Eft For Leadership

This is a 4 week group online / live session where you’ll use tapping to release blocks and stops around stepping up, stepping forward and taking your full place, be it in life or business.

Week One - Presence

In this first week we will focus on your presence. What stops you from being right here and right now? What takes you out of your body? Are your feet firmly on the ground beneath you?

In this session we will tap to release all the things that come up around being embodied and fully invested physically in this moment.

Week Two - Feeling

In order to be an embodied leader you have to give yourself permission to FEEL life fully, without judgement and without blocks. In our society we have so many ideas of right and wrong, it is all about perspective. But it is only when you allow yourself to feel exactly what is there that you can work to shift or expand on this frequency.

Where do you stop yourself from feeling? Where do you block sensations off? Do you allow yourself to feel unfiltered joy? Do you allow yourself to acknowledge the more challenging and painful energies in order to let them be expressed to completion? This is where we unlock and unblock stops to the feeling body.

Week Three - Individuality

As a leader you have to be prepared to follow what feels in alignment, what feels in resonance, what feel RIGHT. When everyone what’s to go left but everything in you wants to go right, what do you do? How do you tame your nervous system when your inner guidance is taking you way outside your comfort zone? How do you be yourself when this seems at odds with everyone and everything else?

Being a leader means being true to you? We will release the frequency around standing out and owning your uniqueness.

Week Four - The Hearts Wisdom

Whether we like it or not, it has been proven that the heart runs the show. If we block the hearts wisdom it leads to friction and static in our day to day lives and in our business. The heart will always point the way to areas that want to be resolved, dissolved or embraced. But it can also be a challenge to go into the closed attic of your thoughts to retrieve what is necessary to get to the next stage or phase.

Here we will focus on releasing the stops and blocks that cause us to try and by pass our hearts desires. We will release the fears that keep us anchored to things that do not serve and open up to a greater sense of flow and ease.


Start Date: Thursday 8th August

Time: 6:30pm to 8pm UK Time

Location: Online Zoom Room

Investment: £97.00