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After over sixteen years of studying and working within the world of well-being and natural health, as well as writing the book ‘Artists of Health’ that pays homage to the UK’s pioneers and forerunners of the well-being world,  I have developed my own method of consulting, energy healing and alchemy. This wealth of experience has evolved into a way of working that truly honors you and your work on a soul level. The Inner Alchemy Sessions create a space for your own profound inner wisdom and knowing to reveal itself fully to you, leading to healing, paradigm shifts, intuitive insights and a hugely effective plan of action to take you forward. 

The Way People Describe My Work

What you get by working with me....

  • My full and undivided presence, over a decade of experience in the field of energy work, healing and deeply honed listening that can offer you an accurate reflection of the things you express.
  • Passion and professionalism in helping you to create transformation and evolution.
  • A very down to earth and worldly approach that meets you where you are, creating forward movement and opening up opportunities from exactly where you are.
  • A number of tools that you can use to manifest what you want into your life and business.
  • Strategic intuitive guidance that will help you create the greatest shifts in the shortest time frames.
  • A space to be comfortable in sharing your darkest secrets without fear of judgment and with complete ease, which will lead to a sense of homecoming for your soul and your spirit.
  • Space to express, to release, to connect, to retrieve and to find your sense of wholeness and fulfillment.



First Time Here?

  1. Book a session below.
  2. Once I receive your booking I will send you my calendar to arrange a date and time that suits you best.
  3. I will also send you a form to be filled in before the session, it will only take around 15 minutes and will give us both an understanding of the way your energy flows.
  4. Our session will occur over Skype and I will contact you at the appointed time.
  5. If this is your first session please ensure that you are ready at least 10 minutes beforehand. 

One Off Session

  • One to One Coaching Sessions 
  • Video or Audio recording of each session
  • Tailored Intuitive Consultation
  • Energy Work & Tailored Guided Meditations
  • An effective action plan that resonates fully with you
  • My dedicated support duration of our time together

Inner Alchemy Eight Weeks Of Transformational Coaching

  • 8 X 60 Minute | One to One Coaching Sessions
  • Empower and activate the energy in each of your Chakras 
  • Release of disempowering thought and beliefs systems
  • Become a vibrational match to the big vision you want to manifest for yourself
  • Video or Audio recording of each session
  • Email summary and action plan after every session
  • Resources that are tailor made for your needs
  • Tailored Intuitive Consultations
  • Energy Work & Guided Meditations
  • My dedicated support for the duration of our time together


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