Wellbeing Days and Mornings

I am available to create workshops, spaces and circles within companies, businesses and organisations to connect people around a central topic that is soulful, life affirming and expansive. These forums serve to –

  • Build Rapport among work colleagues 
  • Open up the wisdom of the group 
  • Create a sense of well being in each individual
  • Create a sense of connectedness around a common goal
  • Increase motivation
  • Increase the sense of being valued and appreciated within the company

Sessions are tailor made and bespoke, so they are aligned completely with what the organisation wants to achieve. However there are 3 frameworks that are used to achieve this goal.

Frame 1

Human Needs Psychology

There are 7 Fundamental Human Needs that are hardwired into our DNA. We are always seeking to fulfil them either consciously or subconsciously. When satisfying the need is on a subconscious level we often find ourselves in situations where we are reaching for something to fill us to our core and the thing we are reaching for does not have the capacity to do this. Like using sex as a way to fill our need for love and connection, or using food as a way to satisfy our need for stimulation and variety.

Frame 2

The Chakra System

This energy system is over 5000 years old and it gives us a framework for all the ways in which we use our energy and express it into the outside world. By getting an understanding of the Chakras we get an understand of how our energy affects us physically, mentally and emotionally. Pretty powerful stuff.

Frame 3

The Principles of Alchemy

There are seven universal laws or principles that govern anything we create in the world. When we have an awareness of how the energy in our environment impacts us and how we impact our environment, we can be more prepared for the rhythm and flow that occurs as we move forward. We have a better grasp of how to handle the challenges and potholes that make an appearance on our road. With an understanding of these principles, you are truly an unstoppable force.


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