Hello Beautiful Soul

This is an invitation for you to show up for yourself in a very real way.

Setting a strong intention over a specific period of time gives us a chance to appreciate the achievements, the challenges and the lessons within a certain timeframe. It also allows us to call in all the things we want to create, the person we most wish to sculpt into being and the experiences we most wish to have.

I would like to personally invite you into this process of mindful and soulful creation.

Each Cycle Is 30 Days In Duration. You Can Join Any Time And Will Be Sent A Prompt At The Start Of Each Month.

Step One

Pick two things you would like to create. One for your life and one for your business/ work. I will offer you suggestions for this in the resource material.

Step Two

Create two Pinterest pages one for your life and one for your work. Find images that really speak to the essence of what you’ll be creating.

Step Three

Share your goal, your vision and Pinterest boards in the Facebook Group.

Step Four

The Facebook group is a place for you to share and be witnessed.

Step Five

You will be given resources that you can use daily to help you ground in, connect and keep focused. These will come in the form of downloadable audios and written materials.

This is a daily, weekly and monthly practice that will set your creative energy in motion not only for the days we will be together, but for the future as well.

Details & Schedule

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Delivery: You will be given access to online resources to help you along the way, you will also have access to a Facebook Group where you can share and be witnessed. 


Module One | Introduction

  1. Welcome
  2. Turn Your Light On
  3. Clarify Your Goals
  4. Going Deeper
  5. Connect To The Essences Of Your Goals


Module Two | Walk Your Talk

  1. The Things You Want To Manifest Are Yours Already
  2. Own Your Manifestation On A Cellular Level
  3. Creating Rituals To Take Action Every Day
  4. Turning Your Goals Into Habits


Module Three | Releasing Blocks

  1. Introduction To The Release Section
  2. Base Chakra Release
  3. Sacral Chakra Release
  4. Solar Chakra Release
  5. Heart Chakra Release
  6. Throat Chakra Release
  7. Third Eye Chakra Release
  8. Crown Chakra Release


Module Four | Appreciation & Gratitude

  1. The Gifts Of Earth & Humanity
  2. The Gifts Of Sensuality & Creativity
  3. The Gifts Of Uniqueness & Presence
  4. The Gifts Of Love & Healing
  5. The Gifts Of Communication & Vibration
  6. The Gifts Of Intuition & Vision
  7. The Gifts Of Divinity & Soul

BBC Interview About The Very First Workshop

On New Years Day I was interviewed by the BBC about this workshop and what it means to set a strong intention. It is so much easier to do this when we are in a circle of people that witnesses us and supports our journey. Take a listen below.

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Choose An Option 


Option One: This is a self study option with support from myself and everyone else in the circle via the Facebook Group.


Option Two: One 60 minute at the start of the 30 Days to help you to clarify what you will be manifesting.  My energy work and intuitive guidance will help you to broaden your view and perspective so that you are confident and empowered in what you manifest. You will also have access to general support via the Facebook Group.


Option Three: Four 60 minute sessions so you have a session once a week for the 30 days.  My energy work and intuitive guidance will keep you focused and engaged throughout the 30 days, ensuring that you have the best advantage to manifest what you want by the end of the month. You will also have access to general support via the Facebook Group.


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