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Build an intimate and empowered relationship with money


6 Modules On Releasing Your Money Blocks & Empowering Your Money Mindset


If you’re living in the western world then there’s no doubt what so ever that money is an important part of your life. It’s the only way you can pay your rent or mortgage, pay your bills, buy food, have any kind of a social life, travel, clothe yourself, or purchase the things you love. While it’s true that there are really creative ways to get your needs met, money is going to feature somewhere along the line, it’s just a matter of whether you’re paying or someone else is.

Clarifying your money blueprint is the singular most important thing you can ever do. Frankly I think this should be taught in schools. Understanding your money blueprint ensures that you use money rather than getting used by it, it ensures that you don’t sell your soul, or equate your worth and value to a monetary sum, it ensures that all the uncomfortable niggles that you have around money are taken out of the shadows and brought to the fore so they can be released. Once you have the awareness that these sessions provide, I guarantee that you are never going to be the same again.


Establish Your Money Blueprint


To work with your money blueprint we will use your first five Energy Systems as a frame work to bring your attention to where the blocks and shadows are, how you express them in your day to day life and how to go about releasing them. Knowledge here is definitely power. Below are the five areas we will be releasing blocks from and inviting energetic downloads in for.


Clarify Your Money Root

Release disempowering beliefs your family have taught you about money.

Expand your boundaries on where you can and cannot go because of money.

Release your ideas of someone else being more valuable than you based on their possessions.

Release disempowering thoughts and beliefs that have been handed to you by your community.


Clarify Your Money Emotions

Witness and honour the feelings that arise within you when you think of money.

Release negative emotions like inadequacy, anger, righteousness, fear or being physically unsettled around money.

Address the feeling that it’s not possible for you to thrive financially.

Stop feeling exhausted about making and manifesting money.

Deep release from your emotional body around negative associations with money.


Clarify Your Identity & Money

Dispelling the mindset that your worth depends on what you earn.

Releasing the disempowering belief that your value as a human depends on the size of our wallet

Stop going crazy over money, doing all sorts of things that compromise you in order to get it and disregarding the warnings of your inner voice in pursuit of it.

Unplug from the mindset that your identity can be given a monetary figure.

Empower who you are in relation to money so that you understand it fully as a tool.


Clarify Your Love Of Money

Increase your ability to be thankful and appreciative of money.

Receive money with gratitude and give it graciously.

Clarify how you sit with money in your heart. Do you treat it well or do you treat it badly? Do you welcome it or do you pretend that it doesn’t exist?

Learn what healthy love of money looks like, and how to treat it with respect.

Stop your love hate relationship with it.

Get the agreement of your heart to have a Divine loving connection with money.


Clarify Your Expression Of Money

Become mindful of the negative ways that you refer to yourself relative to money.

Bring awareness to how you speak your truth around what you need.

Release your poverty mindset.

Understand how the low vibrational things you say disempower your capacity to earn and keep money.

Learn how to raise your frequency in the ways you speak about money so that you attract it to you.

Your Investment Toward Your Money Clarity

  • Over 5 hours of powerful meditations to release disempowering thoughts and establish thought systems that are geared to success, financial expansion and a healthy money relationship, all recorded on a theta sound wave to create immediate effect in your life.

  • A deep dive into your money story from every angle

  • Questions that invite you to open your mindset and reframe your experiences

  • Absolute evolution in the way you relate to money both in your work and your life

Book it now, it will change your life.



Would you like extra support?

  • Two 90 Minute Coaching Sessions

  • Clarify your money story either within your life or business, and have this experience tailored and channeled to evolve you on a very personal level.