The Power Of Your Intuition

By July 17, 2016Uncategorized

Our intuition is a huge guiding system that taps us into the deep wisdom of our inner voice, it shows us what is true for us (even when that’s not what we really want to see because it complicates our comfort zone). It shows us what feels great to us and what lights us up. It also gives us clues and hints as to what our purpose in life is really about. If you ask any question of your intuition it won’t be long before you get your reply.

But in order to access your intuition stillness and quiet are a necessity. In today’s world things can get so noisy and loud, we can find ourselves running from one thing to another without properly catching our breath, all the while being bombarded by information from all different sources. Billboards, Facebook, Twitter, texts, the internet, youtube open us to infinite opportunities. The landscape of social media has made us more interested in documenting the moment rather than embodying it and living it.

This interview with Allison Fern on BBC Radio Sussex, offers us a huge reminder of the power that is within our intuitive senses.

Click the image below to have a listen.

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