cried big tears, anyone witnessing me would have thought I was in great pain yet it was the opposite it was just an expression that was needed. After 10 minutes the feeling peaked and then began to dissipate, leaving in it’s wake a sense of peace. There was no story, no reason, no person to attach this to, it was just a wave that changed something, moved something, breached a gap and then let go.

So the question to you is what do you currently have in your life as a narrative that you are holding on to, keeping alive with an exaggerated story line or repeating at every opportunity, when really it was just an emotional wave that came in and was eager to inform you and leave? It’s a bit like smiling at a person while you stood in line at the check out, but then they latched on to you, followed you out, followed you home and proceeded to follow you around for hours and days on end. A small intention turned into something huge when it was just meant to be a token, a gift of realisation and non attachment.

Pay attention and you will find that some things are just meant to be released, easily, painlessly and drama free.

Wealth Consciousness + Jamie Catto


Jamie was one of the founding members of the band Faithless, he then went on to make 1 Giant Leap which is an epic album and film. He now works within the space of personal development helping people to align with their core truth and natural being. 

I have been exploring the frequency of wealth consciousness through a number of different perspectives and lenses. In my work with hearted centered business owners who are making a major positive impact in the world, wealth is an interesting word. In this conversation with Jamie we speak about what it means to view being wealthy as being full of spirit, wealth as caring for oneself on the deepest level, wealth as healing the gap between yin and yang, wealth as healing anxiety and depression, wealth as a prayer of surrender.

This exchange was really fulfilling and expansive. Grab a cuppa or your favorite beverage and come join us.

Some of the areas covered here:

2:50 – There is always enough to go around

3:50 – The perspective of wealth as being filled with spirit

4:45 – Wealth in terms of Self Care

9:30 – Wealth in community

10:47 – Yang energy and the fall of alpha white men

13:34 – Conscious men

14:37 – The need for women to do their own healing

21:00 – Yin or feminine energy in men

22:00 – Releasing the ego in order to create

23:30 – Going to work for 3 minutes

24:05 – Getting the agreement of the heart

24:34 – Being curious about the parts of ourselves that get triggered

33:10 – Dealing with depression in an instant


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Wealth Consciousness + Akanke Rasheed



The word wealth is usually ascribed to money and financial success.

But the dictionary description of wealth is:

  • An abundance of possessions or money.

  • Plentiful supplies of a particular resource.

  • Plentiful supply of a particularly desirable thing.

  • Well Being

So wealth can be associated with anything we deem valuable in our lives. 

One of my major passions is in helping heart-based business owners to thrive successfully with their work, because in doing so they make positive transformations in the lives of the people they touch, and by extension the world at large.

Once I started working with raising and elevating people’s energetic frequencies, establishing wealth consciousness became a natural product of this. What does it mean to have a wealth of health, a wealth of community connections, a wealth of creativity, a wealth of love, a wealth of vision, a wealth of money? The list goes on but you get the idea.

So as with all things I started to have a dialogue with people around how we bring the perspective of wealth into our everyday mindsets, beings, and living. 

To kick off these conversations I am speaking to Akanke Rasheed. I first saw Akanke as I was coming out of a supermarket in Grenada an island in the Caribbean. She is Muslim and her personal style is colorful, vibrant, stylish and a joyful expression. I instantly wanted to know her. A couple of days later I held a woman’s circle and she came along, I was immediately struck by the quality of her energy, her elegance, and poise.  She is now someone I consider a friend, she is a spiritual teacher, a vocal coach, and a deeply creative being. 

In this exchange, we take a deep dive into wealth consciousness for heart-centered businesses through her eyes and lens.

Your Energetic Being + Brig Feltus



In this conversation, I speak to Reverend Brig Feltus an ordained minister of metaphysical science based in Los Angeles. I love Brig’s work because I feel it’s resonance with my own, it’s about creating spaces and opportunities for people to understand themselves as Spiritual and Energetic beings made of Vibrations and Frequencies using the Principles of Alchemy as a foundation. In essence, it’s all about reclaiming the ‘magical’ and mythical attributes of the Divine Feminine that once made us powerful as humans and has been lost over time through disempowering beliefs, shadowed systems, and patriarchal domination.


The Power Of Words + Tara Love Perry


This conversation with Tara Love Perry explores her I Love You Me brand.

Tara is a soul reader who speaks into the pain, suffering and shadows within your energetic body and soul, and helps people to transmute it using both the ancient healing art of ho'oponopono and her own developed seven step program.

Everything comes down to vibration and words are so powerful in the art of manifestation, but we have to connect to the meaning they are point us towards. When we infuse the things we think and say with our energy, it activates the power of our words and turns them into keys that unlock, expand and transform our being.

Take Action.....

You use words every day, but are you conscious of what you speak into the world and into yourself through your inner dialogue?

Are you aware of your thoughts and the vibration they hold?

Are you addressing, meeting, facing and speaking directly into the things that don't serve you?

Use these questions to pay attention to the ways that you are vibrating into the world around you.


5 Books That Changed Life As I Knew It

5 Books That Changed My View of Life as I Knew it.

My home library has been a great source of mental expansion for me. Books and the expressions of others on life, art, love and the human experience can be a huge inspiration. The elegant arrangement of words has a profound effect on our way of seeing and believing. A good book can go a long way in expanding our thoughts and our vision. This is what made me want to be a writer myself. I wanted to have the same immense and positive effect on the world around me,  created by some of my favourite authors.


The Celestine Prophecies Series - Robert Redfield.

I always knew somehow, that the human experience was magical. I mean, no one has fully explained how we got here and what our collective purpose is. However these books brought the idea of our magical existence to a whole different level. It opened up all the possibilities of 'what if.....?'


The Witch Of Portobello - Paulo Coelho

I often wondered what it would be like to have full freedom of expression. What would it be like if we all said exactly what we think and mean, without the boundaries of our fears and our filters. Here Paulo Coelho answered this question according to his view, by the life of one woman.


Outliers - Malcolm  Gladwell

Is there such a thing as a special person? Someone who surpasses human fallacies and rises above the 'normal' and mundane? Malcolm suggests not, what we do not see in every prodigy is the fact that behind the scenes 100,000 hours of work is being put in to achieve mastery. This book shows us that the success of others points us to our capacity rather than our lack.


Conversation with God Series - Neale Donald Walsch

What would happen if we asked our deepest, most confused and most frustrated questions to the part of ourselves that was all seeing and all knowing? What would the answers be? I was hopping up and down when I read the first book of the series. The  collective mind, which is called God by many, supports us in whatever our greatest desire is, as long as we are not conflicted in what we want the world is our oyster. 


The Power of the Spoken Word - Florence Scovel Shinn

This Author I really admire, she wrote her books in the 1920's when subject of metaphysics was by no means popular. She self published her books when all the publishing houses of the time rejected her work. Long after her death in 1940 her books still remain profound, deeply wise and a huge resource for many. This one in particular gives us a view of how creative our words are, spoken either internally or externally they make the world we live in.