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Hi, Thanks for stopping by! I’m Tash, a healer, intuitive and business coach, and I’m here to show you how to connect with the energetic flow of your life and business in order to create a positive impact in your world and manifest the things you love. 

Reiki Mastery

I first came to Reiki around twenty years ago. As a system, it is the most elegant, simple, subtle, yet intensely powerful framework I’ve come across to teach you how to use your life force in order to heal, to manifest, to create, to empower and to enlighten.  The more you use this art the stronger it gets. Below are a few free resources to get you started.

Business Energy Awareness

Have you ever heard the term, ‘it’s not personal it’s business?’ In a business where you seek to change the lives of others, make a difference in the world and make a huge positive impact, nothing could be further from the truth. Business is completely personal in this case, and your energy becomes the energy of your business, your blocks become the blocks of your business, your strengths become the strengths of your business. Without an awareness of energy intelligence you operate at a huge disadvantage when it comes to running your business, you need to be astute to subtilities in the air around you, you need to be able to follow your inner voice, you need to know the areas where things aren’t flowing, you need to know the things that are being left unsaid, unexpressed or undefined. If you head up your own business or you’re responsible for an area within a company, the longevity of your business will depend heavily on your energy awareness.

“You hold an energetic blueprint within you that is meant to be uncovered, appreciated and radiated out. The world needs you to re-member who you truely are” – Tash Mitch



Tash Mitch is a rare gem in the swash of spirituality. Her presence has helped me to release underlying blocks and led to a greater sense of freedom in both my personal life and my business. She is exceptionally skilled in the art of activating potential and is a gifted intuitive that I’m confident can guide me through any situation. She’s an extraordinary energy worker.

Tara Love Perry 

Soul Reader. Transformational Teacher. Intuitive

What Tash offered, with her warmth and eloquence, was beyond my expectations: she was able to tap into the unseen parts of my psyche and bring them to light. There is little platitude and borrowed wisdom here. What Tash does so remarkably is to help you tap into your own inner compass and guide yourself in a manner that is entirely aligned with who you are.

Ryan Kayello


Personal & Business Energetic Inspiration


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