90 Days Non-Negotiable Soulful Expression

Date: January 1st – March 31st 2017

Is there something you yearn to create, you have been really wishing to manifest or secretly wish you could express? This is 90 Days of committed creation, where you come to the table daily and cultivate the energy needed to bring your desire to form. Join a powerful group of women in circle together, witnessing, holding space for and sharing your journey with you.

Sacred Money Manifestation

Date:  February 20th –  April 31st 2017

This immersion is a combination of online group coaching and an online digital course, it is highly interactive and is designed to take you through all the negative associations you have with money including those attached to y our worth, your value, your identity, your sustenance and your ability to create. I will be with you every step of the way as you release your mental blocks and empower your visions, beliefs and associations regarding money. This is a journey like no other.

Chakra Embodiment

Date: May 1st –  June 25th 2017

Details coming soon!

Chakra Expansion

Date: October 2nd – November 19th 2017

A self study e-course with videos, guided meditations and downloadable graphics to help you expand each of your chakra energy systems and build a solid knowing of how this energy operates in your day to day life.

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