Here is an opportunity to use the 1st day of each month as a spring board to catapult you toward a desire, wish or yearning that you want to create. This MANIFESTATION workshop will allow you to get clear, get focused and get aligned with whatever you want to bring into being and then take steps every single day to make it a reality.

Goddess Woman

Conscious activation of the Goddess within.

Much has been said recently about the rise of the Divine Feminine. However, as a woman myself, this journey is a personal one of releasing the collective mindsets that have been handed to me, mindsets like what a woman’s place is, how a woman should be, what a woman should represent, how a woman should act. These learned behaviors are often in direct conflict with the actual feelings, emotions, and expressions on the inside.  So I invite you to discover, to uncover and recover the sacred womanhood that is truly yours. Through a series of seven archetypes that include the Boundless Woman | Wise Woman | Lyrical Woman | Medicine Woman | Firey Woman | Sensual Woman & Earth Woman, you will welcome all aspects of yourself as Goddess Woman home to you.

Divine Embodiment

Bringing Divinity to Body and Bone.

coming soon!

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