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Be A Leader In Your Field

These are intimate gatherings that allow you to bring the challenges you face as a leader in your field to the centre of the group. You will have both my channeled perspective and the groups wisdom shared with you.

By the end you will have a broader view, a clearer vision and take aways that you can put into action straight away to make a difference to your work.

I believe that we are each here to contribute something unique to our world.

This is one of the reasons I love working with thought leaders, creatives, healers, educators and people who are here to evolve, elevate and expand the human capacity. If this is you then these sessions will be invaluable.

We are entering a time and space that is requiring the service of those who are here to heal, harmonise, educate and enlighten the consciousness of humanity.

Your time has come. However the old paradigms of what it meant to be a leader, reducing others so that you could feel bigger, creating hierarchies of power where you have to climb over someone else to get to the top, hustling and manipulating your way forward. These ways are no longer serving, with the technological age we are currently in there is a level of transparency like no other, it means that you have to be prepared to be out in the open with your thoughts and actions. If you try to hide there are easier and easier ways of finding you out. There is also a greater level of sophistication when it comes to intuition, people can read bullshit with more and more accuracy.

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So let’s take some time and space to define what and who we want to be as a leader.

These sessions are literally in my front room, they are designed to be intimate, warm and embracing. They offer a safe space for you to be seen, heard and given the space to evolve. We are limited to 8 people per session and I will be running 4 sessions as part of my Leadership focus in August.

You can choose one or more date, book and pay below.

I look forward to welcoming you with us.

Details and Payment

Time: 7pm to 8:30pm

Dates: 6th | 13th | 20th | 27th August

Leadership Meditation
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