Hello Beautiful You!

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I’m Tash, a Chakra Alchemist, I work primarily with thought leaders, coaches, teachers, speakers and people with a passion, a message and a will to create positive transformation in their world. 

My work is focused on creating change by creating clarity around what your desires are, facilitating healing around the limiting thoughts and beliefs that keep you stuck and empowering you to get into the driver’s seat, be bold, be brave and be a co-creator with life, with people and with the world around you to make the things that you dream about and yearn for a reality.

The Gift Of This Work For You...

  • Manifest what you want with precision and clarity.
  • Share your gifts with the world in a way that feels natural and graceful.
  • Get unstuck from experiences that feel heavy, depressing and stagnant.
  • Transform your mindset in a way that allows you to connect to all the things you desire most.
  • Alignment and harmony in the things you think, say and do.
  • Understand yourself as the creator of magic in your world.
  • Stop procrastinating and take action from a place of pure resonance and a deep connection.
  • Be the creator, designer, and innovator of a legacy that matters the most to you.

“Everything we create has a template and blueprint in energy form, long before we see it or touch it in physical reality. I will show you how to connect to and take ownership of your energetic blueprint”

– Tash Mitch



You Are Magical . Unique . Creative & Divine

As an Alchemist, I help you create transformation in your life and business that is based on soulful intentions, mindful actions, and heartfelt love. I show you how to infuse every aspect of your being with Divine magic so that what you bring to the world feel exquisite and completely resonant to you. 

Be Inspired. Be Fulfilled. Be Loved. Be Delighted. Be Divine. Be Uniquely YOU.


Tash Mitch is a rare gem in the swash of spirituality. Her presence has helped me to release underlying blocks and led to a greater sense of freedom in both my personal life and my business. She is exceptionally skilled in the art of activating potential and is a gifted intuitive that I’m confident can guide me through any situation. She’s an extraordinary energy worker.

Tara Love Perry 

Soul Reader. Transformational Teacher. Intuitive

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