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Photo by Steve May

Photo by Steve May


Who I Am

10 Reasons Why I'm Now A Coach, Healer & Intuitive


I have been described as an Indigo Child, which is a pretty way of saying that as a child I was awkward, sensitive, hyper aware of others and their emotions, and as a result developed some seriously accurate skills in being able to read people, their energy and their positive potential. 


In my childhood I lived in Saudi Arabia for two years and I went to both Arabic and Pakistani schools. I’ve also lived in and visited a number of other countries around the globe, this taught me the lesson that there is a common thread between us humans, no matter where we come from. We all experience joy and sorrow in the same way.


I have a love of Art, Music, Business, Dance, Expression, Creativity, Books, Conversation, Energy Work and Divinity.  Combining Life & Business Coaching, Healing, Energy Work and Intuitive Wisdom has allowed me to bring my full self to the table.


My Grandmother was a mystic, highly psychic and a complete maverick. She taught me that there was more to life than what we could see, she did this by demonstrating time and time again that she had access to both past and future timelines of people she knew nothing about. She demystified the human intuitive gift, which allowed me to accept my own intuition as being very normal.


I spent 10 years within Media Advertising, first for the BBC and later for Music Week Magazine. I worked on various projects where I was set a budget and given free rein in order to make them a financial success. This taught me that if we put our minds to anything we can create resources, value for others and success out of sheer determination, work, positivity, and focus.


Energy Alchemy is a huge passion of mine because I discovered that our successes, our failures, and our transformations are determined by the quality of the energy we have at our disposal.


Through the energy work and healing I experienced and the huge transformation it had for me, I realised that every adult needs  the opportunity to explore their own minds in empowering ways, to release the thoughts and beliefs that don’t serve them, and to strengthen the belief systems that reflect and resonate with the very best of who they are. This is a primary driving force in all my work.


I was labeled with dyslexia as a child, which is funny because I adore books so much I ended up writing one of my own. Artists of Health is a series of interviews with some of the UK’s greatest pioneers in the world of Mind Body & Spirit.


My passion lies in helping people to connect to their purpose, their deepest desires, their truest expression of who they are and create an artful and masterful legacy from this level of resonance.


I get fired up about human expansion, personal growth and what it takes for us to thrive as individuals and by extension, as a community.

I believe we all have a blueprint burning inside of us that wants to be expressed into the world through us. Energy work, healing, spirituality and intuition were keys that were switched on and activated right from the start for me, all my life experiences have just served to amplify and expand my ability to express these keys. My passion lies in helping you to honour your own blueprint and the way it is asking to be birthed through you.



Obsession With Energy Healing & Expansion

From as early as eleven years old I knew that there was something that was connecting everything together. By that point I’d experienced some pretty big things in my life,  I'd interacted with people from all over the world, Ethiopian, Arabic, Pakistani, American, European, Australian, Caribbean, our compound in Saudi was a melting pot of nationalities. By the age of eight I was  separated from my parents, experienced all forms of abuse, emotional, sexual and physical, and I had huge skin allergies.  My soul elected a crash course into human existence that’s for sure, and I’m glad it did cause the resilience and strength I forged from quite early on has been a massive gift.

I always sensed that there was unity and oneness between all things, even the things that looked like they were the opposite of each other. So when I came across energy work I was beyond excited, here was a way to learn about this unifying force that I always felt.  I took the route of body work, learning through massage and muscular release how energy moves, how it gets blocked, how it shows up in day to day living, how it flows, how it balances and how it heals.

I moved to Grenada for a time and became the principle massage therapists for a number of boutique hotels on the island, allowing me to hone my understanding of energy work. It also taught me about operating on a premium level, how to create spaces that were beautiful, relaxing, energising, balancing and Divine so that people could have an optimum experience.  I integrate beauty and top class experiences into all my offerings. Below is a snapshot of some of the places I worked, pictured from the left Calabash Villas, Petit Bacaye & Mount Hartman Bay Estate.





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