Let's Work Together

Express your purpose into the world.

You’re in the right place if can raise your hand to one or more of these.


  • You know you’re here to make a difference in the world through your work.
  • You want your life to have a meaning.
  • You feel passionate about expressing your gift, you know that this is what you’re truly born to do.
  • You know that you have a message or wisdom that this world needs.
  • You want to change people’s lives and have a huge positive impact in your world.
  • You want to have a seamless connection between your personal life and your business.





I help YOU to.


  • Gain perspective on who you are.
  • Get clear on who you’re trying to reach.
  • Understand and connect with your blueprint, your individual voice, and your unique stamp.
  • Claim and take ownership of all that you are so that you can find your natural way of being and expressing.
  • Connect with people you feel excited about and in tune with.
  • Trust your intuitive guidance and inner voice.
  • Feel strong and centered in who you are at the core of your being and then express yourself from this place.
  • Communicate and live from a place that is genuine and full of integrity.

The Work

12 Powerful Sessions


Here are just some of the things we’ll be covering:

  • Fine tune the connection between your life and your business
  • Understand what you value most in both your life and business and then move toward that
  • Reveal the areas where you are holding on to fears and closed perspectives
  • Get a 360-degree view of where you’re strong and where you’re struggling
  • Deep-seated healing for areas where you feel contracted and stuck
  • Designing a Soulful Plan Of Action that resonates deeply, is effective and gets you what you desire most
  • Make enough money to thrive in your business and have the lifestyle that makes you feel good
  • Be intentional and aware of who you serve and how you are making a difference in their lives
  • Create the legacy you want to leave behind you and work every day to do just that

It felt like Tash was speaking to my higher self, which allowed me to hear her on a cellular level.  My singing voice has really exploded and now when I dance I’m able to connect more authentically with my body in a grounded way, this is how I know that a block has literally been removed. I also experienced huge shifts in my self-esteem and my sense of who I am, which was really powerful. Our time together was a catalyst for some tangible changes in my finances and the way that I approach work.

Rebecca White

Social Worker . Reiki & Theta Healer

Personal & Business Areas We’ll Cover

I walk away from my sessions with Tash feeling stronger, taller and lighter.   The impact in my business is immediate, I feel more confident and more balanced in myself – which in turn I am able to pass to my clients. Tash is truly a unique and gifted woman.

Helen Thatcher

Dance Therapist

Wealth Consciousness

All of the areas we cover above will be looked at through the lens of wealth consciousness. When we think of wealth we tend to think about it in money or financial terms. We equate it to someone’s worth, value or the amount of money they have in their account. When we see wealth in this way we equate our own value and worth as a human based on the amount of money we have in our accounts. Yet wealth can be attributed to any area of our lives. So together we will cultivate a perspective, mindset, and action plan that breaths wealth into each of the areas above so that you own this quality in your cells, in your daily living and within the DNA of your business.


  • Twelve 60 – 90-minute sessions
  • Sessions are held via Skype or Zoom (It is also possible to arrange for in-person sessions)
  • Digital Recordings either via audio or video of all our sessions
  • Drive Folder of resources that will be tailor-made just for you and will be added as we go along
  • Access to my advice and guidance via email and Whatsapp messenger in between live sessions
  • 6 month period in which to use the sessions

Total Investment: £1500