I help you to transform peoples lives through your service in the world & transform yourself by aligning with your Divine Blueprint and the things you love.
— Tash Mitch


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Thanks for stopping by!  I help you to create a life and design a business that feels GOOD at the core of your being, feels like an embodiment of the most DIVINE part of you and is in RESONANCE with the truth of your heart and depth soul.

I work with thought leaders, creatives, teachers and soulful business owners to articulate and offer their gifts with clarity and to amplify their business and their message into the world.

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“You hold an energetic blueprint within you that is meant to be uncovered, appreciated and radiated into your life. The world needs you to re-member who you truly are”
— Tash Mitch


Activating Potential

Tash is exceptionally skilled in the art of activating potential and is a gifted intuitive that I’m confident can guide me through any situation.

Tara Love Perry

Soul Reader. Transformational Teacher. Intuitive



Tash is an alchemist who transmits truth and love. You can feel her integrity and her support of your evolution.

Simon Paul Sutton

Spiritual Teacher & Film Maker

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