"Transform people's lives through your work. Transform yourself through your purpose."

Hi, Thanks for stopping by!  I’m here to help you create a life and design a business that you feel deeply in tune with, excited to bring to life and is completely aligned with who you are and what you stand for.

Discover yourself, heal yourself, empower yourself and bring your amazing self fully into the world and into your purpose.

Business & Personal Energy Alchemy Will Help You To .....

  • Release blocks that keep you stuck and stagnant.
  • Reframe your challenges and the crappy things that have happened, so that they become your fuel for growth and expansion.
  • Get to know yourself deeply, lovingly, compassionately and tenderly.
  • Say a wholehearted yes to the things that expand you and a ‘hell no!!!!’ to the things that don’t.
  • Get paid brilliantly and receive money graciously.
  • Heal your money issues so that your business can be soulfully successful.
  • Work with clients and people you love.
  • Do the work you were born to do, the work that fills you and lights you up.
  • Speak your truth and accept what is true for you with grace and ease.
  • Learn, grow and evolve, both in your work and in your personal life.
  • Have better relationships in all areas of your life.
  • Feel joyful, appreciative and grateful for the life you have.

Tash Mitch is a trusted and highly intuitive guide and healer. In our session, she was deeply present, skilled and loving. She was able to accurately pinpoint the lynchpin that was holding a huge piece of my past in place. With her expertise, we were able to dismantle this belief and contract that I had with another person. I have so much gratitude for all she’s done.

Anaiya Sophia 

Teacher & Author of Sacred Relationships

Thanks to Tash I have got to know myself on a very deep level, I have healed wounds in ways I wouldn’t have thought possible and almost painlessly. My love for Tash and her work is unconditional and I have gifted her online course to a friend in need… This work changed her life too. The gifts Tash provides are absolutely priceless.

Pelagie Ducat

Healer & Intuitive

“You hold an energetic blueprint within you that is meant to be uncovered, appreciated and radiated out. The world needs you to re-member who you truely are” – Tash Mitch


Tash’s presence has helped me to release underlying blocks and led to a greater sense of freedom in both my personal life and my business. She is exceptionally skilled in the art of activating potential and is a gifted intuitive that I’m confident can guide me through any situation.

Tara Love Perry 

Soul Reader. Transformational Teacher. Intuitive

Tash is an alchemist who transmits truth and love. She invites you to drop into the deepest level of soul to soul connection, and her very presence encourages you to be your authentic self. You can feel her integrity and her support of your evolution.

Simon Paul Sutton

Spiritual Teacher & Film Maker 

Personal & Business Inspiration

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