Hello Beautiful You!

A very warm welcome. I’m really glad you stopped by.

I’m Tash, a Chakra Alchemist, meaning I am passionate about helping you to –

Create a life that you absolutely adore.

Heal and call your life force back from challenging and painful thought patterns.

Evolve and grow in ways that excite and delight you.

Learn how to use your energy to enhance your day to day experiences.

Learn how to raise your energetic frequency and vibration so that you feel grounded, plugged in, turned on and tuned in.

Gifts This Work Brings To You...

  • Connect to your inner magic.

  • Appreciate your gifts.

  • Increase your ability to embody the things you love.

  • Release negative energy and thought patterns.

  • Create relationships that make you feel inspired.

  • Understand yourself as a creator.

  • Become aware of what you want your legacy to be.

“Everything we create has a template and blueprint in energy form, long before we see it or touch it in physical reality. I will show you how to connect to and take ownership of your energetic blueprint”

– Tash Mitch



You Are Magical . Unique . Creative & Divine

As an Alchemist, I help you create transformation in your life and business that is based on soul filled intentions, inspired actions, and heartfelt love. I show you how to infuse every aspect of your being with Divine magic so that your creations feel exquisite to you. 

Be Inspired!


Tash Mitch is a rare gem in the swash of spirituality. Her presence has helped me to release underlying blocks and led to a greater sense of freedom in both my personal life and my business. She is exceptionally skilled in the art of activating potential and is a gifted intuitive that I’m confident can guide me through any situation. She’s an extraordinary energy worker.

Tara Love Perry 

Soul Reader. Transformational Teacher. Intuitive

What Tash offered, with her warmth and eloquence, was beyond my expectations: she was able to tap into the unseen parts of my psyche and bring them to light. There is little platitude and borrowed wisdom here. What Tash does so remarkably is to help you tap into your own inner compass and guide yourself in a manner that is entirely aligned with who you are.

Ryan Kayello